Seahawks Pep Talk - Preparation

Well gentlemen... I just wanna say that each and every one of you, from the players to the 12th Man, have performed way beyond our wildest dreams. You all showed maturity, passion, and proved to the world that we can hang with anybody, anywhere.

But gentlemen... the rebuilding process is over. We are past our growth and development stages. No more waiting on future drafts, distant dreams, and wild hopes.

Gentlemen... our time is now.

If you look at the legends of past champions, they didn't rely on stats and rankings to get the job done. They didn't use finesse to "rhythm" their way into a championship. No... no, they got the job done however they could when the opportunity presents itself. That's what separates mere "contenders" from Super Bowl champions: that drive to do whatever it takes to win.

And, I gotta say... this team has more of that type of drive than any Seahawk team that had ever represented this city. Russell Wilson proved that he is just as good, if not better, as those in his class. Richard Sherman proved he can be the biggest dick on the field, as well as off it, getting into the opponent's head every single game. Marshawn Lynch had been the beast that Buffalo gave up on prematurely.

You guys played with a chip on your shoulder all season, but never ate that chip, just so we could remain the hungriest on the football field.

But gentlemen... this is the time to show the league that we aren't a joke. This is the time to show everybody that we aren't a fluke. This is the time to start something that has been as rare as ever in these times.

This is the time... to start our dynasty!

But if that's going to happen, we have to prepare like no one has ever prepared before. We gotta show the league that we won't be overwhelmed by Robert Griffin III, or Alfred Morris. We have to practice like our lives depended on this game. The fans must prepare to be as loud as they can be from their living rooms, slipping tea with honey and popping Ricola's and Halls tablets like they're going outta style, so their presence well still be felt even though we will be playing on the opposite coast.

Gentlemen, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Most people would literally kill to be in your position right now, so we gotta prove we don't take any of this for granted. They want us to fail. They want us to fall victim to the supposed karma from the Green Bay game. They want us to go back to being lovable losers.

But no... we refuse to be the doormat. We will not be treated like second class citizens any longer. We will decide what our destiny is! We will decide when to shut the fuck up... and we won't shut the fuck up! No... we're gonna do what we do best... we're gonna be...

Bigger... Stronger... Faster... Louder!

Go Hawks...

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