The 2012 Seahawks are better than the Super Bowl team. There I said it.

Here I am, it's dark in Delaware but just about sunset in Seattle, and as I agonize over the Seahawks game against the 49ers this Sunday, I came to one conclusion:

The 2012 Seahawks are better than the 2005 Super Bowl team.

This isn't some long-ass statistical reasoning for it, I just feel it.

Where the 2012 Seahawks have the advantage....

-Strength of schedule. As amazing as the 2005 run was, Seattle might as well be the Falcons if you look at the opposition the Seahawks beat. They had two wins over playoff teams in the regular season and the Colts practically forfeited by halftime since their undefeated run was broken the week before. The 2005 Seahawks lost to the Jaguars and Redskins, who would both make the playoffs. And the playoff run? Three straight wild cards in the Redskins, Panthers, and Steelers. And the Steelers were favored in the Super Bowl. The 2012 Seahawks have beaten Dallas, New England, Chicago, Green Bay, and Minnesota. That's a damn good list.

- Pass defense. This is a no-brainer and I don't even need to explain it. Michael Boulware was playing for the Seahawks in 2005.

- Special teams. Again, no-brainer. Jon Ryan is an elite punter. Steven Hauschka hasn't had to make big field goals, but he's not a douchebag. Leon Washington is a good returnman and way better than the bullcrap of using Peter Warrick to return punts. Also, the Seahawks have had a blocked punt or FG returned for a TD every year under the Brian Schneider era.

- Rushing offense. This is tricky because Shaun Alexander broke a bunch of records in 2005. But from a collective standpoint, the 2012 running offense is superior just on depth, and having a mobile QB gives this year's team the slight edge. 2012 Marshawn Lynch would have run for 8,500 miles behind the 2005 o-line.

Where the 2005 Seahawks have the advantage....

- Passing offense. With all due respect to Russell Wilson, prime Matt Hasselbeck was a joy to watch. He worked defensive coverages so well. You couldn't stop the 3rd down pass to Bobby Engram, you could only hope it wasn't a big gain. I can't recall a single terrible game from Hass from the 2005 season.

- Offensive line. Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson. That is all.

- Discipline/Coaching. Holmgren teams were always well disciplined, thus they didn't pick up the ridiculous amount of penalties that the Seahawks have under Carroll. Could be a sign of growing pains for a young team, but Carroll teams at USC were routinely among the most penalized in college football.

- Linebackers. This is almost a push, but Tatupu was a much better pass rusher than any LB on the current roster.

I give the nod to the 2012 Seahawks because they beat much better opposition, are performing above expectations as the 2nd youngest team in the league and coming off a rebuild, and are doing this all with a reject RB, a midget QB, a reach for a DE, and some dude from the CFL. The 2005 Seahawks were great, but that was after multiple seasons of near-contention but crushing failure. A big run was coming. DVOA suggests the 2012 Seahawks are better than the 2005 team, but what are your thoughts?

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