I hate today.

This is no PollyFanna FanPost. I hate today. I hate the loss, the lousy calls, the way the defense played in the fourth quarter, the result, the play calls and execution at the end of the final drive. I hate all that stupid, and how all that stupid converged into the final 12 minutes of today's stupid game.

Hate, hate. I hate what happened after the game. I hate how it will impact this season. I hate how certain players can be so likable one minute, then become so deservedly pilloriable the next.

Which is why I'm not going to write about hate. Instead, the title of this post is "Perspective," so here is some. Of it.

The QBOTF is the QBOTP

Russell Wilson is improving drastically before our very eyes. The kid who threw a few hopeful prayers in the general vicinity of his receivers at the end of the Arizona game in September -- he's not the same man who completed 16 passes in a row earlier this afternoon. Sure, there'll be setbacks, and he likely won't become RUSSELL WILSON, SUPER BOWL MVP until Year 3, but there can scarcely be any doubt left that he has what it takes to succeed as a pro.

This team could be 9-2 with a few more lucky bounces

The flip side is, they could easily be 3-8 with a few more unlucky bounces. But the five road losses are by a combined -- combined! -- 21 points. In each of those losses, the Seahawks were one play away from winning or forcing overtime. Sometimes one bad call away from victory. Sometimes one fake punt. Sometimes an opponent's not-so-sure-foot. Sometimes one nice catch. Sometimes one series of unmade catches.

I'd much rather be agonizing over five missed opportunities than turning the TV off at halftime, behind 24-3 yet again, as became my habit every other week through the '08, '09, and '10 seasons.

The defense, while not elite overall, is elite at home

Losing to St. Louis and Arizona on the road hurts like hell, and the defensive effort in the fourth quarters of the Miami and Detroit games would be best described as "forgettable" -- if it were possible to forget them, that is. Still, I like to remember that this is the same defense that whupped Dallas, rattled Tom Brady, terrorized Aaron Rodgers and made Mark Sanchez cry. Those games were here, but they happened nonetheless.

By the way: for Seahawks season ticket holders, the games at the CLink have been epic. It might be a generation before we again get to witness that many memorable home games in a single season.

The Seahawks are one of the youngest teams in the NFL

Depending on how you measure it, they're the third-youngest, fourth-youngest... whatever. The details matter less than the overarching truth: the Hawks are short in the tooth. I laugh anytime people bring up the notion of a Seattle-based dynasty team. I scoff at those who predict multiple Super Bowls for the Hawks.

But if you're going to be successful over a larger period of time in the NFL, it helps to be young. This team is young. And already good. They could be better than good for a long time before they get worse than good.

Seattle could make the playoffs anyway

Everyone fighting for that final sixth playoff spot is 6-5 or 5-6. With three home games left, a 10-6 mark for Seattle is still achievable, and 9-7 might be enough to squeak in as the final wild-card team. Especially with the tie-breaker over Minnesota, Green Bay and Dallas.

The upcoming suspensions? They could be reduced, or appealed into 2013, or overturned... something fortuitous could happen that allows for those two guys to help carry the team into the postseason. (OK, fine. For the first time, I grant you, gentle reader, permission to call me out for grasping at straws.)

You never know what you might see on any given Sunday

Let me sprinkle some humor into your dreary, hateable day: look at this, maybe for the first time, maybe again. Good stuff.

Ah. Perspective.

I don't feel better, much. Well, maybe a little. Very little. Still, every bit helps.

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