Birthday Jersey disappointment.

The new unis have been with us awhile now, and I don't know what the consensus is, but I like them. The sleeker look is good (for the WR and RB, the guys on the line don't tend toward the svelt, so I don't know how they like them). The color scheme works. I like the Wolf Gray alternates - I loved the evil green too, and own a #12 green jersey with my name on the back and it's my favorite Seahawks item.

Now, with my birthday just around the corner, I am ready to load up on 'Hawks gear, and I suddenly have the means to pop for a new jersey! Our finances usually run towards a T-shirt, or maybe a sweatshirt, or, if the timing is right and I can combine it with the need for a new coat, I can double up and get a nice Seahawks coat. But the ability to go Full Jersey on the b-day is an exceptional boon, and I am practically giddy.

But then I started shopping, and my disappointment is palpable. Even my wife, who hides in the bedroom on gameday to avoid my outbursts, noticed my giddiness dissipate the more I shopped.

The new jerseys don't have the logo on them for goodness sakes! I might as well get a department store "jersey" with mostly the right colors! If I wear that thing proudly into the office, nobody will know who my team is! The only thing on these jerseys that says, "Seahawks" to anyone who doesn't follow the NFL as closely as we do is the WORD written on the front of the left shoulder. I could do that with a damned sharpie! I could wear a blue jersey styled shirt with "Seahawks" on it in block letters and get the same effect. Without the logo, there is a distasteful generic feeling to whole affair. The Seahawk hawk logo is beautiful to me. It makes me happy to see it, and happy to wear it. Why somebody made the decision to leave it off the jerseys, I don't know. More importantly, how that person got away without a good, old fashioned horse whipping, I don't understand at all!

I may have to settle for a slew of T-shirts and maybe a new sweatshirt, and a new hat or something. But if I do that, what will I wear on Game Day? In general I wear Seahawks gear to work every Friday. A jersey on Sunday. Following a win, I wear a jersey to work on Monday. Following a loss, I wear a Seahawks T-shirt on Monday.

Also, my jersey collection is getting a little thin. I have two #8 Hasselbeck jerseys, one white, one blue. I retired them to a box under my bed until Matt retires. I also have a #51 Tatupu jersey in the same box - I guess I could get that one back out, but with Bruce kicking as much ass as he is, maybe I hold off on that :) We'll see. I have two #12 jerseys, the awesome personalized green one, and a home blue FAN version. All of my jerseys are of the replica breed. The green 12 is a step above I think, and the blue 12 has a sewn on FAN name plate.

Now that I have the means to spring for something fancier, I've discovered a couple things at once. The lack of logo wasn't the first confusion. The three grades of available jerseys was the first hurdle. The grades are: Game ($100), Limited ($135) and Elite ($250). The Game jerseys are the replicas and the Elite are the same as those we see on the players every Sunday, and the Limited are the bastard child of the two. According to the Nike website:

- No- tag neck label for clean comfort
- Silicon print numbers for a light and soft feel
- Tailored fit designed for movement

- Flywire strength resists stretch around the neck
- Highly flexible premium twill numbers
- Strategic ventilation over major heat zones

- The same technology and materials as the NFL’s on-field jersey
- Zoned stretch fabric tailored for precise fit and movement
- Highly flexible premium twill numbers
- Water-repelling fabric to stay lightweight all day

For a $35 difference in price, the bump up to the Limited seems like a no-brainer to me. For a $115 bump from there to the "Elite", staying at the Limited is also a no-brainer. I mean for fuck sakes, for $20 more than an Elite, I could get Home and Road Limited jerseys!

But none of that addresses the LACK OF A FUCKING LOGO! The hawk, man! The SEA! HAWK! Why would there not be a hawk on the jersey?!? Where other teams have their logo on the shoulder, albeit with a Nike swoosh toupee, the Seahawks get a bigger Nike swoosh and NO FUCKING LOGO! It's sorta pissing me off by now. It might not be the case if I was a bigger Nike fan, but I'm really a Seahawks fan at heart, and am not going to switch allegiances at game 5 of the season to an apparel company! I crazy? Should the lack of a logo be a deal breaker on the new jersey? Should I go with a #10 Zorn jersey to remind myself and others how long I've been a fan of this particULAR FUCKING LOGO? Should I go with other modern era gear, that does have the logo?


I am confused and disappointed! Maybe I'll just run to Sears and buy a power tool I'll use twice in my life instead.

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