Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Tuesday

Grant Halverson - Getty Images


What we learned from Sunday's NFL games -
Not many linebackers can catch Cam Newton from behind on a rollout. Seattle's Bobby Wagner can.

Around the NFC West: Seahawks' progress - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Wilson did improve during the Seahawks' 16-12 victory at Carolina.

San Fran's balanced attack and Week 5 news - Grantland
Let's also give credit to the Seahawks, who took advantage of the intentional safety that I broke down for the Buccaneers a few weeks back. They had an ideal situation for the intentional safety, as they were about to punt to a timeout-less Panthers team from their own 18-yard line with 59 seconds left. Because you shouldn't care about losing by one as opposed to losing by three in the case of a Panthers touchdown,3 your goal should be to avoid a turnover on the punt and maximize the distance between your goal line and the spot where Carolina gets the football.

NFL Run & Shootaround: You Got Lucky - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
I'm not an oceanographer (at least not a licensed one), but the best part about Bruce Irvin's play, especially this game-sealing fourth-quarter sack of a dazed and confused Cam Newton, is the way he waits. The undersize Irvin doesn't just excel at rushing the passer; he excels at waiting for the moment to rush the passer. He reminds me of a shark circling its prey (again, I am just an amateur observer of the wonders of the deep). Amini Silatolu is just a 315-pound blocking dummy, a buoy out in the water for Irvin to swim past. By the time Cam sees the whites of Irvin's eyes, it's too late ..

Six first round defensive tackles in 2013? It could happen… " Seahawks Draft Blog
We’re already about half way through the college football season and the outlook for the 2013 draft is starting to take shape. It doesn’t appear to be a great class for offensive tackles, but there are two extremely talented interior guards who could be top-20 picks. The skill positions have plenty of depth, if not the elite top-ten picks we’ve come to expect in recent years. As usual there’s one truly exceptional cornerback prospect from the SEC – this time in the form of Alabama’s Dee Milliner.

Seahawks review: Three likes and dislikes about the 16-12 victory over Carolina | The Brewery | The Seattle Times
This post is a little late because I was driving back from Eugene, Ore., on Sunday and listened to the Seahawks game on the radio. I didn't want to comment until I had actually watched it. It was almost as tense viewing the game after knowing the outcome as it was waiting for Steve Raible to describe the action while I was in my car. The Seahawks needed that one badly, and though they almost gave it away several times, they improved their record to 3-2 with another dominating defensive performance and just enough offense to get by. Here's the good and bad from the game as I saw it.

Monday metatarsal musings
Or footnotes: The Seahawks’ impressive performance against the Panthers’ read-option plays in Sunday’s win at Carolina actually is rooted in the game plan coordinator Gus Bradley devised on Tuesday.

Earl Thomas: 'Hawks knew Cam Newton would 'tank' -
Newton isn't measuring up to his performance level of a season ago. Heck he's not measuring up to this year's rookie class. "I just failed to throw it to (Hartsock), to give him an accurate throw," Newton said after the game. "So that comes on me. I pride myself on being very prepared and being able to do things when my number is called. My number was called right there and I didn't get the job done. I think that' shame on me."

Bruce Irvin boasts after big game for Seattle Seahawks -
When the Seattle Seahawks selected defensive end Bruce Irvin with the 15th overall pick in April's draft, it was hardly considered a home-run pick. It was common to hear the pick described as a reach. It appears Pete Carroll and Co. knew what they were doing after all.

Mike Munchak: Matt Hasselbeck to start for Titans -
But with Thursday night's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers fast approaching, the Titans' condensed week won't allow for the return of quarterback Jake Locker, on the mend from a separated left shoulder.

T.O. tells injury-riddled New York Jets 'I'm available' -
Jets wide receiver Clyde Gates also is out with a shoulder injury. Chaz Schilens does not look like an NFL-calber receiver, much less a starter. Jeremy Kerley is a No. 4 receiver masquerading as a top option. It's desperation time for Gang Green. How desperate?

Risers & Fallers after week six | National Football Post
Russ Lande takes a look at the stock of five prospects.

Cardinals RB Ryan Williams lost for season with shoulder injury -
"It's a tough thing for Ryan. We didn't think after the game that was going to be the case," Whisenhunt said via "But in getting the tests done on it and talking with the doctor [Sunday], it's something that's going to require surgery. ... "I feel horrible for Ryan, but what I told Ryan when we sat down was that at least this time he won't have to deal with it through an offseason," Whisenhunt continued. "He'll be able to go through the offseason program. He'll be able to go through practices."

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