BGN Mock Community Draft Needs You

Hello to the northwest. I am Talon Talent a member of Bleeding Green Nation and have undertaken the task of selecting the Seahawks 1st round pick in our BGN Community Draft. I have done my own research but find it very valuable to discuss my perception of your teams needs with the people who live and breathe Seahawks daily. After the jump I will list players I think you might consider with the 12th pick and ask for your help in deciphering why it's a reasonable pick, absurd pick, or why seahawks are a greater bird then bald eagles. Please feel free to suggest players I may not have thought of. I hope wth your help, I can accurately make your selection.

Lets jump right to it.

Selection of David Decastro, G from Stanford.

Why it makes sense: DeCastro is the top interior lineman in this years draft. He is strong in both the passing and running game and has a mean streak necessitated for the best of linemen. The loss of Mike Gibson and the release of Robert Gallery leaves guard as a glaring need for Seattle.

Why it doesn't make sense: The average theory is that taking guards high in a draft is a waste of a valuable draft position. Guards are supposed to be easily trained which is why more then a few tackles have made the conversion when entering the NFL. Guard depth is pretty thick in this years draft as players such as Cordy Glenn (late 1st round pick, early second round), Kelechi Osemele (second round), and Kevin Zeitler (third round) are all quality players but available later. The Seahawks also have in house options as the return of Russel Okung should allow Paul McQuistan the ability to move inside.

Selection of Michael Floyd, WR from Notre Dame.

Why it makes sense: The addition of Matt Flynn should in theory give a breath of fresh air to the anemic passing attack Seattle had in 2011. Throwing for only 15 TD's and ranking 22nd in the passing game is not a good way to build a championship caliber team in the new air friendly NFL. Sidney Rice, to this point, has spent more time off the field then on it and though Doug Baldwin seems like a nice guy and fan friendly player, he doesn't exactly seem to be a top tier WR. The addition of Michael Floyd gives Seattle the big body redzone threat they thought they were getting in Sidney Rice and gives your new quarterback a weapon to play with.

Why it doesn't make sense: Floyd has had troubles with the law in the past and though the perception is just that, the troubles are in the past, people have regressed to their natural tendencies before. Skill wise, Floyd has few weaknesses and although he doesn't have elite speed, he isn't exactly slow either (4.47 second 40). Floyd does have an injury past as well, so a reoccuring nightmare of Rice might be too much for this front office to handle. Perhaps with the addition of Flynn, the healthy return of Rice, and the continued growth of Baldwin the Seahawks see their passing game as a well kept secret, so a pick like this is not feasible.

Selection of Luke Kuechly, ILB from Boston College.

Why it makes sense: The Seahawks opted not resign David Hawthorne, to this point, and so have an obvious need at the ILB position. Kuechly is the top ILB in this draft and does what a 4-3 MIKE needs to do. He is a superb tackler and has the instincts coveted from a linebacker vantage. His athleticism was questioned but after a solid combine performance and pro day performance he silenced those question marks. Kuechly is a natural leader and brings a super work ethic to the table.

Why it doesn't make sense: Because I want the Eagles to grab him. In all seriousness, Kuechly is a fine linebacker but is not a generational talent. Playing on a subpar team has given the illusion that his tackle numbers received a huge boost as he was the only capable defender on the field. The Seahawks had a very good defense last year so selecting Kuechly is seen as a luxury pick by some and does nothing to improve their real achilles, the offense.

Selection of Fletcher Cox, DT Mississippi State.

Why it makes sense: If not for the workout warrior Dontari Poe, the media would be hyping this kids impressive combine. He is quick off the ball and destroys his way into the backfield to disrupt plays and make sacks (a need for the Seahawks). Strong and with great hand movement, he is very tough to block one on one. The Seahawks have a fine run stuffing tackle in Brandon Mebane, but were lacking a good pocket collapser last year. Alan Branch is a good rotational player, but 5 years in has probably reached his potential. Cox brings with him a great character, a great work ethic, and the ability to be molded exactly into what the Seahawks want from the middle.

Why it doesn't make sense: The Seahawks have bigger needs on offense and in the linebacker area of their defense. Branch may not be a superstar but he does the job needed so adding a luxury like Cox will only detract from being able to move the team forward. There are great DT canidates available later in the draft so spending a higher pick on one can be seen as overzealous. Cox is also taken out of the plays easily when double teamed because he overcommits trying to out-finesse whoever is locked onto him and get back into the play. This can seriously hamper the running defense.

So there you have it my top 4 prospects for the Seattle Seahawks.

I do want to address one situation. I have seen and heard a lot of Seahawk fans pine for a DE to help replace an aging Chris Clemons. I did not go this route with my picks because the signing of Jason Jones more then helps this situation. Jones was an outstanding player in Tennessee and his addition will keep Clemons fresh, and put him in a situational rotation, as Jones is an excelelnt run defender as well. This draft shapes up to have some real good DE talent available late so thats why I did not consider it for your 1st pick. That being said, you have the finger on the pulse of your team so I'd love to discuss all counter points to this.

I hope you enjoyed my take and I will keep you informed as to my selection when the time comes (we just did pick 2 today so 10 more days) and we can have a further discussion afterwards. I thank you for your time and look forward to the ensuing debate.

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