What's cooler than being cool? The new 'Hawks look.

After reading 500+ comments disparaging or exalting the Hawks new uniforms, I decided to go back to the tape and do a thorough play-by-play analysis of our newest consumerist fad in Seattle. There are a ton of bigger pictures after the jump, so be forewarned if you are using a mobile device.

1) Green shoulder patch on the blue jersey makes soooo much sense. Could any color make it easier to see that Kam's shoulder is impacting Alex Smith just below the neck? Brilliant idea. I nominate calling it the "Kam Bam Patch":

2) Not sure I like the lime green gloves for the same reason:

It will be too easy to see our OL hands on borderline holding calls, our DBs hands on borderline PI calls, and our DL hands on illegal use of the hands calls. The gloves really should be a more neutral color - I like the idea of a darker shade of the Wolf Grey, something that could blend in with an opposing teams white or blue/black jersey.

3) The green highlights look much more subdued and acceptable in some of the photos on Nike's website, I'd almost call it Bracken Fern Green. I am not sure which depiction of the color is more true because so much can be done with photoshop. Compare the Bracken fern, with the extreme fluorescent lime green, and the more subdued green in the following 3 pictures:

I like the green in the third picture, but not so much the fluorescence of the second picture.

4) The wing motif is actually pretty cool in my mind, as you can see a stylized set of wings on the outside, but also the beak of the predator in the negative space inside (look at the pants shot immediately above).

I like the repetition of the much smaller motif in the helmet crest stripe and on the numbers: from the seats it should be a very cool textured effect under the field lights, and on TV during motion, I bet it will give a really cool (or seizure inducing) Moire pattern.

A larger version of the motif is present on each deltoid, again with the predator beak, aka "Kam Bam Patch" outlined between the wings:

Also a more subtle wing motif is present at the V-neck, which blends into the shoulder stripes simulating the body and wings of our favorite bird of prey:

5) The 12th man tribute is also pretty cool. The repetition of the wing motif in 12 sets of wings on each leg and on each side of the neck looks good on the whites and the greys where they are in a blue stripe, and actually looks okay if the lighting is more natural when done in green (see above pick for the pants stripe):

Oddly, the tribute to the 12th man turned into 4 sets of 12 motifs, or 48 sets of wings, which is like 96 wings, a lot more than 12 men. Maybe alluding to the fact that a single seahawks fan has the strength, voice, and force of will of 8 mere mortals.

6) Continuing with the wing motif, the tips of the numbers are stylized with a similar wing-tip and totem-poley appearance. Cool.

7) Here is our friend the osprey, or as we know him around here, the Seahawk:

The new logo beak appears more curved, aggressive, and predatory to my eye, but I am not sure if that is just the projection and a wide angle lens:

I like the logo wrapping around the back of the helmet, reminds me of the plumage around an osprey's eyes, and the meeting of the two logos on the back of the helmet again duplicates the wing motif:

On the helmet, the center stripe is reminiscent of the crest plumage of the Osprey:

And I love that the center crest stripe is a bit mohawk-ish, as in... Beas' Mo-hawk. Now I want Marshawn to sport a dreds mohawk, or a dred-hawk.

9) Finally, it's funny that, more than the Native American art, the wing motif reminded me of this awesome hand gesture which should become a new fan show of support for the Seahawks.

10) Before I finish, I just want to brag about how close I was with this shade of gray, even if Nike did a better overall job with the logo:

SUMMARY: I think the repetition of the wing motif throughout the new uniforms (back of the helmet, at the V-neck, at the shoulders, in the numbering) shows an attention to a single theme, with tributes to the 12th man using the same motif being a nice touch. The green highlights on the home blues remain a question, and we won't really be able to tell if it's an elite color combination or just a bridge color until we can see them in action. I think I would most prefer one of the two lighter tops paired with the dark blue pants, but when it comes down to it, it's not the specifics of how our players get dressed, but rather do they win the game.

Obviously, no design is going to satisfy even half of the fans, but this is one I can dig. Can you?

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