Curiosity murdered my cat

On April 20th Curiosity broke into my house and murdered my cat

Receptionist: 911 what's your emergency

Me: I think someone broke into my house and killed my cat

Receptionist: who killed your cat?

Me: Curiosity

Receptionist: sorry, it sounded like you said curiosity killed your cat, is this a crank phone call sir? 911 is for emergencies only,sir!

Me: I was curious to see if there was any chance the Seattle Seahawks would trade down in the first for more picks in the second and third, and if so who would be the likely candidate?

Receptionist: Have you tried fucking yourself?

Me: Ummm, no

Receptionist: Ok, Sir, go fuck yourself


That lady was very rude in the way she handled the passing of my poor cat, but it would not stop me from my quest. I called a private detective after that.

Rick Tracey: Office of Rick Tracey, How can I help you sir or mam?

Me: I need you to help me solve a murder, the police don't seem to eager to help

Rick Tracey: Bastards!!!! What happened?

Me: Sometime late last night Curiosity broke into my house and murdered my cat!

Rick Tracey: *Sigh* are you fucking kidding me?

Me: no, I just wanted to know what the likeliness of a team falling in love with someone at the 12th pick was and if there was a likeliness that someone would be willing to trade with us and give us there 2012 1st round pick and their 2013 first round pick.

Rick Tracey: Easy solution, have you tried fucking off?

Me: No

Rick Tracey: Okay, fuck off!


So obviously mainstream society has turned their back upon me and I have no choice but to ask the members of this here fan site; What are the chances of us going from six picks to say, 10 picks? Is there any chatter or opinion that might be under the impression that a team is willing to trade up with us at 12 for a first and a second or a first and a first? Any trade? What are the chances The Hawks stay at 6 picks? Also, Do we draft a defensive player in the first even if this draft seems pretty heavily defensive? should we draft an offensive playmaker birthday present for Matt Flynn seeing as how there does not seem to be a ton of day one starters offensively(receivers,tightends) after the first two rounds? Talk!

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