Terms and Phrases that the Sports World Needs to Stop Using

"Your Peyton Mannings, Drew Breeses, your Tom Bradies of the world."

What the heck? Do you mean to say, "The upper echelon of quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Tom Brady?" I know the gist of what they are saying... but it's stupid. If you want to refer to a quarterback, say the quarterbacks name. If you want to refer to a group or tier of players, just say the tier. What magical place are they referring to that has fields and fields of Tom Brady clones? And why didn't George Lucas make that into a movie instead of those terrible Star Wars prequels?

Day in day out. Week in week out. Year in year out.

This is overused by every single analyst on ever single channel and in every single medium. I would guess that 50% of all sentences start with something like this. Be creative with your words guys! If you're going to spend 90% of the week worshiping RG3's manhood, at least start each sentence differently. and that brings me to the other 50% of sentences...

When you talk about BLANK, you talk about their BLANK.

When you talk about going the long way to get to the point of your sentence, you talk about "You talk about." Get to the freaking point Donavon McNabb! You are the worst offender for this. You are transferring your last terrible years in the NFL to your first terrible years on the NFL Network. Keep it short man! Aaron Rodgers is an accurate quarterback. Adrian Peterson is fast. Richard Sherman is tall.... that wasn't so bad was it?

69ers and Seahags

This is something for us fans and message board aficionados. For some reason or another I have found it increasing aggravating how often I am seeing teams referred to in some schoolyard slang version. You don't like a certain team? Great. Do you want everybody to think you are ten years old? Then by all means, talk trash about the seacocks or the whiners or the deadphins or the fudge packers. It's a great way to express to the world how miserable of a person you probably are.

I'm sure that I have forgotten something, but I'm sure I'll remember it as soon as I turn on my car and 950KJR starts talking with Hugh Millen. What about you guys? Anything that bugs you in the world of sports and sports analysis?

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