Frustrated - Read if you are too !

8am. My phone goes off. Not my alarm but my cousins texting on who to start 'G.Tate or T. Smith?'. Another cousin talking smack to me because his fantasy team is 'projected' to beat mine this week. There is nothing better to wake up from a hangover then to talk football and football smack at 8am local time.

Let's fast forwards to 1:00pm pacific time. Nothing worse then my beloved Seahawks and the mighty Legion Of Boom losing to the Miami Dolphins. This is Bull Sh*t and anyone reading this article knows it is too.

Let's get to the point. For weeks now I have had ample concern and frustration towards our defensive scheme . Like my father does weekly, I am calling out Gus Bradley. For too many weeks, our defense has been in position to close out games against elite opponents. I will let is slide against Aaron Rodgers because he is one of the best in the game but our defense let up too many plays against St. Louis, Detroit and now Miami.

For too many weeks our defense, who present themselves as elite, have shown nothing but mediocre productivity. An ELITE defense shuts down teams when they are in position for the go ahead score. We failed to do that versus Detroit and now have failed to do it in a less then elite offense in Miami.

My last article was about treating every opponent 'One Game At A Time'. Well it seems like we dropped the ball on that one. For a team, like Miami, who seem very one dimension, out schemed us for most of the game. Now it seems the 2012 Seahawks are backed into a corner. We are not the strongest, nor are we the most finesse, but WE WILL fight our way out of the corner and earn the wildcard spot at minimum. I say minimum because I am guilty of initially cheering against the Saints versus the 49ers so they are not a threat to us in the wild card spot but like my brother in law passionately stated "we are playing for the division championship and not the wild card'.

Amen brother, Amen. I can't believe I found myself cheering for the 49ers. Thanks god I had my brother in law smack me back into reality. Even though a wild card birth is more realistic then a divisional championship; I love his train of thought and passion.

So here is what I (an arm chair quarterback) believe we should do from here to the end of the season in an attempt to win the NFC West:

1. The game lies in Russell Wilson's hands and not the defense. Proper scheming against the opposition is key for victory, The opposing defense plays man and we seem shocked. Where is Z. Miller or D. Balwdin? Get them more involved.

2. With the suspensions looming, the Legion Of Boom needs to be referred to as our front. four. I have faith in Tru and Thurmond. Pass rush needs to be more aggressive. Thomas and Chancellor will be more conservative but need to step up when needed. We Will Get Through This. Go Hawks,

3. Rush Defense has proven to let up large gains. Shutting down the run game will force our opponents to become one dimensional. Forcing our next few opponents who rely strongly on their running attack to air it up for a win.

4. Special teams. Look, we can not expect to blow out any teams. Field position will be key and Haushka will need to make some long field goals. Simple as that.

Preparing for 4 games without Browner and Sherman will be tough but there is no looking back, let's get through this like a team. We WILL shut the opposition down. Our offense WILL make the opposition play to the last down.
We WILL be in the playoffs.

Frustration and all. I will never stop believing in my Seattle Seahawks.

Go Hawks.

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