Belated Enemy Reaction: New York Jets

This is several days later than normal, but the Seahawks are on a bye so I have that luxury. I have writing obligations over at Bloody Elbow so this needed to be put on the back-burner. Anyway, the Jets are an awful team and it's hilarious how easily they dispatched the Rams the week after Seattle stomped them. Thank you Jets for both sucking and ending the Rams gravy train following their tie against the Niners. Let's celebrate the Jets' prior misery against us courtesy of Gang Green Nation. And to hasten this up I'm only doing one post-game quip instead of two articles.

(Click on the images to enlarge them)

Russell Wilson to Golden Tate (7-0 SEA)


Mark Sanchez throws back-breaking INT to Richard Sherman (7-7)


Russell Wilson finds Sidney Rice (21-7 SEA)


Mark Sanchez fumbles thanks to Richard Sherman (21-7 SEA)


Golden Tate shotputs football into Sidney Rice's arms (28-7 SEA)



Post-Game: Brutal Loss

The Jets are 3-6. They have few dependable weapons on offense and a QB controversy on top of a QB consistency problem. This season has the potential to fly itself into Rich Kotite era territory if the locker room begins to divide in any way. Could that happen? Recent history will tell you, its possible.

The offense, again for the second straight year, can’t help the team. The special teams unit is now a mess. The two best players Darrelle Revis and Santonio Holmes are out for the season. If Rex Ryan loses the players, whose jobs remain safe and secure? Anyone?

We wonder whose names are written in stone on the untouchable list. This is not your run of the mill 3-6 team. This is one with an inability to score and an uncanny ability to create unwanted drama for itself during the week. A dangerous combination for a team whose collective flight is losing altitude at an alarming rate.

Let the blame games and the unnamed source hunting begin. Only Rex Ryan can prevent disarray and anonymous voices who may try to save their own jobs. Rex could be the last line of defense before 2012 makes it’s way down towards the landing strip of an ugly ending. - TJ Rosenthal for Turn on the Jets

Post-Game Crow: Beer Bet


Dolphins next. Just win it, please? I'm fully expecting a completely inept offensive performance because that's the standard for Seahawks road games even when they were regular playoff contenders, but the Dolphins offense is terrible. I'll take an ugly 13-10 win as long as it means getting to 7-4.

This is the 5th Enemy Reaction of the year with Green Bay the exception following that ridiculous ending that left both sets of fans unhappy. Believe it or not, a 6th would be the most I've ever done in a single season.

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