I Believe In Russell Wilson

The Seahawks are probably not going to win the Super Bowl this year. Not that this team is inherently flawed in some way or just irrevocably unlucky, but that 12 teams make the playoffs every year and 11 of them don't win the championship. We're more than likely going to be the #5 seed, and no matter how hot we are playing right now, it is extremely difficult to win 4 games in a row against the best teams in the league.

Maybe we have the best chance to win it all since the 2005 squad, but let's remember that not only did that team have two straight home games, we had the luxury of facing teams not quarterbacked by the likes of Tom Brady or Peyton Manning or Brett Favre (not to mention Drew Brees, who was still a year away from moving to the Bayou). We had as easy a road as most teams can wish for, and we still ultimately failed to get a ring (and why is irrelevant right now). There are no guarantees in the NFL, and no one -- not even a team that went 16-0 in the regular season -- is a shoe-in for a title.

But with Russell Wilson on our side, the hill doesn't quite look so daunting.

I believe in Russell Wilson because no game looks like a definite loss, and no defense looks to be too oppressive to overcome. We are probably going to play against some combination of Dallas, Washington, Atlanta, San Francisco and Green Bay, and other than literally freezing to death in Lambeau Field, there is no path to the Super Bowl that I find terribly frightening (okay, I'm a little afraid of the Packers). None of these teams appear to have an answer for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense, as far as I can tell.

I believe in Russell Wilson because I don't believe he's intimidated by the playoffs. Usually I'm dismissive of "clutch" performance, because all the clutch in the world wouldn't have helped Derek Jeter if he played for the Kansas City Royals instead of the most powerful and talent-laden baseball team ever. I don't believe Wilson will play perfectly in the playoffs, but I think he'll step up to the challenge, in the same way that I believe that the Seahawks have played so fabulously over the past 3 games because we are approaching the playoffs, and not necessarily because two of our last three opponents were awful teams.

I believe in Russell Wilson, and the Seahawks as a whole, because we're not just playing for the 2012 season, and even if we fall short this year we'll be right back at it next year. Although I still remember how, in 2008, a playoff team can completely crash and burn in the blink of an eye, there is just too much good, young talent for this team to fall back into our 7-9 (or worse) rut. But even if he get hit with a rash of injuries or some other sort of unfortunate circumstance with the rest of our roster, I do believe that we'll continue to have Russell Wilson, and he'll continue to improve and play up to his highest ability. There is certainly a quality in Wilson that Pete Carroll and John Schneider (and others, like University of Wisconsin fans) saw, and everyone can now see it, too.

I believe in Russell Wilson because you don't have to be over 6'4" to be an elite QB, and he doesn't have to be better than his 2012 draft mates Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III to be great; there's nothing (I can tell) that Drew Brees does that Wilson can't do, and Brees is putting together one of the greatest QB careers in the history of the game. There are no ceilings for Russell Wilson, and while he may not end up winning any Super Bowls or completing a HOll of Fame career, I don't believe there are any limits to what we can believe Russell Wilson can do. And believing is a lot more important than you think.

No matter what the first month of 2013 has in store for the Seattle Seahawks, I believe in Russell Wilson.

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