Wishes Do Come True

The old saying goes, 'Be careful for what you wish for'.

Our wish: For the Seahawks to finally get some (positive) national attention.

Well fellow Seahawk fans, looks like you got your wish. Just reading the more popular football sites, it seems as though Russel Wilson is being given almost if not more attention then his fellow rookies and even more so then Mr. Brady and Mr Manning.

Now call me old fashioned but I have always been a fan of being under the spotlight. I am content with flying under the radar. The only national attention I ever want is when (not if) the Seahawks win the Superbowl.

With the one confirmed suspension and the other one pending, there is no doubt that Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offence will have to carry this team into the playoffs. After his incredible display of poise, accuracy and judgement - I am confident in his ability to lead this young team to the post season or dare I say, an NFC West Championship. But with all this attention comes scrutiny, doubters or even worse, the 'expert' opinions. Russell Wilson is used to this sort of treatment as he has had to answer the 'too short' scrutiny but how are the rest of the 'Hawks organization going to handle this? Is Darrell Bevel going to be able to call a complete game and put teams away early? Will Gus Bradley adjust to the loss of his top two cornebacks? Then again, it doesn't matter who is playing corner if all you call is soft zone coverage on third and forever (trust me I can go on and on about Bradley but I will spare you). Any mistakes they make will be magnified.

My point is this. On both sides of the ball, the Seahawks are very young. Heck even the coaching staff is young. With the extra attention comes extra distractions. This is why flying under the radar has always been ok with me (it's worked for the New York Giants, twice). I could care less if Marshawn Lynch wasn't nominated for the Fed EX Air and Ground Player of the week or if Golden Tate's catch wasn't Deion Sanders play of the week. All of this does not matter.

I know the attention is nice but for real, I just want a Superbowl. I know you do too.

With this being said, I know Russell Wilson prefers to stay in the pocket, but I can't think of a single person who did not get that undescribable feeling when he scrambled for multiple first downs in the recent game against Chicago. Not because they were spectacular plays but because I have always wanted a quarterback like him. Mr Hassellbeck was a great passer but was never a threat with his legs. Mr Moon; well he wasn't exactly in his prime when he came to Seattle. Mr Dilfer was Mr Dilfer. Tarvaris could run but unfortunately chose not too or was too scared to pass.

If the play isn't there Rusell makes something happen. With Russell, there is always a chance. He gives his team a chance not every game but every play. He gives his teammates a reason to play to the whistle. He will frustrate defenses. He keeps our defense off the field.

I have wished for a quarterback like Russell Wilson for a long time. I know this blog doesn't help, but I also wish he can stay under the national spotlight. At least up until we bring Mr Lombardi home.

Go Hawks.

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