Potential Trade Partners in 1st round

Well draft day is tomorrow. Who will be the next Seahawk is still up in the air. Will it be Courtney Upshaw, Melvin Ingram, Stephon Gilmore, or someone completely out of left field? Time will tell, but I wanted to take a look at the potential trade partners in round 1. Schneider stated there are two guys he was targeting one of which is likely to be there, but would listen to offers. There are two teams I think will make a serious push to move up in the draft and I'll outline those two teams and the reasons for them. There is a long shot team I expect to make a phone call as well as a couple of teams I don't expect to move at all, even with draft stock available. First, the most likely teams.

Cleveland Browns - They have picks 4 and 22 in the first and the most draft picks in the draft this year. The Browns need elite talent, not draft picks. I think they take Trent Richardson at 4 to give them an elite back. Hillis has moved on to KC and Hardesty can't stay healthy. Now they could stay at 22 and take whatever top WR is left on the board there, or they can make a push and trade up for an elite WR in Michael Floyd. I think they move up. Now anyone who has read any of my comments in other posts, know I would love to have Floyd in a Seahawk uniform, but I also know how unlikely it is that FO feels the same way. For the Seahawks to agree to move back to 22, it will be costly for the Browns, but again with the draft picks they have, they can make the move. Here is the offer I think will get it done:

The Seahawks give: Pick 12 and Pick 43 (2nd round)

The Browns give: Pick 22, pick 37 (2nd), pick 67 (3rd), pick 118 (4th)

Too expensive? For most teams, yes. For the Browns, no. They move up 10 spots to grab #2 WR and elite prospect in Floyd to go along with Richardson. They move back 6 spots in the 2nd round and only give up 2 picks in the 3rd and 4th round. They wouldn't have a 3rd round pick any more, but would still have pick 100 in the 4th, 2 x 5th round picks, 2 x 6th round picks and 3 x 7th round picks.

The Seahawks on the other hand have to move back 10 spots but if your belief is building through the draft like Schneider and Carroll belive it is then you need picks. Pick 22 still gives you some pretty decent options for a pass rushing DE if that is in fact your target: Nick Perry, Vinny Curry, Chandler Jones, Andre Branch, and maybe you take Coby Fleener there at 22. You also jump ahead of teams in the 2nd round that may be targeting players like Mychal Kendricks, Bobby Wagner or Doug Martin. The Seahawks get an extra 3rd and 4th round pick to get depth in some thin areas. It's a win/win for both teams.

The other trade partner that makes sense is San Diego at 18. Now they do not have the draft capital to give the Seahawks, but if the Chargers want to get David DeCastro or Jonathan Martin, they may have to come up with something. The reason why the Chargers are a partner is simply due to a thin OL draft class and there are 2 teams ahead of them: the Cardinals at 13 and the Bengals at 17 that could very well be targeting DeCastro specifically (if KC doesn't take him at 11, which I don't think they do). Dielman was forced to retire due to injury and there is a big hole to fill at G. They could opt for waiting to see if Glenn slips to them but it is a big risk. So what would it take?

Seahawks give: Pick 12

Chargers give: Pick 18, Pick 78 (3rd round) and 5th round in 2013

If you are a fan of the draft chart (which I am not), this trade falls within those guidelines. From a Seahawk standpoint you get an extra 3rd which does give you a good player and you only move back 6 spots in the 1st. We also get a pick for next year. If the Seahawks think their guy is still on the board at 18, why not make the move?

In every draft there seems to be a team that just does something crazy, and every year it seems to be the Denver Broncos. They traded with us a few years back to get our 2nd round pick and gave up a 1st (Earl Thomas was the pick, thank you very much). They also made a big push to get Tebow. I think the Broncos are in the position again to make a move up to help Manning and due to the fact that the Manning window may be small. I think they could force the issue again. The Broncos hold the 25th pick, which is not a prime pick by any means and they don't have the capital either to make a deal like the Browns can (although they do have an extra 4th), but if they think they are a couple of pieces away, they will make the moves necessary to contend now. If they come up with a strong offer I think we'll listen and play ball, but the offer will have to be very stong. I think this gets it done:

Seahawks give: Pick 12

Broncos give: Pick 25, pick 87 (3rd round), pick 120 (4th round) and 2nd round pick in 2013.

Like I said a longshot and a team willing to do something crazy. The Broncos are not afraid of deals like this. They only give up a 3rd round pick and the second of their picks in the 4th round... they hold pick 108 in the 4th too which they keep here. They give up a 2nd next year, but I think they would make the move. They move up to grab either a WR in Michael Floyd to give Manning a real weapon or they get a top DT in Cox if available...personally if they make a move like this, I think they go with Manning target and get elite WR.

Now there are a few teams I don't expect to move up in the draft at all and will let the draft come to them. I will list them here with brief reasoning.

Chicago Bears - Before the deal they made for Marshall I thought they would be a team in the running to move up to grab either Blackmon or Floyd. Now with a #1 WR, they let a WR come to them at 19 in Wright or Hill or maybe they wait until pick 50 (2nd round) to get another WR and draft D with the first pick. Picking up Marshall gave them the opportunity to draft BPA which I think they do.

Cincinatti Bengals - They have 2 first round picks and could use one of them to move up and get some elite talent to help out Green and Dalton, but they just don't trade up. I actually went into the Bengals blog site and according to their fans it wont happen.

New England Patriots - Yes they have 2 first round picks and yes they have 2 2nd round picks, but they have nothing after the 4th round. I cant see the Patriots making a move up for that reason alone, in fact if anything I can see them moving back in order to get additional picks in later rounds.

If you have other teams in mind that could be partners with the Seahawks, I'd love to hear them, or if you have a comment on what I've said here, I'd like to hear that too.

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