A little school called NC State

I know when Wilson got drafted (out of Wisconsin) I had a buddy of mine say-That kid is gonna be a stud. My buddy is a assistant coach at Northwestern, but I didn't really believe him. The more I looked into Wilson, the more I said...this kid put up some big numbers, but he played most of his career at NC State. I'm not big into college football, but I'd never even heard of NC State.

NC(North Carolina) State is, for the record, a Division 1 school. Their in the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference, which I think is still around), which includes schools like Boston College (that school should sound familier to any Seahawk's fan), Duke, U of Virginia, Florida State University, University of Miami, and U of North Carolina (not to be confused with NC State). Now I don't watch college ball(cept for draft season), but the ACC isn't exactly the SEC, or the Big 10(where Wisconsin is coincedentally).

I just wanted to bring some attention to some of the other players you might have heard of that have came from NC State. I know I was really, really surprised, and it just goes to show you that there are teams other than Alabama, LSU, Notre Dame, USC, and Oregon in college football. It also goes to show you how deep these scouts look, and just how talented the Seahawk's scouting department is.

Notable NC State draft picks:

Russell Wilson-3rd round, 75th overall, 2012-Seattle

JR Sweezy(!)-7th round, 225th overall, 2012-Seattle

Mario Williams-1st round, 1st overall, 2006-Houston

Manny Lawson-1st round, 22nd overall,2006-San Francisco

Philip Rivers-1st round, 4th overall, 2004-New York Giants

Jericho Cotchery-4th round, 108th overall, 2004-New York Jets

Koren Robinson-1st round, 9th overall, 2001-Seattle

Torry Holt-1st round, 9th overall, 1999-St. Louis

Those are the big namers. A couple others Seahawk's fans might be familier with, either positively or otherwise:

Sean Locklear(sad face here), T.J.Graham(taken 6 picks before Wilson, this years draft, by the Bills), Stephen Tulloch, and Andre Brown.

I don't know where I'm going with this, I just thought it was interesting that a school that has never cracked the top 10 in the polls, never went to a "major" bowl game, never a "powerhouse" school, would turn out so many quality athletes, including several first round(high first round) picks, and the Seahawk's unlikely QBOTF.

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