Help Us Field Gulls, You're Our Only Hope

Hey. Are you bored waiting for the NFL Draft to start?

Let's put your boredom to good use. We need you, the people of Field Gulls, to help us out. (And by 'we', I mean Ben Harbaugh and me). The Armchair GM championship has been well-received by league-wide by most blogs in concept, but the participation has left a wee-bit to be desired. That's why I'm now calling on you to offer up some submissions for other teams.

Does your dad like a different team than the Seahawks? Have you secretly harbored a love affair with the Jacksonville Jaguars (Beekers)? Do you split your loyalty among several teams? Well, it's time to put your knowledge of other teams' needs and the NFL Draft to good use. Consider this a second chance to take part in next year's Armchair GM mock draft (if you're into that kind of thing) - throw up some submissions below - you're limited to one per team but feel free to add as many teams as you like.


-- In the order you feel is likeliest, rank the 20 prospects most likely to be drafted by your team.

-- If your top prospect is selected, you score 20 points for that pick. If your second ranked prospect is selected - 19 points, etc. How you weight your predictions to players projected in first few rounds to those likely to be chosen in the later rounds is up to you.

-- Whoever accumulates the most points by the end of the draft is the winner.

Tie Breaking (3 tiers)

  1. Who predicted the most picks.
  2. Who scored highest for the highest round.
  3. Who scored highest for any signed undrafted free agents.

Simply post your list in the comment section below and you will have given yourself a shot. To borrow thoughts from yet another arena, almost nobody shoots 100% at their NCAA bracket, but winning your pool is awfully satisfying. In order to prevent the comment section from becoming a mile long, please post your list in a horizontal manner, such as:

1) Andrew Luck 2) RG3 3) Burt Reynolds, etc.

The best part is the winners reap what they sow. Next year the winners from each NFL SBN site can represent their team in a comprehensive mock draft hosted by Mocking the Draft. So access your inner GM, pick your prospects, and become your team's champion.

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