Hand Size and Quarterbacks

Russell Wilson has large hands. Large hands are a good attribute to have, especially as a quarterback.

At one point in his career, Dave Krieg was the all time leader in fumbles. He blamed it on small hands (or everyone else did).

For those of you that read the site, this is a good post to see some measures, stats, and such on Russell.

The Russell Wilson Option


The important thing to think about with that article is that Russell WIlson has 10 1/4 inch hands. Average size for a person's hands is roughly 7.5-8 Inches, or 189 mm to 200 mm. This photo above was taken during his press conference. The photo below is of course from rookie camp.


If you have to buy gloves, here's a chart for comparison. They say also to do the other measurement from the thumb to pinky, and to take the larger of the two.


Ooh, looks like Russell has to order an extra large, maybe even custom gloves in some parts of the world. This is actually significant, because having large hands can overcome fumbles, gripping a ball in bad weather, etc.

So is 10 1/4 inch hands large? Well, if you are comparing them to Kevin Kolb of the Cardinals (he has 9 1/4), then RW's hands are actually a full inch longer than his. So in a dark room, Wilson will hit the light switch that much faster.

I began to wonder if large hands had a big effect on QB play, so I read this article. It's a little outdated, but you'll get the idea. Hand Size Does Really Matter

Some thoughts from the article: Mike Vick has really small hands at 8 1/2 inches.

Daunte Culpepper also had small hands for such a big guy. 9 1/2 inches.

Donovan McNabb has fairly large hands at 10 even.

Another article (unfortunately from the 49ers Bleacher report) has the rookie class.

Play The Hand You Are Dealt

Alex Smith has 9.75 In hands, so they are fairly large. Some of the rookies may surprise you in hand size, also.

To put this in perspective some, Wilson has larger hands than Brock Osweiler, even though he gives up roughly 8 full inches in height! It really goes to show you that just because you are a big person, you can also have really tiny hands.

My hands are slightly larger than average at just under 8.5 inches. I am 5'7" so I would say that is in these days, slightly under average height. This is a big deal, because if you see how Wilson's fingers just envelop the football, he can get much more torque and control over the football, instead of pushing it, like a shot put.

Every time I see large hands, I think of either Peyton Manning or Brett Favre. Both players have exceptionally large hands, even for people their size. Brett's hands are slightly larger, at 10 5/8, while Peyton has 11" hands.



Wow, those are some big digits! It can get you excited, because there is a big difference having above average hands at 8-9 inches, or you get these "banana-hands" that envelop a football, provide a better grip, and get more velocity on throws. Obviously being a NFL quarterback has many other things to consider when picking them, such as intelligence, accuracy, leadership, and toughness are a few to mention. But there does seem to be a correlation with elite QB's and large hands. Russell Wilson may be small but those mitts are damn big.

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