Enemy Reaction: Minnesota Vikings

The Seahawks won. You know how this works. The added bonus here is that I will include one shot of an Adrian Peterson run that led to the Vikings' final lead of the afternoon. Game comments are courtesy of Daily Norseman.

Percy Harvin fumbles (7-0 MIN)


Russell Wilson to Golden Tate - Part 1 (7-7)


Russell Wilson to Sidney Rice (14-7 SEA)


Adrian Peterson's big run leads to Minnesota FG (17-14 MIN)


Russell Wilson to Golden Tate - Part 2 (20-17 SEA)


Marshawn Lynch touchdown (27-17 SEA)



Post-Game: Not a ton to say

In the end, there's not a ton to say. We were out coached, out quarterbacked (by a midget mulatto), out defensed, and out classed in the most ridiculous way. There are zero excused, except to say that maybe Ponder was confused because he was two time zones away, had a late kickoff start, and the whole day light savings thing, but ... Eh. Half the season of him sucking now is a pattern, not a blip on the career record.

Purple Jesus Diaries recaps the game, but there's a lot more you should read. It's hilarious.

Post-Game: The passing game is not there

Christian Ponder stinks right now. That’s all there is to it.

However, I don’t think he’s the only problem in the passing game. He’s a big part of it… don’t get me wrong. He’s just not the only problem.

The offensive line has made huge improvements this season as far as run blocking goes. Adrian Peterson is seeing his biggest holes since 2008 when he ran for 1,760 yards. But when it comes to the passing game, blitzes aren’t being picked up and line - The Viking Ship analyzes their recent skid.

Post Game Video Crow: I think this is English, I think this is a rant with Seahawks props



I have no real closing comments from last Sunday, it was a fun game to watch and you know it was a special enough showing from Adrian Peterson that I put in a negative Seahawks play on the gamethread recap. I've only done that one other time, which was more of watching the Rams blog meltdown after it took them 7 tries from the 1 yard line to get a touchdown last year on Monday night.

Now on to something that's not entirely related to the actual game, there's a legitimate chance the Seahawks are on NBC in a few weeks. If you're into this sort of thing, if the Seahawks win at Miami after the bye week, their road game at Chicago could be flexed to Sunday Night Football. The current SNF game that week is Philadelphia at Dallas and one of those teams will have at least six losses by the end of this week. CBS has protected Pittsburgh at Baltimore so that cannot be "flexed". Other contenders for that timeslot are Tampa Bay at Denver and Indianapolis at Detroit.

If you like it when the Seahawks get national attention, here's their chance. Win the next two and see what happens.

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