My First FanPost: Seahawks' Theme Song, and What It Means to be a Seahawks Fan.

Whutup, doe? I'm jWILL253, and I've been lurking on Field Gulls for a while now (about six months to be exact) but I have yet to create a FanPost, or comment on any of the posts that go up on the site... until now.

From now on you shall be blessed with my uncanny intellect, witty sense of humor, and unquestioning loyalty to the Seahawk faithful. But, enough about me... I would like to start off by presenting you with what I think is a great theme song for the Seahawks and their fanbase. It's by DJ Fresh and it's a dubstep remix of his hit song "Louder":

(If you can't view it from the post, it's because I'm posting this from my Galaxy S3, and I don't have access to embed codes from YouTube's Android app.)

Usually, I'm not a big fan of dubstep; Hip-Hop was, is, and forever will be my first and only love (although you can find a clusterfuck of diverse music just digging through my 160gb iPod... most of it is Hip-Hop, though. No matter how much I love Passion Pit, Gorillaz, Calvin Harris, or Washed Out, they don't hold a candle to some good ole Gang Starr.) But this song is awesome and perfect for the Seahawks for two reasons:

  1. Most dubstep is just a clusterfuck of sound with no melody. But this joint had plenty of melody.
  2. It perfectly fits the Seahawks fans and the team motto for this season: "Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Louder"
Speaking of being a Seahawks fan, I'd like to take the time to say this: up until this season, we've been a timid bunch.

I'm sure you're all familiar with the stereotype: "those easygoing fans of those lovable losers, The Seattle Seahawks.Those fans that can never get too excited about a win because they never know when the Sea-Chickens will blow it. They're so cute, with all their pessimism and logic." You know the rest.

I'm not gonna lie... I used to be one of those kind of fans. I never really felt to excited about a win, because for as long as I've been a fan, the Hawks have always been a finesse team who couldn't hang with teams that played physically. I always thought that if the initial rhythm that Mike Holmgren always preached about wasn't there to start the game, then 9 times outta 10, we lose those games. I was all logical and stuff, looking at all the statistics, rankings, and trends around the league to make an informed opinion about next week's game. Even in 2005, I still remained cautious until we reached the Super Bowl, where my newfound excitement and optimism turned into anger and disappointment at the hands of Bill Leavy.

Fast forward seven years, and this particular version of the Seahawks. This version is so unusual to me. This version is probably the most physical team in the league outside of San Francisco. This version doesn't need buzzwords like "rhythm" to inspire victories. This version that is so fast and strong. This version with a true franchise QB who can make any throw at any time, at any angle. This version who can create dramatic comeback victories TWICE in the same game. This version who understands that the league looks down upon us like losers, and takes that huge chip on their shoulder, and smacks opposing teams in the face with it.

So, ever since that Chicago game, I threw logic outta the window, smacked it with a beer bottle, and ran over it with a city transit bus. For the first time in my life, I get to be a big, incoherent, bumbling idiot of a fan. And, I gotta tell ya... it feels good.

Still.. I hear some fans telling me to temper my expectations, and come back down to earth.

I say "FUCK DAT SHIT!!!" This team defies any and all logic week in and week out.

I'm talking this approach because being a Seattle sports fan is tougher than an overcooked pot roast. Look at everything we've dealt with: the NBA proving they, nor the state politicians, care about pro basketball in Seattle; a Mariners organization that is as committed to winning as the NRA is committed to gun control. And we finally get a powerful force in pro sports, and people expects us to keep being the lovable losers we've always been.

Nope. I refuse. I'm a proud Seattle Seahawks fan, who takes the Richard Sherman approach: keep talking until they prove they can make you shut up...

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