The Seahawk's Quarterback, and Offense, Situation

Hey Guys. Instead of rehashing the Flynn V Wilson argument, I wanted to take a look at the Seahawks offense as a wider picture, focusing on the Quarterback position. Sound a little vague? Let me get to the point-

Matt Hasselbeck's (may he live out his days as a Seahawks color commentator, to replace that RETARD Jim Mora, who I had to listen to a couple times last season) first, last, and only season under PC-

(Side note-I am not sure if this includes the playoffs or not, I don't believe it does.)

14 games played. 444 pass attempts, 266 completions. 59.9%completion rate 31.7 att/game 3001 yards 12td/17ints 33plays of 20+(explosive plays, which I just started taking notice of with the talk of Wilson), 29sacks

Rating-73.2 QBR-40.4

Now, this was under Jeremy Bates, PC's first year of the rebuild. Rookie Left Tackle, patch work o-line, and Beastmode being underwhelming, but a hell of alot better than Julius Jones.

Receivers of note-Mike Williams, Jon Carlson, Ben Obomanu, Deon Butler. Hoosh got cut in Training Camp for having to big a head, and ended up in a Black Hole somewhere near San Fran.


Fast forward to the lock-out, Tom Cable and Darrell Bevell hiring, Bates firing, Sydney Rice and T-Jack coming over.

Second year of the rebuild, and another 1st and a 3rd round pick dedicated to the o-line. Robert gallery brought in to shore up the left side. Everyone happy-happy-happy. Until we start playing football.

T-Jack's stats for the season-

games-15 att-450 comp-271 pct. 60.2 att 30.0 yds 3091 TD-14 INT-13 20+yard plays-45 sacks-42

rating-79.2 QBR 37.7

Now, a good amount of this can be attributed to Darrell Bevell and a differant playbook. The big play column? I'm as shocked about that as anybody. Sydney Rice only played 9 games last year, 32 catchs and 2 touchdowns. The emergence of Doug Baldwin to replace the one-year success of Brandon Stokley in the slot was a HUGE factor, one that hasn't been replicated this season due to injuries. Mike Williams had a horrendous year. Tate and Obo had decent seasons, seemingly splitting reps on the outside and in 4-wide packages. Jon Carlson was lost to IR and then released at the end of the season.

Darrell Bevell's playbook, and Jackson's familierity with it, proved to be the differance in about 5 draft positions. And Beast Mode's big contract.


Present Day

Fast forward to Russell Wilson, the Drew Bree's - esque rookie who has captivated our hearts. Remniscent of Doug Flutie, and that Rudy kid from Notre Dame, what Wilson lacks in stature he makes up for in heart and work ethic. Oh ya, he has a rocket launcher for an arm too.

His stats half-way through the season, a fair point of evaluation-

games-8 att-210 completions-129 comp.%-61.4 26.5 att/game 1466 yards 10td/8ints 14 sacks 20+yarders-16

rating-82.4 QBR 53

Things to note-Lynch is having a great season, even if he's not having the hot streak he had at the end of last season/start of this season. He's on pace for over 1500 yards, and last I checked is locked in at number 2 among running backs in the NFL, only 20 yards or so behind A.P.(Adrian Peterson) for the league lead. We'll see who will come out on top next week. Side note-Turbin is having a great rookie season. Cept for a couple drops that turned out to be big, he is looking like a stud. 129 yards on 30 carries? Solid backup, should be earning more playing time as the Seahawks look to preserve Lynch. Just needs to learn the pass protection, seems to be picking up the zone blocking scheme quickly enough.

Oh ya. Wilson is a rookie. Did I mention that? Now to be fair, the season is only half way over. He still has to face some tough defenses, and pass rushers. Julius Peppers, Jared Allen, and Mario Williams, and of course our division rivals, the tiny little red birds, the hornless rams, and the little dwarf gold-diggers. But by and far, the worst of the season is behind us. Our young rookie has 8 more games under his belt, is doing better every week(He now has over twice as much game-experience as the "veteran" Matt Flynn), and he gets to play all three of our division rivals AT HOME, as well as 5 of his last 8. The 3 road games? Buffalo, Chicago, and Miami. All three winnable, even with Chicago going on a tear lately.

Our receivers-Sydney Rice leads the way with 28 receptions, Golden Tate with 20, Zach Miller with 16, Dougy Baldwin with 11, and Anthony McCoy with 10. Braylon Edwards, the big pickup in training camp? 8 and a touchdown. Not bad, but he's been banged up (big surprise there) and far from a tilt-the-field threat, which the Hawks still desperately lack. Evan Moore? He's been none existant. I'm trying to figure out how many snaps he's actually seen, but he is either not earning playing time, or not...earning playing time(lookin at you Edwards.)

Surprising to many, our receiving corps is solid. Not great, maybe not even good, but I'd grade em a solid B minus. These guys are all great in the running game. Obviously not what their paid to do, but its a team game, and selfless, and it pays dividends in the long run. Golden Tate is having his best year so far, and if Sydney Rice can stay healthy (BIG CROSSED FINGERS), the Seahawks look to be a first or second round receiver away from having a pretty darn good receiving corps.

Ok, back to the Quarterback conversation so I can write my next article.

Russell Wilson is a rookie. I know he blew us away in the preseason, but his rookie-ness shows up. Alot. Not always a bad thing-He doesn't try to force very many balls. He does, however, extend the play with his legs, frequently flushing out of the pocket and taking matters into his own hands. This is a good and a bad thing, but ultimately, a rookie thing, because the fact of the matter is you want your QB behind those big 300+ pound lineman, not running away from a Defensive End or a Backer, and you definately dont want your 10 million dollar a year investment taking any more shots than he has too, especially in the open field.

The fact of the matter is we simply can't keep expecting these fourth quarter come from behind victories to keep happening. We could easily be 8-0. Our biggest loss this year? 7 points. Average out of 4 loses? 5.25 points. Less than a touchdown. Only problem with that? We could just as easily be 0-8. Our biggest win this year? Dallas, 20 points, but I want to, sadly, disregard that as a fluke. The defense and special teams scored more points than the offense in that game. Disregarding that game, we've won our other three games by a combined total of 7 points. Largest win? 4 points. We've clearly reached that plateau now of being on the border of the playoff contenders. We just havn't turned the corner yet. And it's going to be a rough second half of the season if something doesn't break out.

The point I was trying to make earlier about going into a little depth, comparing Wilson to the veterans Hasselbeck and Jackson, was to illustrate the point that Wilson is doing rather well for a rookie. He landed in the team that was arguably the farthest along rebuilding wise when comparing him to RG III(although a case could be made that Washington wasn't really rebuilding, just missing the link) and Luck(remember Suck for Luck? Bleh, never did like the kid). If you take Wilson's horrible outing against the 49'rs out, his stats put him in contention for rookie of the year, if you ask me. But the fact of the matter is Wilson is still growing, maturing-and his work ethic means he is doing both of these at easily twice the speed of most other players. The quarterback position is far and away the most complicated on the field. Wilson has the work ethic and smarts to reach his potential quickly, even if he doesn't turn out to be Drew Brees.

I know I got all caught up thinkin this is gonna be the year after the way Wilson's preseason went, but came crashing back down to earth rather quickly. If we can turn out a winning season Ill be happy, knowing that next season we'll have a real playoff caliber team. BTW-12-4 isnt a bad record, and is definately not out of reach.

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