FG Preposterous Statement Tourney -- Draft Edition

It's been a long stretch since the last post in this series. My apologies for sleeping on the job, but things have felt kind of slow compared to last year's break-neck Free Agency / Draft season. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that there have been numerous preposterous statements made around the world of the NFL.

As we draw near to the High Holy day of the NFL Draft, be prepared to spot some crazy hyperbole. So far all of our entries are comments from FG posts. Nothing wrong with that, but I would love to get some less-than-thoughtful moments entered in from the announcers covering the draft extravaganza. Think about it -- we've got ego driven has-beens who are being paid to fill a massive amount of airtime with words, and there are only so many rational observations to be made. A classic recipe for preposterous statements.

The full list is below, with the latest additions after the jump. Please don't hesitate to bring any others to my awareness that I may have missed during the last month.

1) "Peyton is if anything underrated." attitudeof1 on Feb 19, 2012

2) "Signing Peyton Manning would be a desperate act." – Patches Pal on Feb 19, 2012

3) "I’d argue that Sherman’s potential could make him the greatest corner ever. Just talking pure potential." Cashless on Feb 20, 2012)

4) Tarvaris is not an adequate backup quarterback in the NFL. As a starter, he is among the worst players at his position in the history of the league Pacificsands on Feb 21, 2012

5) Tjax is as good as Romo. They will both put up good numbers for most of the games. But in pressure situations they fall apart. Only with Tjax he normally holds on to the ball and takes a sack. Romo usually just throws the ball up or fumbles it away. -- eohawkfan on Mar 8, 2012

6) "Matt Flynn is pretty much the only chance they have of winning a Super Bowl in seattle" -- pacificsands on Mar 16, 2012

7) We NEED to be courting Alex Smith! that way when Peyton says no to the 49er’s we can trade them T-Jack for a second or third round pick….Something EVERYONE seems to missing: I dont think John Elway and Jim Harbaugh,( both NFL QB’s) are going to try and get a QB who cant throw…. SSSSSOOOOOO After seeing him thow and they still want him… Maybe Peyton REALLY wanted out of Indy and the Neck issue was madde MUCH bigger than it really was and he just went with it and Got out off an aging team that had NO defense…. Just sayin

-- by northernhawker on Mar 17, 2012

8) I'd lean toward Tavaris getting the starting job. -- boytruck on Mar 18, 2012, after receiving news that the Seahawks had signed Matt Flynn

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