Special Enemy Reaction: San Francisco 49ers and St. Louis Rams

I'll do a normal Enemy Reaction later in the week, but since Seattle won by a lot of points against a terrible team and did it in relatively boring fashion, they won't get top billing. Why? Because our two NFC West rivals and clearly our biggest ones since 2002 played out to one of the craziest overtimes I've ever seen. We obviously would've preferred a 49ers loss, and certainly don't want the Rams sneaking back into the wild card race, but we got a two-for-one deal and they both failed to win.

Nothing about the Rams/Niners made sense. The 49ers D yet again gave up a 100 yard rusher (3rd time in 4 games), Alex Smith got injured, Sam Bradford looked competent, and the referees went out of their way to ruin the game with their disastrous handling of the game clock. The game thread comments, courtesy of Niners Nation and Turf Show Times, provide you the highlights of yesterday's overtime madness.

Danny Amendola puts the Rams near the 49ers end-zone


....Or not


David Akers misses from 41 yards away


Greg Zeuerlein makes the winning field goal, but not in time


Legatron can't convert from 58


Final play of the game


Niners Reaction: There are no ties in football!

At least that’s what Dashon Goldson thinks. Maybe he should worry more about covering streaking WRs down the sideline. Or at least getting them out of bounds. All in all, I suppose the 49ers should feel lucky they managed to tie the what-once-were-Lambs. Pretty shitty game all around though. The D was toasted to the tune of 460 yards, and if not for penalties on a huge kickoff, and a 78 yard pass play to open OT, the Niners would have lost. On the other hand, Jeff Fisher gave the 49ers an additional 3rd down play down near their goal line to give the 49ers their first TD of the game. 4th and 1 or 3rd and 6? I’d force the 4th down decision. As would most coaches. - Niners Forever

Rams Reaction: Offense time management

The Rams gave up a potential 10 points due to bad game management. There were 2 egregious offenses and they both occurred in OT. If neither mistake had occurred the Rams would have won the game. The first occurred on the Rams first play of OT. From his own 18 yard line Bradford threw a bomb to Danny Amendola. Amendola wash pushed out of bounds just short of the goal line. Unbelievable. But very late a flag was thrown. Apparently, when the Rams tackle came into the game, based upon the formation of the line on the upcoming play, he needed to check in with the official. He didn’t. The play came all the way back. Later in OT, with only 2:48 remaining in the game Zeurlein attempts a 53 yard field goal. The field goal is good, but the Rams are called for delay of game. 5 yards is tacked on to the next kick. (Do I really need to tell you what happened?) Ack… - Rams Gab

That was fun and bizarre all at once. This tops the Jay Feely game in 2005 (which also represents the last time Seattle won an OT game) for wackiness. Oh, and to Jeff Fisher and Jim Harbaugh, glad you both got burned by going conservative and playing for the field goal. Fisher in particular sitting on a 53 yard field goal was breathtakingly stupid.

Enemy Reaction: New York Jets will be produced later this week.

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