On Dr. Harbaugh, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Forty-Niners

(*side note, I might have totally stolen the title for this article from someone else on this site. Sorry to whoever I did it to!)
Big game on Sunday. As every Sunday. Our much hated rivals, the forty-niners(no I won't capitalize em), come to town.

Our two star cornerbacks are looking like their gonna be out. Optimus Prime? His partner, Bumble Bee?(BB! Brandon Browner!)

The niners are on a tear second only to Seattle's.

We got a real reason to panic. But I'm not. For one, I drink alot. But for two, it doesn't matter if we lose next weekend. Oh ya, it'll sting. I'll be pissed the f*** off, throwing things at my T.V. which I can't afford to replace. I mean, this is our pride. For once we're in a position to really wreak some havoc, and not just play "spoiler".

But in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter if we lose. Honestly, we can even lose the week after and probably make the playoffs, due to all our tie breakers with the other wildcard teams (Minnesota, Chicago, and I believe most of the NFC East). Of course, that would really screw us up heading into the playoffs.

Every time I start to get fired up watching the other team score on us or something like that, I just think of Frodo Russell Wilson. The Zen like calmness he exudes. The quiet, fearless leadership I and so many others aspire to emulate. Quite honestly, if he ain't worried, I ain't worried.

If the National Media wasn't so biased, stupid, etc, Russell Wilson would be hands down Rookie of the Year, for the pure sake of, he isn't the prototypical QB. He wasn't a top 5 or even a first round draft pick. Everyone said he couldn't do it. He earned, everything. Isn't that the Hawks' motto? EARN EVERYTHING!? He wasn't given the starting job like RGIII and Luck. He took it from a guy that's pretty good by most people's standards, a guy getting paid 100 times more than he is. That guy is sitting on the bench.

The niners are the media darling's, from the big market, who have the past dynasties, more elite QB's than entire divisions have had. Jerry Rice(!) Don't get me wrong, their a good team. Top 5 team. But so are the Seahawks. Thing is, noone knows it yet, except Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll, and John Schneider.

Here's the point I'm trying to make with all this rambling-As it stands now, their never will be a niners-Seahawks super bowl. It's unlikely their ever be playing for the NFC Championship(although certainly possible). So games like this are what we have- Hard nosed, old school division rivalries, twice a year(!!!). Oh how I look forward to these games. Remember the last THREE? All of them winnable for us. All of them brutal. I havn't been as excited about a football game since the Seahawk's went to the Super Bowl.

And all of it, is because of that man we love to hate-Harbaugh. His cockiness, slack-jawed coaching style, fiery temper portrays something we don't see from alot of coachs and even teams these days-Emotion. Humanity. The same reason we love Pete Carroll. Or Mike Holmgren.

I think the Seahawk's fans get the most bang for their buck, every time this team takes the field. Jeremy Lane and Walter Thurmond are very capable of taking over for Brandon Browner (maybe, not so much Richard Sherman, but we got ET over the top guys, don't forget about him). Indeed, the only player we have problems with on the niners is Frank Gore. But he'll be retiring soon, he's getting old. I hope.

So enjoy our primetime spotlight. Enjoy every game we get to see in this great country of ours. And thank the forty-niners for giving us some competition in the division.


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