Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Thursday

Thearon W. Henderson


Seahawks need to throw the ball more | Danny O'Neil | The Seattle Times
"I'm trying to make sure we don't go too far too fast and overload him," Carroll said. "See if we can find a winning formula with that in mind. We're right on it."

Lions' Ndamukong Suh voted least-liked player in NFL | Detroit Lions | Detroit Free Press |
In a poll of fans conducted by Neilsen and E-Poll Market Research, Suh, the Detroit Lions' star defensive tackle, ranked as the league’s most disliked player with only 19% appeal. Cutler was No. 2, at 21%, just ahead of Michael Vick (23%) and Randy Moss (24%).

Take The Kid Gloves Off Of Russell Wilson " West Coast Bias
The Seahawks’ strategy so far this season has been to run a scripted drive to start the game, rest on their laurels with the run game until the 4th quarter, then try to rally for a last minute, small-margin victory. It seems as though the Seahawks will come out of the gate each game with a scripted drive, allowing Russell Wilson to roll out, or step up and throw the ball down field. They’ll mix in some runs, keeping the defense off guard, and both sides of the ball generally have some success. The Seahawks have scored first in every game they’ve played this year. Mixing it up has worked for the Seahawks.

Updated top 50 watch list: 24th October " Seahawks Draft Blog
We’ve done a couple of these before and it’s a good way to discuss rising/falling stock and where prospects may land next April. While it’s still early days in the NFL season, we’re over the midway point in college football. Blog | Carroll: Baldwin out with high ankle sprain; Thurmond, Moffitt set to return to padded practice
As far as who will cover the 6-5, 236-pound Johnson on the outside, Carroll said he is comfortable with either Brandon Browner or Richard Sherman handling that responsibility. "They’re different in style," Carroll said of the 6-4, 221-pound Browner and 6-3, 195-pound Sherman. "But both have been effective for us."

Seahawks need more from their wide receivers - Blog -
Two weeks ago, in the comeback win against New England, they played the best game out of any group of players on the Seahawks – including the secondary. Everyone contributed. Golden Tate made a couple huge catches, Doug Baldwin had two enormous plays – including a touchdown, Braylon Edwards scoring on the fourth-down fade route, and Sidney Rice made what turned out to be the game-winning touchdown reception. They won every 50/50 ball. They were aggressive. They were a huge factor in the victory.

Throwing more isn't the best remedy for the Seahawks - Blog -
The Seahawks are attempting the fewest passes per game of any NFL team, a stat Danny O'Neil noted in his latest Seattle Times story and again on Wednesday when he co-hosted "Brock and Salk." O'Neil thinks the Seahawks need to throw more, believing their last two losses are evidence that running back Marshawn Lynch – as good as he is – can't carry the offense by himself. Brock Huard and Mike Salk see it a little differently, and they explain why in the video below.

Richard Sherman ready to measure up to Megatron? | Seahawks Blog | The Seattle Times
When asked about matching up against Johnson, though, Sherman played it cool. "Same challenge as every week," he said. "I don't care who's out there. It's the league, boy, they're going to have a good receiver out there every week where it's Fitz (Larry Fitzgerald), Steve Smith, you've got Brandon Lloyd. No different. It's good receivers." But maybe Sherman is looking forward to this one, right? After all, Johnson did lead the league with 1,681 yards receiving last year. "I look forward every week," Sherman said. "Get my hands on someone."

Cornerback Walter Thurmond wants to show he's ready | Seahawks Blog | The Seattle Times
"He looked very quick," coach Pete Carroll said. "He worked really hard to be in shape with the trainers so he could start practice, and not have to ease him into practice and all of that. He looked like he had really worked hard."

Mike Holmgren says he misses coaching | NFL | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
The coaching itch never completely left Mike Holmgren, who will walk away from a stint as a Cleveland Browns executive feeling mostly dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

A few moments with a monster named Suh and the power of the Schwartz | Seahawks Insider
If you don’t get either references in the headline — well, then I don’t know what to tell you. The first one is a given, the second is from a movie with Rick Moranis and Mel Brooks. I sat in on the conference calls with Detroit Lions menacing defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and head coach Jim Schwartz. Here’s a few comments from Suh …

Baldwin out vs. Lions with high-ankle sprain | Seahawks Insider
Tate also will have some competition for reps at split end with Bralyon Edwards. Carroll would not say who his starting split end will be against Detroit this weekend. Edwards, a University of Michigan product, returns home to play at Ford Field this weekend. "He’s going to battle this week again," Carroll said, when asked if Tate will start at split end. "We know that Braylon is playing well, and working hard at it. We want to make him available, so the competition is always on. And I expect both of those guys to play."

Dave Krieg's Strike Beard: Going Behind Enemy Lines (Again)
I always get a bit squirmy when I hear Twelves get pissed off about fans of opposing teams taking up seats at Seahawks Stadium. It's not that I LIKE it when enemy fans infest our stadium- Shit, I'll boo them when they start making a racket like anyone else would- It's just that as someone who has been to plenty of Seahawks road games, I want to avoid being a giant fucking hypocrite. I view it as something akin to diplomatic immunity: Yeah, it sucks that foreign diplomats rack up huge parking fines when they are over here, but we don't want our diplomats overseas getting fucked with- Hooray for reciprocity!

NYT Fifth Down: Post-week 7
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote the differing rookie seasons of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. The numbers still hold — Griffin dominating in all traditional stats, while Luck throwing more passes downfield than any other quarterback — so I sat down with ESPN’s Jeff Bennett to figure out why Luck ranks ahead of Griffin in ESPN’s QBR.

ATL Game Rewind: A closer look at Packers vs. Rams -
The Rams have something in the tandem of Daryl Richardson and Steven Jackson at running back. They split touches on Sunday, combining for 93 yards on 20 carries, including a bruising touchdown run by Jackson, who can still play. Richardson added three receptions for 43 yards.

NFC Exec on Chip Kelly: 'I would hire him in a second' -
One name stands above the pack as the most intriguing. Oregon head coach Chip Kelly. The Patriots have already adopted some of Kelly's fast break approach to great effect. "He runs the best practices I've ever seen. I would hire him in a second if I ever had the opportunity," an NFC executive told Jeremiah.

Richard Sherman calls 49ers' Jim Harbaugh a ‘bully’ -
"Sometimes, man, when the bully gets bullied, that's how that happens," Sherman told Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times. "He's the same guy who said the other guy was irrational and ignorant for talking about the refs."

Cam Newton: Race isn't a factor in criticism of play -
"I haven't heard (Moon's) remarks but when it comes to race and this game I don't think there is none at all," Newton said on Wednesday, via

The Demise of the Pro Bowl - Part 1 | National Football Post
A former NFL Executive traces the roots of the game, and how it came to be on the chopping block.

Cantor Gaming sports book director arrested | National Football Post
Mike Colbert, 32, taken into custody in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

Much Respect: Florida RB Mike Gillislee | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
Hitting and guts are the currency of respect in the game of football. A football player that can deliver a hit, take a hit, and play with abandon earns respect from teammates, opponents, and fans. When I watch a prospect, these three aspects of football stand out immediately when I see them. Said player may not have the technical or conceptual skills, or physical talent to become an NFL player, but hitting and guts make a great first impression.

Offensive Line Rankings |
28. Seattle Seahawks PB = 27th, RB = 15th, PEN = 32nd What’s killed the Seahawks rank? Well the tackles giving up 17 penalties between them didn’t help it. Still, at least they had the sense to get J.R. Sweezy out of the starting lineup. His early season work is still being felt in the teams run blocking grade.

Analysis Notebook: Week 7 |
Analysis Notebook this week takes a look at one of the most remarkable comeback stories of the year, and the dominance of Terrell Suggs - Injuries of all shapes and sizes hurting Cardinals
Beginning with the torn triceps that ended starting OLT Levi Brown’s 2012 season before it began, prolonged injuries to key players have no doubt taken a huge toll on the Cardinals. - Dansby, Dolphins not losing a step in new 'D'
The Dolphins’ front seven has been stout against the run and has helped ignite the league’s best third-down defense, allowing Miami to enter its bye with a 3-3 record.

Brandon Graham: Juan Castillo ran "the same stuff over and over" | ProFootballTalk
"I think we started running the same stuff over and over and not switching it up as much," Graham told "A lot of time we ran the same coverage, stuff like that. I listen to the calls every play – ‘Coach, what do we have this play? What do we have this play,’ and it was always pretty much the same stuff."

The Ravens' Elite Defense Is a Thing of the Past - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
If season-ending injuries in the same game for Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb weren't a Ravens fan's worst nightmare, seeing what the defense looked like without them on Sunday probably qualifies. Baltimore was blown off the field by the only other team (at the time) in the AFC with a winning record, the Houston Texans, in a 43-13 shellacking. The Texans did pick up nine points from a safety and a pick-six on a tipped Joe Flacco pass, but the Baltimore defense did still allow 34 points across 11 possessions, a 3.1-point average that was more than twice its 2011 points-per-possession average. Not good.

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Gary Kubiak on his Commitment to Running the Football
Gary Kubiak joined KOA in Denver on the Dave Logan Show to talk about two of the top rushers in the NFL, Alfred Morris and Arian Foster, being guys that went undrafted, on keeping offensive balance, on J.J. Watt and the steps the defense has taken in the last few years.

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