Blow Outs Are Fun And R-Dub Has Skills

How much fun was that? The Arizona game was a blast and as a Seahawks fan I loved every minute of it. That said, you could see by the end of the 1st half that Arizona just didn't haven any interest in playing football on that day (something Coach Wisenhunt also took notice of and used to scare the hell out of his guys with because while Detroit isn't an amazing team, the Cards woodsheded them on Sunday). Arizona looked liked they were going to send a coach south on 5 to see if Jon Kitna was busy. They were done before this one started.

Buffalo was fired up. You saw Kyle Williams on the sideline looking like a pissed off Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, yelling at anybody who'd listen. You saw Stevie Johnson running great routes. Additionally, he was one of the only receivers I've ever seen be able to consistently make Sherman look bad (Props for that unbelievable catch on that 3rd and 20). You saw Chan Gailey looking confused and wondering why nobody told him that Seattle likes to run the read option. Alright, that last example had nothing to do with Buffalo coming to play but every time they cut to Gailey on the sideline, he had the same look as Ray Liotta's character from Hannibal. You know, right after Dr. Lector gave him a lobotomy and fed him his brain. Yum.

Buffalo had a lot of fight in 'em. They did come to play football. They may not have been prepared very well but they came to play. The Seahawks flat out executed their game plan and established their superiority. And it didn't hurt that the Hawks had the best player on the field running their offense.

Russell Wilson has exceeded my expectations. Frankly, he's blown them away. He's doing something on a week to week basis that only the rarest of players have the ability to do. He's had stretches where he simply makes it look easy to play quarterback and he made it look really easy for pretty much the entire game this past Sunday. This just in: Playing quarterback in the NFL is not easy! Ask Rex Ryan.

I have nothing but love for Matt Hasselbeck and believe he's the best quarterback in Seahawk's history but how often do you remember watching him and thinking he made it look easy? Sure there were plenty of drives that went off without a hitch, beautifully executed by Matt but they just felt different. Do I think that this offense is on par with the offense from the glory days of '05? Of course not. Maybe it's because of the unbelievable dominance of that offensive line. Which lead to Shaun Alexander scoring 2 or 3 touchdowns per game and also converting damn near every short yardage situation that presented itself. That's an advantage Russell hasn't had and honestly, he won't ever have. I really doubt we'll see an O-line the likes of that one ever again.

The Russell has a way of making it look like he's in total and complete control. One example was a play in the 3rd quarter when he dropped into the pocket then escaped pressure moving back and to his right. I believe it was Marcell Dareus who chased and broke down like a basketball player defending a guard driving to the hole about 4 yards in front of Wilson. R-Dub appears to be looking past Dareus and seems to be paying him no attention. Dareus advances and Wilson simply jukes and side steps around him like nothing. Wilson realizes there's no one open down field and scrambles forward, cuts back on 3 defenders, comes all they way across to the left side of the field and goes out of bounds after running about 60 yards to gain 12.

This was one of the more composed plays by a QB I've seen all year. Your sub par QB takes a sack or throws into coverage. Your good QB throws the ball away, plays for the next down. Your RG3 runs for it immediately and probably gains a good chunk of yards or gets murdered. Wilson wants to throw this ball. He waits for someone to come open as long as he can and when there is no more time he scrambles and has the vision to cut it back all the way across the field to get a first down and out of bounds without taking a hit.

Round Two with the Niners is ready to roll. This game has lost a little spice after the Niners thumped on New England and then held on to survive a late Tom Brady rally. Even though the Niners have the NFC West all but wrapped up, this will be a playoff game. It's the kind of game that sucks us in as fans and makes rivalries so great. It will be a measurement of just how much progress Russell Wilson and this offense has made.

Sure blow outs are fun but how much fun would beating Harbaugh's team be? I'll raise a glass to Russell Wilson and say, "Lets find out exactly where we're at!"

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