NFL Salary Cap 2012: Seahawks Estimated Player Cap Numbers

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 09: Outside linebacker Mario Williams #90 of the Houston Texans is introduced before playing against the Oakland Raiders on October 9, 2011 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. Williams left the game because of a torn pectoral muscle.(Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)

The following numbers come per my educated guesses - don't take them as gospel, as incentives and escalators are excluded and tough to find on a few players. I believe these numbers are decently close, though, and just for your reference. The most interesting part of this is that the Seahawks have eleven offensive players with cap numbers over $1M and only four defensive players that break that mark!

2012 Offense: (Top 14 highest paid offensive players)

1. T Russell Okung $10.0M **estimate (his contract and Earl's are hard to calculate but 2011 was $8.88M)
2. WR Sidney Rice $8.20M
3. TE Zach Miller $7.00M
4. G Robert Gallery $6.33M
5. RB Marshawn Lynch $5.50M
6. QB Tarvaris Jackson $4.75M
7. WR Mike Williams $3.17M
8. RB Leon Washington $2.38M
9. T Breno Giacomini $2.25M
10. WR Ben Obomanu $2.18M
11. T James Carpenter $1.74M
12. C Max Unger $0.93M
13. WR Golden Tate $0.74M
14. G John Moffitt $0.66M
Total Est. for Top 14 $55.83M

If you estimate 25 players on the offense and about a $600k cap hit per player for these depth players, typically on minimum or rookie contracts - the other 11 or so players should cost about $6.6M max.

Total Estimate for the Offense "as is" = $62.43M

Specialists = about $3.72M cap hit ($1.47M for John Ryan, $1.76M for Hauschka, $0.49M for Gresham)

2012 Defense

1. Earl Thomas $6.00M **estimate (5.58M in 2011- see my problems calculating Okung)
2. Brandon Mebane $4.20M
3. Chris Clemons $3.80M (there may be an incentive here that puts him up to $4.5M base, $5.3M cap)
4. Alan Branch $3.25M
Total Est for Top 4 $17.25M

If the next 21 players on defense cost an average of $600k against the cap (21 x $600k = $12.6M)

Total Estimate for the Defense "as is" if you filled the rest of the roster with minimum and rookie deal players would = $29.85M (or $30.0M for ease of calculation).

Now, there is some dead money in here - perhaps from Marcus Trufant and other players that I don't plan on ever discovering. I believe the Seahawks "rolled over" about $10-12M and the cap is about $120M - so the Seahawks adjusted cap is about $132M.

The Seahawks are said to have $29.8M worth of cap room from Pro Football Talk as of a few days before Free Agency opens.

Back test =

$62.43 Offense + $3.72M Specialists + $29.85M Defense = $96.0M

So, $96.0M + Dead Money ($5-10M ?) + $29.8M of "room" = $130-132M Adjusted Cap.

Ya dig?

Bottom line! Look for the big money this free agent period and possibly in the next few years to be spent on defense - particularly the defensive line. $60M is currently dedicated to the offense and $30M to the defense, and the Seahawks have about $30M in cap space. Where do you think that's goin?

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