2012 NFL Draft: The Field Gulls Database

With less than two weeks until the big event in April, I thought it would be nice to compile all the work done here at Field Gulls since November of last year. The writers here (and some other posters) have made tremendous analysis, reports and other informative material on this year's draft class that we, as a collective site, can probably hold our own as the Seahawks FO. One poster here commented somewhere along the lines that "We are going to be the most prepared fanbase for the upcoming draft", a belief I think that holds true here at FG.

John Schneider and Pete Carroll have turned plenty of heads last year when they made the James Carpenter and John Moffitt selections; not this time. When all is said and done, we will all know the stock of every player, the reasoning behind every pick, and most importantly, the excitement for the upcoming season ahead.

Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow 12th's, may I present to you...the 2012 NFL Draft Field Gulls Database!

Approximately 75% of Field Gulls articles revolves around the Draft, so it was a no brainier for me to categorize them into the following sections:

  • Team Commentary - A in-depth look at the needs of the overall team, and players that the Hawks will target
  • Mock Drafts - Self-explanatory.
  • Scouting Reports - Also self-explanatory. At least 1 Game tape will be provided.
  • Bundle Analysis - Articles where the writer address groups of players and provides insight about them, but not detailed enough to be a scouting report itself. In short, a "teaser" of a player.
  • Personnel Philosophy - We uncover every little information available that we can link to Pete or John in an attempt to deeper understand the "why" behind every selection or trade
  • Miscellaneous - Personal ramblings, thoughts, or other articles that doesn't fit the criteria above.

I also taken the liberty of organizing every article by their publication date and including a one sentence summary for each article written excluding Scouting Reports and Mock Drafts. Scouting Reports are also filed under players' names. Finally, those who contributed to this project will be recognized.

Team Commentary

Where Will the Churn Hit? - A series of posts by Oliudyen that address the state of particular positions on the team, including our depth and possible targets in the offseason.

WR -
OL - 1/17/2012
DL - 1/27/2012
LB - 2/13/2012
QB/RB - 2/28/2012
DB/S - 3/21/2012

Similarly, Danny Kelly followed with another positional mini-series of his own:

Pre-Free Agency
- 1/25/2012
S - 2/2/2012

QB, RB - 4/18/2012

How the Board will Fall for the Seahawks - Kenneth Arthur, 4/4/2012 (Another look at which prospects will be there by pick 12)

Mock Drafts

Kenneth Arthur:
(1/25/2012) - A Compilation of the Seahawk's projected 1st round pick through 53 different mock drafts
(3/6/2012) - Presenting three What-if? Scenarios in the draft and the subsequent Seahawks response

(2/7/2012) - Version 1
- Version 2

Gasoline Snuggie


Henrique (From Brazil, 3 rounds)

Unidentified Flying Orgasms

Scouting Reports:

Joe Adams, WR, Arkansas
Eequalsmc2, 3/24/2012

Mark Barron, S, Alabama
Danny Kelly, 4/5/2012

Robert Blanton, DB, Notre Dame
Ben Harbaugh, 3/18/2012

Miles Burris, LB, San Diego State
Charlie Todaro, 4/15/2012

Derrius Brooks, DB, Western Kentucky
Charlie Todaro, 4/15/2012

Zach Brown, OLB, North Carolina
Ben Harbaugh, 2/3/2012

Kirk Cousins, QB, Michigan State
Danny Kelly, 3/12/2012

Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State
Danny Kelly, 3/23/2012

Lavonte David, OLB, Nebraska
Danny Kelly, 3/1/2012

Terrance Ganaway, RB, Baylor
Daniel Hill, 1/27/2012

Trevor Guyton, DE, California
Ben Harbaugh, 3/21/2012

Dont'a Hightower, ILB, Alabama
Danny Kelly, 4/5/2012

Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina
Danny Kelly, 3/3/2012

Bruce Irvin, DE, West Virgina
Charlie Todaro, 4/8/2012

Malik Jackson, DE, Tennessee
Nate Dogg, 2/24/2012

Mychal Kendricks, ILB, California
Danny Kelly, 2/29/2012

Ryan Lindley, QB, San Diego State
Danny Kelly, 3/14/2012

Shea McClellin, OLB, Boise State
Danny Kelly, 2/18/2012

Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa
Danny Kelly, 3/9/2012

Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State
Eequalsmc2, 1/12/2012

Josh Norman, DB, Coastal Carolina
Ben Harbaugh, 3/14/2012

Brock Osweiler, QB, Arizona State
Danny Kelly, 2/24/2012

David Paulson, TE, Oregon
Danny Kelly, 3/5/2012

Chris Polk, RB, Washington
Danny Kelly, 4/16/2012

Bernard Pierce, RB, Temple
Danny Kelly, 3/8/2012

Adrian Robinson, DE, Temple
Ben Harbaugh, 3/24/2012

Courtney Upshaw, DE, Alabama
Rob Staton, 1/28/2012
Danny Kelly, 3/1/2012

Ryan Tannehill, QB, Arkansas
SeattleAztec, 1/2/2012
Derek Stephens, 3/5/2012

Robert Turbin, RB, Utah State
Danny Kelly, 3/2/2012

Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin
Danny Kelly, 3/28/2012
Danny Kelly, 3/30/2012

Bundle Analysis

Potential Positional Targets in the Draft - A series by Ben Harbaugh that covers brief reports of 6-8 players per position that the Seahawks might be looking at in the coming draft. Game Tape included in every article.

LEO position - 1/5/2012
OLB - 1/8/2012
5-Tech DT - 1/11/2012
Front Seven - 1/29/2012
FS - 2/12/2012
DB - 2/17/2012

East-West Shrine Game Scouting Videos - Danny Kelly, 1/21/2012 (Includes Game Tape for the following players: WR Jarius Wright, Arkansas; WR BJ Cunningham, Michigan St.; DT Dajohn Harris, Utah; QB Chandler Harnish, Northern Illinois; QB Austin Davis, Southern Miss.; QB John Brantley, Florida; RB Davin Meggette, Maryland; DE Brandon Lindsey, Pittsburgh; DB Robert Blanton, Notre Dame)

Upshaw, Coples, Ingram: The Big Three of the Senior Bowl - Danny Kelly, 1/26/2012 (Very, very early analysis of the top 3 DE in the draft - Game Tape included)

Mike Mayock's Rankings - A collection of rankings compiled by Danny Kelly based off of position, pre-combine:

RB - 2/11/2012
TE - 2/14/2012
S - 2/20/2012
WR - 2/22/2012
DT, DE - 2/23/2012
LB - 2/27/2012

The Quarterback Roundup - Pacific Sands, 2/18/2012 (Brief list of underrated QB prospects in the draft)

History of QB's Taken Mid-First Round - Kenneth Arthur, 2/20/2012 (Exploring the connection between a QB's success through the selection between picks 10-20)

Seahawks Past Results in the Combine - Kenneth Arthur, 2/24/2012 (An analysis of how the 2011 Draft Class fared overall in the combine last year)

Quick Thoughts and Musings on the Combine - Charlie Todaro, 2/24/2012 (Prospects scouted include DE Andre Branch, Clemson; OLB Lavonte David, Nebraska; DB Ryan Steed, Furman)

NFL Combine - Lower Round TE's - Danny Kelly, 2/26/2012 (A focus on the combine performances of the following TE's: Michael Egnew of Missouri, Ladarius Green of Lousiana-Lafayette and James Hanna of Oklahoma. Game Tape provided)

NFL Combine - Seahawks Style - tarryhawk, 2/29/2012 (Focuses on defensive players and how their combine numbers influence their stock)

10 Defensive Players to Be Wary of in the First Round - Derek Stephens, 3/9/2012 (Mr. Stephens here lists ten potential Seahawks selections that are most likely to bust)

Possible Round 1 Selections - PA Hawkfan, 3/20/2012 (Targets for Round 1 this April)

5 Offensive Players to Keep an Eye on - Derek Stephens, 3/20/2012 (As always, Mr. Stephens bounces back from bad news analysis to a more optimistic, exciting article)

4 Defensive Players to Watch Out for - Ben Harbaugh, 3/26/2012 (Now Mr. Harbaugh tries his stab in picking a few diamonds from the rough)

The "Boom or Bust" QB - Papa Chelmon, 4/8/2012 (An outline of more low-floor, high-ceiling prospects in the QB area)

Quick Sketches of the 2012 RB Draft Class - Jacobstevens, 4/12/2012 (Analysis of RB's the Seahawks might target, with an emphasis on lower round prospects)

Personnel Philosophy

Win Forever - A Guide to Carroll's Philosophy of Recruitment - Bobby Cink, 1/12/2012 (Analysis of Pete Carroll's past recruitment style in USC and the impact it has on how the Seahawks draft)

Seattle Seahawks Draft and Free Agency: Exploring 'Not Panicking' and 'Normalcy' - Charlie Todaro, 2/23/2012 (Overview of John Schneider's history in football management and what results can be gained from his processes)

John Schneider gave an interview a few days before the official combine. Danny Kelly posted a discussion/reaction article on it here on 2/27/2012.

Pete Carroll Recruiting and the 2012 NFL Draft Class - Eequalsmc2, 3/26/2012 (Explores the connection between the 2012 Draft Class and USC during high school recruiting)

Staring Down the Gun Barrel - Danny Kelly, 4/3/2012 (Another analysis of John Schneider's comments towards his drafting strategies)

"We're not going to pass on an outstanding player because we have specific players at that position" - Greetings from the Lord Humongous, 4/10/2012 (More insight within John Schneider's drafting influence and his opinion on BPA)

Seahawks GM John Schneider and recent Draft Comments - Bobby Cink, 4/13/2012 (A near follow-up of the previous article, going deeper within our GM's philosophy)

Even More on John Schneider and the Seahawk's Direction - Danny Kelly, 4/9/2012 (I think Danny just felt left out on this one)


Are First Round Picks Valuable? - Matt509, 1/6/2012 (Analysis of how first round selections played out over the last few seasons)

Musings on the 2012 Draft - Davis Hsu, 1/25/2012 (Mr. Hsu breaks down his thoughts on the upcoming Seahawks draft)

Danny Kelly, Derek Stephens and Davis Hsu also did a draft discussion together through a podcast on 1/30/2012: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Where Do Teams Draft Franchise RB's? - pqlqi, 2/15/2012 (Breaks down how successful RB's were from their draft year and how it correlates to where they are selected)

Mr. Arthur Answers a Few Questions - Kenneth Arthur, 3/1/2012 (Kenneth's own answers on FG's most difficult questions)

Why the Combine and Pre-Draft Workouts are Almost Meaningless - Derek Stephens, 3/4/2012 (A commentary on the validity between two of the most used/well known systems in grading draft prospects)

DE with the 12th Pick? Not Necessarily... - tarryhawk, 3/21/2012 (Explores other options the Seahawks can take with #12)

Kenny Makes Fun of the Jets and Rams - Kenneth Arthur, 3/21/2012 (A decisive, if not humorous, argument against trading down for more picks)

Doug Baldwin's Draft List - RagingAlot, 3/22/2012 (Personal Insight of Stanford Prospects by our very own Dougie Fresh)

Mr. Arthur's Rumblings - Kenneth Arthur, 3/28/2012 (With the Draft a month away, Mr. Arthur discusses his final thoughts on the Seahawks draft)

Musings of Mtrout13 - Mtrout13, 4/1/2012 (Contains some thoughts and discussions as a community over how we should draft)

Musings of a UK Seahawk - Rob1372, 4/3/2012 (Title Explains; IMO this article was also quite well-written)

When it's Coming to Prospects, I'm Just Trying to Find Balance - Kenneth Arthur, 4/17/2012 (An article dealing with the common misconceptions of prospect grades through a real life example of RB Arian Foster)

Also, mods/posters, feel free to update this! I may have missed some of your articles on accident!

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