Enemy Reaction: Chicago Bears

Enemy Reaction takes a look at in-game and post-game viewpoints from teams the Seahawks beat. It is not intended as a gloating post, but it's there for your entertainment to have a mixture of rants combined with reasoned opinion.

Seattle has 7 road wins under Pete Carroll. Three have them have come in Chicago as of yesterday. Feels good to have the offense win on the road even though the defense is incapable of 24 seconds of defending, doesn't it? And it was against a damn good team in a hostile environment. Let's relive the game's pivotal plays for the Seahawks, including that Brandon Marshall catch at the end of regulation. Comments are courtesy of Windy City Gridiron and please click on each image to enlarge them.

Marshawn Lynch ties game at 7-7


Golden Tate scores go-ahead TD with 24 seconds left


Brandon Marshall catch leads to tying Chicago FG


Sidney Rice provides the scariest winning touchdown ever (Part 1)


Sidney Rice provides the scariest winning touchdown ever (Part 2)



Post-Game: Monday Morning QB

The Bears lost to the Seahawks because the defense could not stop Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson. The Bears did not lose because of Lovie Smith’s decision to go for it on fourth down early in the second quarter instead of kicking a field goal.

There were almost three full quarters of action left following that failed fourth down. Furthermore, the Seahawks didn’t even get points off the very next possession!

For those who have read me long enough, you might know my stance on this by now. In football, just as in all of professional sports, if you’re going to assign blame for why a team didn’t win a game, you start at the end of the game and work your way backwards. - Bears Beat pins the loss on the defense, not on a 4th and inches call.

Post-Game: 177

With the game on the line, nursing a 14-10 lead, the Bears allowed rookie quarterback Russell Wilson to engineer a 97-yard, implausible touchdown drive to seemingly defeat Chicago in regulation. After a miraculous connection between Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall sent the game to overtime, the Bears defense rinsed and repeated their awfulness by allowing Wilson to navigate 80 yards with ease. The only way the Seahawks could have beaten the Bears on two drives was to successfully move the 177 yards for two touchdowns. They did. And they had very little resistance.

It is easy to reach for the extremes after a defensive collapse so dramatic. It is easy to blame the age of the defenders and question whether a gimp-legged Brian Urlacher is able to contain running quarterbacks the way he once did. (The Bears have been dominated by Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson.) But the age of the defense was decidedly NOT in question with three minutes remaining in the game. Is it possible age takes 57 minutes to emerge? Is it possible Julius Peppers, Charles Tillman and company only have 55 good minutes in their bodies at this stage in their career? - Jeff Hughes from Da Bears Blog.


Post-Game Video: Defense blows it (Warning: Lots of swearing)



I have no post-game commentary, just some tidbits:

  • Seattle, who has historically been TERRIBLE in overtime, snapped a 4 game losing streak in OT games and won their first OT game since the infamous Jay Feely game in 2005.
  • It also represents their first road OT win since 2002.
  • Russell Wilson is the first QB in Seahawks history to throw a touchdown pass in overtime (Hasselbeck to Al Harris does not count). Krieg, Zorn, Moon, Hass, none of them has done it. Wilson has. Against the 8-4 Bears. On the road.
  • This is just the 2nd time Seattle has won a game with an overtime touchdown. The other was that 2002 win in Atlanta on a Shaun Alexander 27 yard run. Everything else is a field goal kick.

Just a heads up, I will be in Philadelphia next Wednesday (my very first trip beyond the Pacific Time Zone!) so there will be no Enemy Reaction if the Seahawks beat the Cardinals, and really I think Arizona fans have suffered enough watching their offense implode under their management.

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