Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Wednesday

Higgity hump day.

Cosell Talks: The NFL Scouting Combine : NFL Films Blog
The NFL Scouting Combine begins this weekend in Indianapolis. More than 350 college players will go through all kinds of tests and drills designed to help NFL teams gather more extensive information on their physical skills, mental capacities, emotional make-up and medical background.

Scouting combine schedule & Zach Brown " Seahawks Draft Blog
Over the next few days prospects will arrive in Indianapolis to begin preparations for the 2012 combine. The players are split into groups and use a staggered four-day schedule, with the event concluding a week today. Day one for each group includes registration, hospital examinations and x-rays, orientation and interviews. Day two consists of measurements, medicals, media meetings, psychological testing and further interviews. On day three there’s a NFLPA meeting, further testing and interviews. The final and most crucial day includes the work outs (timing, stations and skill drills) and then departure.

The Seahawks' first moves should be ... - Blog -
Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.

Scout's Notes: The Value of the Combine Numbers For Each Position | Articles
The NFL Combine is THEE event that can make or break a prospects stock. For the casual fan, we can comprehend the 40 yard sprint or the bench press, mostly because we've likely run a "sprint race" or benched at some point in our lives. We have some perspective how impressive (or not impressive theses numbers are).

2012 NFL Combine Preview - NFL Draft Preview -
The importance of the NFL Combine has recently shifted in the public's eye. Once viewed as a crucial piece of the evaluation process, it is now more of a media spectacle. The significance lies in the eye of the beholder, of course. In the NFL, teams value test results and measurements differently. What happens behind closed doors may actually impact prospects' draft value more than any stopwatch.

N.C. State TE George Bryan: Great Hands | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
N.C. State tight end George Bryan was second in career touchdowns (17) among active FBS tight ends in 2011. If you’ve watched Bryan play you know that he’s an in-line tight end personified. Somewhere in the range of 6’4″, 265 pounds, Bryan is a plodder when it comes to foot speed and ball carrying agility.

2011 Pass Blocking Efficiency: Guards and Centers |
Yesterday it was the offensive tackles‘ turn, so it only seems fair that we move onto the offensive interior as we look at NFL’s most effective pass protecting lineman from 2011.

2012 NFL Combine: Defensive Preview | - 2012 NFL Draft
The combine is great for many things, but one of those is just the chance to see every player in one setting, doing the same drills right next to one another. There are so many variables during the season, it’s nice to see one controlled environment even if they aren’t in pads.

Peyton Predicament: Part 4 | National Football Post
Spin is on but parting seems inevitable

Creating competiton for Tebow is the right call | National Football Post
Broncos' QB is the No.1, but he still needs to be challenged.

Pre Combine: Prospect Rankings Part II | National Football Post
Who cracked the second part of our top 30-prospect list?

Cold Hard Facts - Podcasts -
In Monday's edition of Cold Hard Facts, John Clayton says the Seahawks likely won't pursue another slot receiver like Eddie Royal and that Packers tight end Jermichael Finley won't get paid like a wide receiver this offseason.

Seahawks | Minnesota Vikings face tough call on Steve Hutchinson | NFL | Seattle Times Newspaper
Some of the Minnesota Vikings' most experienced starters have contracts and ages that make them candidates for a pay cut — or for being cut from the team. One of them is five-time All-Pro guard Steve Hutchinson, 34, who is scheduled to make $6.95 million in 2012.

Kirwan's mock draft: Get ready for a Griffin trade near the top - NFL, NFLDRAFT - -
There are so many variables that go into the draft process that a mock draft before the combine and the start of free agency can be a stretch. Putting together a first round is a good exercise in identifying the early talent and the needs of the teams. Here are three factors going in:

ESPN's McShay weighs in on Ryan Tannehill, Seahawks - Blog -
The Seahawks apparently won't add a quarterback this offseason simply to address their need for a long-term solution at the position. General manager John Schneider said as much last week, telling Clare Farnsworth of that "I just know if you panic at the position, it can set the organization back. So we're not going to do that."

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