'Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas...

‘Twas the night before the night before Christmas, and all through the land
The viewers were tuning in, to see something grand
Their jerseys were on, and did they look keen
Especially when worn with new Levi’s jeans!

There were millions watching at home, big screens were alight
And thousands more in attendance that chilly Winter night
Danny was there, and Kenneth too
They had come just to see what the Seahawks could do

When the players arrived there arose such a shout
Kenneth rose with the crowd, spilling beer (the big lout)
Danny pointed at the players, he knew them by name
His face appeared on the Jumbotron, a fleeting minute of fame

Their helmets were shiny, their cleats brand new
Now it was time to see what these Seahawks could do!
The offense took the field, big men on the attack
And Danny scanned the field, looking for the quarterback

He looked and he looked, causing such a fuss
When who should appear, but the man called DangeRuss!
He lined up the offense and led them so strong
In motion went Golden Tate, who then ran long!

The pass was caught, and past the marker Golden danced
The referee made the call and the ball was advanced
Then Beast Mode took the field, and the crowd arose
Kenneth was bumped by a large fan and shouted, "Ouch! That’s my nose!"

Lynch ran it in, shedding defenders left and right
Not since the Beastquake had anyone seen such a sight
He juked and he ran, the ball tucked in his arm
Kenneth had another beer, thinking, "Hey, what’s the harm?"

Then the defense took the field and the ground it did rumble
And the crowd gasped in amazement as Clemons caused a fumble
ET snatched up the ball and ran like a hero
And suddenly, just like that, it was fourteen to zero!

The next drive was a hard one, for the Niners had come to fight
Their offense played well, to their own fans’ delight
Gore ran in a touchdown, and Kapernick did too
It would have been a tie, but the Niners went for two!

A single point now separated these fierce Western teams
On the field Russell appeared again, to the crowd’s delighted screams
The ball was on the five, the result of a good kick
Combined with a penalty, and Danny felt sick

"Can they do it?" he asked, his voice hoarse from shouting
But Kenneth ignored him, over spilled beer he was pouting
The drive started badly, a false start moved it back
"Giacomini did it again! Give him the sack!"

But Russell was not flustered as Unger hiked the ball
And though he stood less than six feet, in the pocket he stood tall
The ball sailed to Rice as if it had wings
Then Beast Mode came back, and he did wonderful things

He ran this way and that, his cleats tearing through turf
And Coach Pete thought briefly, "I’ll have to teach him how to surf!"
Then Russell once more had the ball in his hands
And Giacomini redeemed himself with a key block, drawing cheers from the stands

Russell drove the ball downfield as Kenneth and Danny gave a shout
And the Niners hopes faded as the Seahawks won out
As Russell turned to the stands, giving the game ball to a young fan
He winked at the duo, and said, "Merry Christmas, man!"

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