Enemy Reaction: Carolina Panthers

The Seahawks actually won a road game, and believe it or not they're 3-3 in their last 6 road games dating back to last year. If I wasn't a neutral, this was a horrible game to watch. There was literally nothing exciting in the 1st half but the 2nd half was at least filled with enough key plays to warrant an Enemy Reaction. All Panthers game thread comments are courtesy of Cat Scratch Reader.

Brandon Browner forces game-changing fumble


Russell Wilson throws game-winning touchdown pass


Cam Newton throws game-losing chopper to the shortstop


The worst first round draft pick ever clinches win


Post-Game: The season continues to slip away

The Seahawk defense has continued to prove they belong among one of the elite defenses in the National Football League. The Seattle defense dominated Newton and the Panther offense throughout the game including a fourth-and-goal stop that seemingly iced the game.

While walking away from the close loss has a bitter taste, it will hopefully provide more fuel to the fire for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. Newton and the Panther offense have been inconsistent at best, coughing up turnovers, squandering drives, and failing to capitalize when the opportunity presents itself.

The Panthers head in to a bye week next week and will continue to make adjustments to improve their odds of winning. - Matt Loede of Panthers Gab.

Post-Game: Offensive woes continue

The frustration was not limited to Cam Newton. Wide receiver Steve Smith was a victim of the dominant Seattle defense as well. Smith’s frustration was seen on multiple plays as Smith would get into WWF style wrestling matches with the Seahawk corners. The stat line for Smith: 4 receptions 40 yards. These numbers generally reflect one quarter of play by Smith but such ineffectual play is a direct result of the outstanding play of the Seattle corners.

Big, tall, aggressive, physical, and exceptionally talented; the Seahawks corners played up close and personal versus Smith and the rest of the Carolina receivers. This completely threw off the timing of routes and disrupted any fluidity or momentum the offense was struggling to find.

So, we have a frustrated quarterback and a group of frustrated wide receivers. With the effort Seattle was putting into shutting down our passing, the running game should be effective. Especially when you consider the level of talent in our offensive backfield. WRONG! The Seahawks were prepared for our read option running attack and shut that down as well. They did a great job of filling gaps and swarming to the ball. They did not miss many tackles and if they did, there were other Seattle defenders right there to finish off the ball carrier. For all our efforts offensively the Seahawks had an answer. - Charles Towne Panther from Cat Crave

Video Rant: Not buying the Newton hype



That 4th and goal play still befuddles me. Anything that wasn't a Cam Newton run was a stupid playcall. If you weren't confident in your 6'5, 250 lbs QB jumping over the center because Mebane was eating Kalil alive, there was nothing to stop them from a spread out shotgun to give Newton a running start into the end zone. Apparently one yard is much too difficult for them.

The worst first round draft pick now has 4.5 sacks. A secondary featuring zero starters with more than 3 years NFL experience is one of the best in the league. And to prove that the W/L statistic for QBs is overrated, the Seahawks have the 31st ranked passing offense, but Russell Wilson is the only rookie QB with a winning record.

These next 4 games will essentially make or break the entire season. New England, San Francisco, Detroit, and Minnesota is a rough schedule even with the Lions looking 100% inept on special teams. The NFC is loaded with talent to 4-5 or 3-6 and you can probably kiss the playoffs goodbye. I highly doubt 9-7 gets you a wild card slot unless you're in the AFC, where it will probably win the AFC West. That means the defense will need to continue its unreal play and the offense needs to actually score more than 20 in a game. Even splitting these two games gives the Seahawks hope, and I think they can do it. Don't you?

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