Win a tshirt! You too could be Russelin' every play.

DK Note: Twoeightnine emailed me asking if I wanted to run a t-shirt giveaway contest for the Seahawks-49ers game this weekend, and I never turn down the opportunity to win something free.

Greetings. Field Gulls and twoeightnine design have come together to have a little bit of fun with this weekend's Seahawks - Niners tilt. It's your chance to win a free Russell Wilson "Every Play I'm Russellin'" with very little effort on your part.



The rules are incredibly simple.

1. Predict the final score of the game

2. Do something nice.

That's it. Okay, that's not quite it but it's close. In order to be declared the winner you must pick the winning team. If no one guesses the exact final score the the tie breakers will be as follows.

1. Closest prediction to the total points scored. Then

2. Closest prediction to points scored by the Seawhawks. Then

3. A coin flip. I doubt we get here.

First person to predict a score gets that score. Don't repeat predictions. One prediction per person. All predictions must be in by kickoff. Winner gets a Russellin' shirt in their choice of sizes. (Or a Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode shirt if you're one of the awesome people who have already bought one.)

As for 2. Do something nice.

In the spirit of the season I will give a free tshirt to whomever I decide does the nicest thing between the time they make their prediction and the end of the Seahawks game on Sunday. Leave your prediction, go do something nice and if you feel like it leave a follow up comment as a reply to your prediction saying what you did. Even if you don't feel like saying it, do something nice.

Good luck and if you don't win there are still plenty of other tshirts available at

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