Intriguing Draft Scenario 2012

I must say, the months between the last Seahawk game, and the first minute of the NFL draft, are by far the most nerve racking, interesting and intriguing months of the year. Scraping every single possible bit of news about my favorite team, seeing who they signed today, and trying to feed my inner fanatic has become a yearly lifestyle this time of year.

I have read countless mock drafts, news articles, insider reviews, etc. etc. Just to try and figure out what my team should and/or will take this coming draft. This article will not be particularly what I think will happen, but more of what I definitely would love to see. And this is how it goes.....


I think there are 2 names to watch in this coming draft. Ryan Tannehill, and Quinton Coples. Each with huge upside, and also a big possibility to slip to 12. (I realize Tannehill isnt much of a slip, but if he makes it past Miami He'll make it to 12) I wouldn't disagree with either pick, I would actually prefer Tannehill seeing as we have a great running game and up and coming defense so it would be a great situation. But the more interesting pick to me is Quinton Coples.

I know, I know, a lot of people don't like that move, but what if Coples becomes even Half of what Julious Peppers was? Average Player? so what? Thats the downside? most first round picks are average players. As far as Im concerned, its more that a worthy risk. We used our highest pick in the past decade! on Aaron Curry. Given, different FO, but he was the SAFEST pick in the draft... He was at best going to turn out to be a "solid" linebacker. And we all know how that turned out.

If Coples came out of college after his junior year he would be a top 4 pick easily. And no matter how many other pass rushing prospects I watch tape on, Im not impressed, which is odd considering this "deep" class of D line this year. But you watch Coples and he blows up the tape. Pete is the coach to take the risk and has the coaching skills to make him great. He has the biggest upside of all D line this year. And thats worth the risk. Why not try to put a player that can change your record by 3-4 wins, instead of a for sure "solid" player? I dont know about you, but i want my hawks to be dominant, and thats the type of player we need.

Round 2

What if we snatched Andre Branch or another edge rusher?

Think about it, on 3rd and long from left to right, Clemons/Coples/Jones/Andre Branch...... Are you scared yet?

Round 3

Lavonte David

Round 4

Maybeeee Chris Polk?? I wish, But more likely Robert Turbin, still not bad, ould be a solid backup for lynch

Last Few Rounds

Honeslty no clue what this organization has up their sleeve but i know ill love it.


I know its a bit crazy, but we can put our Dline together this year and be dominant and wont have to rely on Elite coverage while the QB picks us apart. I stand by the fact that Coples is more than worth the risk at 12. He could be a pro bowler for years. Not many people you can say that about coming out of college. Let me know what you think.

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