Complete 4 round Mock Draft w/ trades

What's up other bird lovers? I finally was able to get my completely accurate, save yourself some time on Thursday, Friday, and the beginning of Saturday, mock draft done and figured I'd post it over here to boost my ego. Anyway I'll include a too long; did not read version at the bottom with just the Seahawks picks if you just want to scan there. Hope you enjoy.

Here is my final (seriously this is it) mock draft of the 2012 season. I decided to just select the picks your teams will make and give you some extra time with your family and friends this week. Your welcome.

On a serious note, due to time constraints, the explanations have had to be bypassed for rounds 3 and 4. Also this mock includes trades, so be weary of your teams positioning. Let the dissecting begin.


1. Indianapolis Colts- QB Andrew Luck: Standard

2. Washington Redskins- QB Robert Griffin: Standard

3. Minnesota Vikings- OT Matt Kalil: Standard

4. Cleveland Browns- RB Trent Richardson: In his time as a head coach/GM, Holmgren has only drafted 2 skill position players with his first pick. One of those was RB Shaun Alexander. Richardson has all the tools and is being broadcasted as the next great RB.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- CB Morris Clairborne: The next pure shutdown corner finds himself a new home in Tampa. Barber is at the end, Talib is a mess, and Wright is not going to earn his contract. Barber will bring this guy along and show him the finer points of tackling as well, and Clairborne will be a complete in CB within 2 years.

6. St. Louis- WR Justin Blackmon: Rated by most as the best WR in this class, Blackmon immediately gives St. Louis, and more importantly Sam Bradford, a weapon to help such an anemic offense. Under the tutelage of Jeff Fisher, I could see Blackmon turning into a player as solid as Derrick Mason.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars- (traded to the Philadelphia Eagles) - DT Fletcher Cox: Jacksonville wants to move down and finds a taker in the Eagles. Despite recent "reports" from "sources" the Eagles have shown they will do what it takes to get their player. The Eagles are high on Fletcher Cox, evidenced by sending Howard Mudd to personally work him out, and feel he can be a great pass rushing DT as well as plug up the middle in the running game. They have to get above Carolina to get him and make the move. (Cost is 1st -15, 2nd- 46, 4th- 114 and 6th- 172. Philadelphia receives 6th- 176)

8. Miami Dolphins- QB Ryan Tannehill: The Dolphins need a QB for the future and Tannehill is being regarded as the 3rd best QB in this class. He'll fit in well here as he needs a few games to be groomed and they have veterans Matt Moore and David Garrard to start the season. They also are going to adapt a West Coast offense which should play to Tannehill's strengths.

9. Carolina Panthers- DE Quinton Coples: Carolina wants to add a top notch pass rusher on the D-Line and Coples can be that man. Fletcher Cox might be their main target but Rivera will be able to properly motivate Coples and with his skill set, he could become a dominant force in the league.

10. Buffalo Bills- ILB- Luke Kuechly: Too early for a CB, too much of a reach for the remaining tackles, Buffalo addresses the badness that was their run defense. Kuechly is versatile and will be able to play any of the three LB positions. He is BPA and greatly improves this opportunistic defense.

11. Kansas City Chiefs- G David DeCastro: DeCastro is touted as the best G prospect since Steve Hutchinsonand that is a big deal. He can move players in the run game and stand them up in the passing attack. He absolutely fills a need and is the best player on the board.

12. Seattle Seahawks-DE/OLB Melvin Ingram: Seattle has specifics they want to address this offseason. They want to increase the speed of their front 7, they want somebody who can rush the passer and they want that player to do it from both the DE position and OLB position. Upshaw is a popular pick but Ingram is better at all of this. He's faster, he's a better pure rusher, he's better with his hand in the dirt, and he is better at coverage. Ingram will fill the role they are looking for, perfectly.

13. Arizona Cardinals- T Riley Reiff: The Cardinals don't reach and aim for high character guys. Reiff fits both these molds and just so happens to fill a position in desperate need of an upgrade. Kolb will never be the QB he can be if he is constantly looking over his shoulder. Reiff will bring a strong work ethic and stability to the LT position and give Arizona the ability to move Levi Brown inside to G and really bolster 2 deficits on the offensive line, with one pick.

14. Dallas Cowboys- (traded to New York Jets)- WR Michael Floyd: Seeing their man so close in reach but fearing Jacksonville grabbing him, the Jets gladly move up 2 spots to add some WR help. Holmes has flashes of brilliance but isn't nearly as dependable as they had hoped. Outside of Holmes they have a good pass catching TE in Dustin Keller but only a bunch of spotty starters at WR. Floyd can be a major help for the continued development of Mark Sanchez as well as open things up for both Holmes and Keller and their running game. (cost is 1st- 16th, 3rd-77. They receive Dallas' 4th-113)

15. Philadelphia Eagles-(traded to Jacksonville Jaguars) - DE Whitney Mercilus: The theme for Jacksonville has been to get a pass rusher. In Mercilus they get the NCAA's leader in sacks. A relentless pass rusher who in my opinion transitions better as a 4-3 defensive end. As told to me by several Jag fans, Gene Smith only drafts guys with no off the field issues and Mercilus qualifies. He's actually a good guy as his reason for leaving to the NFL is to be able to help his family financially. Pairing him with Mincey, will give Jags a much needed boost in the sack department.

16. New York Jets- (traded to Dallas Cowboys) - SS Mark Barron: There are 2 prime targets here Glenn and Barron. In this draft, guard is rather deep whereas Barron is the strongest safety in a weak class. Dallas would like to boost their secondary and by grabbing Barron they do exactly that. Barron will be devastating in the run game and has been gaining traction as a decent pass defender too. Barron will combine with Sensabaugh, Carr, and Jenkins, to give Dallas their best secondary in years.

17. Cincinnati Bengals- CB Dre Kirkpatrick: Cincinnati has a lot of good pieces in place to perhaps make a deeper run in this year's playoffs. However a class A cornerback opposite of Leon Hall is an area they are looking to address. Kirkpatrick brings a physical press aspect and will be able to contribute from day one.

18. San Diego Chargers- OLB Courtney Upshaw: I weighed this pick up and down but could not justify Glenn or Perry at this position. I could not find a reasonable trade and decided to go with the best 3-4 pass rusher in this draft class. Upshaw was used mainly as a pure pass rusher at Alabama but was also really good in the run game. His strength is outstanding and his instincts are top notch. He is a sound tackler and tough, relentless pursuer. Upshaw's two flaws are pass coverage and top notch speed, but as a sack producer he is going to bring hell opposite Shaun Phillips.

19. Chicago Bears- OG/T Cordy Glenn: Glenn, who can play anywhere on the line, is the best G available at this point. Chicago is a good team with the ability to be a real contender with the right pieces acquired from this draft. Adding someone to help Cutler from getting knocked around every play should be a top priority.

20. Tennessee Titans- DE Nick Perry: I think Perry can be a stud and has been seriously undervalued. I am betting a team like Tennessee will see the same thing. Perry has great speed, good strength, and a nasty need to attack the QB. I think he will bolster Tennessee's pass rush and be a top selection here.

21. Cincinnati Bengals- DT Michael Brockers: I will admit, this pick seems a little bizarre but it's not. Bengals are in a position to take the BPA and Brockers is at this point. Hill has lack of production. Wright seems legit but does he have more upside then Brockers? I don't think so and neither will the defensive minded Lewis. Brockers can anchor the middle of that line and with the right coaching become a dominant force in this league. Cincinnati has slowly but surely been building their defensive line these last couple years and Brockers could be that last complete piece.

22. Cleveland Browns- WR Kendall Wright: McCoy needs weapons if he is going to be given a fair chance and Wright is the best receiving weapon available. Hill doesn't have the production and Holmgren likes for his receivers to be versatile weapons. Wright brings production and versatility and should be able to work well opposite of Little.

23. Detroit Lions- CB Stephon Gilmore: As good as Detroit was last year they still has plenty of deficiencies. Getting a top corner is a need and it helps that he is the top player on the board.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers- NT Dontari Poe: It's a tough decision here. Martin would be a prime candidate but Poe's upside is huge. Poe doesn't need to start right away and can learn from one of the best NT in the business, Casey Hampton. Other T's will be available but there are only 3 legit NT's and one who can fill the role adequately in this draft, but it is unsure if they would be available at Pittsburgh's selections.

25. Denver Broncos- DT Jerel Worthy: He's been shooting up the boards and lands at the 25th spot. Worthy has excellent size, is a great run defender, and will be a key cog in Denver's push to the Superbowl.

26. Houston Texans- WR Stephen Hill: This pick is as assured as the first three. Hill provides height, speed, dynamic possibilities, and strong run blocking. He is everything the Texans look for in a WR.

27. New England Patriots- C Peter Konz: Fills a need and is the top C prospect in this class. He's versatile enough to play guard and excels at reading pre snap adjustments.

28. Green Bay Packers- OLB Andre Branch: Branch will provide Green Bay with that pass rushing threat opposite Matthews the Packers are seeking. Fast off the edge, meeting at the QB will become a catch phrase in GB this year.

29. Baltimore Ravens- T Jonathan Martin: The guards are a reach here, there's plenty of WR's that fit the mold, and ILB is wanted but can be addressed later. Baltimore smiles at the fact a legit LT has landed in their lap and they grab him up quick. Martin's stock has declined unnecessarily and will instantly help to improve Baltimore's offensive line.

30. San Francisco 49ers- T Mike Adams: San Francisco is also ecstatic that a RT has fallen to them. Anthony Davis should be playing guard and grabbing Adams, whose stock has been all over the board since this whole process started, ensures them that the continued development of Alex Smith will go unhindered by consistent pressure.

31. New England Patriots- OLB Shea McClellin: It was a tale of 2 players. Hightower is dynamic in so many ways but can't offer the 4-3 rushing prowess of McClellin. New England needs somebody that can excel in both 3-4 and 4-3, so Hightower's unprecedented drop continues.

32. New York Giants- WR Alshon Jeffery: The Giants system continues to work. They stay put and wait for talent to fall to them and this year it is Alshon Jeffery. Alshon can be everything they thought Ramses might be. He has decent speed and if developed properly will be a match up nightmare for years.

2nd round

33. St. Louis Rams- DT Devon Still: Jeff Fisher will grab Still and smile. Still has the ability to become a great pass rushing DT and since he has been slated as high as the 1st round, the value here is excellent.

34. Indianapolis Colts-(traded to San Diego) - S Harrison Smith: I hear infatuation and start looking at trades. Minnesota would definitely grab Harrison next but AJ Smith wants this kid badly. He's a better cover safety then Barron and is a decent option for the run game as well. It's not cheap, but is a worthwhile trade in the eyes of San Diego. (cost is 2nd- 49 and 3rd 78)

35. Minnesota Vikings- DT Kendall Reyes: Safeties can wait, wideouts can wait, and the next tier of tackles is interchangeable. Reyes is a pass rushing phenom and in many other draft classes would be a 1st round selection. He can contribute right away, learn from one of the best in Kevin Williams, and strengthen the defensive line of Minnesota.

36. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- OLB Lavonte David: Tampa wants and needs to address LB early. I think Mason will be fine in the middle but really needs some other pieces to surround him. David is an excellent pass defender and will give Tampa sturdy run support to turn their defense around.

37. Cleveland Browns- G Kevin Zeitler: Cleveland needs some help everywhere and decide this is the perfect spot to grab a G. This draft has been about finally providing Colt McCoy the tools necessary to succeed in the NFL. Zeitler will improve that offensive line and give Colt the time to find his new shiny targets.

38. Jacksonville Jaguars- WR Mohammed Sanu: Sanu fits the Jacksonville WR mold to a tee. Tall, big bodied, and available. Gabbert needs weapons to have a chance and Sanu will provide him with the opportunity to score TD's instead of throw picks.

39. St Louis Rams- CB Janoris Jenkins: The slide stops here. Fisher isn't afraid of a little character problems. Janoris is a tremendous talent and quite possibly the second best corner in this draft. If he has his head on straight, this could be a huge steal.

40. Carolina Panthers- OLB Zach Brown: Brown is a speedy LB who excels in coverage. His knock is lack of consistent tackling. Carolina has one of the best LB corps in the NFL when they are fully healthy and a head coach who knows his LB's and would love to mold brown to his full potential.

41. Buffalo Bills- T Zebrie Sanders: They loss Bell and need someone just in case Hairston isn't up to the job. At any rate, Sanders will be a nice developmental guy and should stick in this offensive line.

42. Miami Dolphins- TE Coby Fleener: Fleener is a steal here and will help provide first Moore and then Tannehill with a solid escape route. His versatility to move out wide will create mismatches.

43. Seattle Seahawks- DE Vinny Curry: Curry can be groomed to eventually replace Chris Clemons. His speed off the edge and ability to rush standing up or down, will give them a nice rotation and should increase their sack numbers.

44. Kansa City Chiefs- ILB Dont'a Hightower: How blessed is Kansas City? They need someone who can perform all the duties of a strong side inside linebacker, and the best one in this class drops in their lap.

45. Dallas Cowboys- DE Jared Crick: Dallas wants someone to set the edge and Crick is the best 3-4 end left. They consider guard but they really aren't flying off the board that fast and fell some good value can be had later.

46. Philadelphia Eagles-(traded to Jacksonville Jaguars) - T Bobbie Massie: Strengthening that RT spot is a priority and Massie has been climbing.

47. New York Jets- OLB Chandler Jones: Jets need an edge rusher and Jones' abilities are top notch. The Jets want to get back to their fierce defense that made them consistent playoff contenders and Jones is the first step to that dominance.

48. New England Patriots-(from Oakland Raiders) - FS Markelle Martin: The best FS in this draft, Martin is needed in New England to help strengthen a weak pass defense.

49. San Diego Chargers-(traded to Indianapolis Colts) - WR Reuben Randle: Randle is a big, speedy, receiver and now he is Andrew Lucks new best friend.

50. Chicago Bears- CB Josh Robinson: Robinson is a good corner here for Chicago. He plays man cover well, is physical for his size, and is not afraid to poke his head in there and make a tackle.

51. Philadelphia Eagles- TE Dwayne Allen: Purely a value pick, the Eagles couldn't watch him go somewhere else. Allen is a seriously big pass catching threat and should help to heal the redzone woes they've experienced in the last couple years.

52. Tennessee Titans- OG Amini Silatolu: Big and bruising, Silatolu can come in and compete and win a starting spot right away. The Titans offensive line has been a strong point these last few years, but continuing to build it up is a key to keeping Locker healthy and Johnson happy.

53. Cincinnati Bengals- OLB Bobby Wagner: They have some talent on the roster at WILL but nothing like this guy can provide. Wagner is a solid tackler who has good cover skills and will make the trade of Rivers a distant memory to Bengals nation.

54. Detroit Lions (traded to Baltimore Ravens) - OG Kelechi Osemele: Needing to jump Pittsburgh, Baltimore moves up to grab the best guard on the board. The Ravens offensive line needs a jump start and they have been slowly trying to put a once dominant unit back together the last few drafts. Osemele will be able to start right away, so this is a strong pick up. (Cost is 2nd- 60 and 3rd- 91. Baltimore receives Detroit's 4th- 117)

55. Atlanta Falcons- T Mitchell Schwartz: All those offensive weapons and yet come playoff time, the Falcons got 2 points. If you can't protect your QB, it doesn't matter so grabbing the best T available should be priority number 1.

56. Pittsburgh Steelers- T/G Jeff Allen: The Steelers want to fix that offensive line. The biggest area of need is a G so they grab the top one on the board. Drafting Allen gives them an immediate upgrade on the inside, but provides them with the flexibility to move him outside in case of an emergency.

57. Denver Broncos- RB Doug Martin: Martin is a house. Running behind the offensive line of Denver and splitting carries with McGahee, the Broncos could have a great rushing attack to go with what they hope is a great passing attack, moving them in the right direction of a serious contender.

58. Houston Texans- OLB Ronnell Lewis: The Texans need to boost their pass rush and Lewis can provide that. He has quick first step off the edge but brings the added ability to cover well too.

59. Green Bay Packers- DE Brandon Thompson: Thompson is more of a 4-3 DT but will fit in well with GB's plans. They need a guy on the edge who can tie up his man, maybe 2 and allow their LB's to make plays. Thompson's strength is as a run stopper so he'll be able to control the edge and send the running back out wide.

60. Baltimore Ravens-(traded to Detroit Lions) - RB Lamar Miller: Detroit will take another shot at a speedy RB. Between weed lover Mikel Leshoure and the oft concussed Jahvid Best, Detroit went and signed Kevin Smithlast year. He played well, but this offense runs on dynamics and Miller is the top dynamic RB still here.

61. San Francisco 49ers- FS George Iloka: By drafting Mike Adams in the first round, San Francisco essentially took care of their two big holes on the offensive line as they can now slide Anthony Davis over to guard. Now they can restock other positions and the first one is FS. Iloka is a nice rangy player who plays well in zone. He's big too and can provide a nice punch in the run defense.

62. New England Patriots-(traded to Tampa Bay) - RB David Wilson: Tampa wants to add a RB to contribute more consistency then Blount as shown. Wilson is a good talent that will help in the run game as well as add another pass catching threat. They know he probably won't make it pass New York so they jump.(cost is 3rd-68 and 5th-140)

63. New York Giants- TE Orson Charles: You can never have too many pass catchers and Charles provides excellent value here. He is a 2nd round talent that lost some stock due to a DUI arrest. New York has a strong, stable environment with plenty of leaders that can help mold this kid into an elite talent.

3rd round

64. Indianapolis- NT Alameda Ta'amu

65. St. Louis- T/G Brandon Mosley

66. Minnesota- WR Marvin Jones

67. Cleveland- QB Brandon Weeden

68. Tampa Bay-(traded to New England Patriots)- DE/NT Mike Martin

69. Washington- OG James Brown

70. Jacksonville- C Ben Jones

71. Buffalo- CB Jayron Hosley

72. Miami- DE Cam Johnson

73. Miami- WR Chris Givens

74. Kansas City- DE Derek Wolfe

75. Seattle- ILB/OLB Mychal Kendricks

76. Houston- C/G Philip Blake

77. New York Jets-(traded to Dallas Cowboys)- G Brandon Washington

78. San Diego-(traded to Indianapolis Colts)- CB Dwight Bentley

79. Chicago- S/CB Trumaine Johnson

80. Arizona- WR Ryan Broyles

81. Dallas- OLB Jonathan Massaquoi

82. Tennessee- WR Nick Toon

83. Cincinnati- RB Chris Polk

84. Atlanta- TE Michael Egnew

85. Detroit- T Mitchell Schwartz

86. Pittsburgh- ILB Audie Cole

87. Denver- CB Brandon Boykin

88. Philadelphia- OLB Sean Spence

89. New Orleans- T/G Tony Bergstrom

90. Green Bay- RB Isaiah Pead

91. Baltimore-(traded to Detroit Lions)- DE Jake Bequette

92. San Francisco- CB Casey Hayward

93. New England- WR AJ Jenkins

94. New York Giants- WR Juron Criner

95. Oakland- DT Kheeston Randall

4th round

96. St. Louis-(traded to Baltimore)- ILB Demorio Davis

97. Indianapolis- RB Bernard Pierce

98. Minnesota- S Antonio Allen

99. Houston- DE DaJohn Harris

100. Cleveland- DE Malik Jackson

101. Jacksonville- CB Josh Norman

102. Washington- ILB Keenan Robinson

103. Miami- OLB Josh Kaddu

104. Carolina- CB Leonard Johnson

105. Buffalo- T Matt McCants

106. Seattle- RB Chris Rainey

107. Kansas City- RB Cyrus Gray

108. Denver- OLB Travis Lewis

109. Washington- T Nate Potter

110. San Diego- G Senio Kelemete

111. Chicago- WR Joe Adams

112. Arizona- NT Hebron Fangupo

113. Dallas-(traded to NY Jets)- S Trenton Robinson

114. Philadelphia-(traded to Jacksonville)- WR T.Y. Hilton

115. Tennessee- CB Chase Minnifield

116. Cincinnati- S Brandon Taylor

117. Detroit-(traded to Baltimore Ravens)-(traded to St. Louis Rams)- DT Marcus Forston

118. Cleveland- TE Ladarius Green

119. Pittsburgh- ILB Tank Carder

120. Denver- QB Kirk Cousins

121. Houston- TE Brian Linthicum

122. New Orleans- CB Jamell Fleming

123. Green Bay- C David Molk

124. Buffalo- WR Jarius Wright

125. San Francisco- DE Jaye Howard

126. New England- CB Shaun Prater

127. New York Giants- DE Trevor Guyton

128. Minnesota- OLB Terrell Manning

129. Oakland- T Markus Zucevics

130. Baltimore- WR Tommy Streeter

131. New York Giants- OLB Nigel Bradham

132. Green Bay- WR Devier Posey

133. Green Bay- ILB Emmanuel Acho

134. Minnesota- S Philip Thomas

135. Dallas- RB Terrence Gannaway


12. Seattle Seahawks-DE/OLB Melvin Ingram: Seattle has specifics they want to address this offseason. They want to increase the speed of their front 7, they want somebody who can rush the passer and they want that player to do it from both the DE position and OLB position. Upshaw is a popular pick but Ingram is better at all of this. He's faster, he's a better pure rusher, he's better with his hand in the dirt, and he is better at coverage. Ingram will fill the role they are looking for, perfectly.

43. Seattle Seahawks- DE Vinny Curry: Curry can be groomed to eventually replace Chris Clemons. His speed off the edge and ability to rush standing up or down, will give them a nice rotation and should increase their sack numbers.

75. Seattle- ILB/OLB Mychal Kendricks

106. Seattle- RB Chris Rainey

So far Bobby Cink and Seahawcla like the draft, so that right there was worth the work. Hopefully you guys do too.

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