Consider it Spun: The 5 Worst Moves of Carroll and Schneider Era in Seattle


I'm finishing off a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream right now. "For breakfast?", you say. I say, "Oh yes! For it is my day off and days off call for all things enjoyable." It's Mint Chocolate Cookie, a twist on a childhood favorite, peppermint ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies thrown in. A true delight!

I'm in a good mood, obviously, so when I read this piece over at NWSportsBeat on the five best and five worst transactions of the John Schneider and Pete Carroll regime I thought to myself, "Aw man, those moves weren't all bad. In fact they could probably be looked at as the most positive!"

Putting on a positive spin will require great focus and furious fingers however, as there have been a couple head-scratchers these past few years. Nonetheless, I'll go over the list in true countdown fashion, five to one. Try your best to keep up!

The List: 5 worst transactions by Carroll & Schneider since taking over the Seattle Seahawks

#5 - Robert Gallery signing

I'm not going to sit here and try to fool everyone on this one. Robert Gallery didn't produce on the field last year, he did however have a, though immeasurable, perhaps palpable success in the locker room. All of the other offensive lineman spoke glowingly about the veteran and you cannot argue with the results. The Seahawks' young and previously ineffective line picked it up mid-way through the season and helped Beast Mode plow his way to the most productive season Seattle has seen from a running back since Shaun Alexander was breaking records in '05. It is hard for me to imagine Gallery didn't have a hand in this, and while his contract was three years for $15 million, it was structured so the Seahawks were able to let him go this offseason without any lasting cap hit, which is always nice too.

#4 - Lendale White (aka Hamburgler)

In April of 2010 the Seahawks had the kind of draft day that forces ESPN to publicly admit that the city of Seattle has a professional football team. "A swap netted the team LenDale White, who isn't remarkable, but it cost the Seahawks nothing.... No team outside of possibly Detroit added impact players the way Seattle has," per Mel Kiper on Seattle's draft day trades (Grade: A).

I quote Kiper here to point out that Seattle got some national pub that day. Which is nice, as everyone in the northwest really wants to feel like we exist outside our secluded corner of the country. This isn't the real positive I'm pulling out of this move though. Cutting Lendale white sent a message to everyone on the team that there would be zero tolerance when it came to lollygagging, even for USC guys. Pete's biggest gripe about his time in New York and New England was his perceived (and actual) lack of control. I feel like he would go back and make that trade again knowing full well what would happen.

This locker room has been talked about over and over again as one that breeds competition and that's a huge part of the transformation we're seeing. The Lendale White trade of 2010 was the first opportunity Pete had to really show he meant it when he said it. "Compete"

#3 - Goodbye Josh

Josh Wilson had a nickname shared among local bloggers I think... it's so hard to remember. It's not because my memory is poor, but because there simply isn't any room in there for him now that the Seahawks have the most talented secondary in the entire NFL. Maybe you think that's going out on a limb but I don't. As noted in the NWSB post the Hawks used the pick they received in the trade to select Richard Sherman. The young corner out of Stanford made the Football Outsiders 2011 All-Rookie team and was listed as the fourth most effective cornerback in the entire league.

If there was a redraft of last season it's hard to imagine Sherman falling out of the top 10 overall. He is a stud, through and through. I would not trade him for five Josh Wilsons. 'Nuff said.

#2 - Letting go of Matt Hasselbeck

This is probably the most difficult for me to defend. Not really because I feel they should have kept him, but more because I didn't really care either way. Matt just didn't have the mobility required to play behind a line that isn't up to par in the pass blocking department. Run blocking was a strength of our line last year but they struggled mightily in pass protection, giving up 50 sacks on the year.

That pectoral issue Tarvarius Jackson dealth with last year would have been something much much worse for Matty Hasselbeck. On the plus side I suppose we would have gotten a healthier taste of Charlie Whitehurst. Which leads me too...

#1 - Charlie "Mutha Flippin" Whitehurst

5 reasons I like the trade for Clipboard Jesus.

  1. 57.7% completion percentage
  2. 8 interceptions to only 9 touchdowns
  3. 7 fumbles
  4. 7 games missed due to injury
  5. 6 years and $65 million with $12 million guaranteed

What ARE those numbers??? Do you know? If you do, you might just be an Arizona Cardinals fan. Those are Kevin Kolb's statistics last year along with his contract figures. I realize to some of you it will seem like a stretch, and I'll admit it requires a bit of outside-the-box thinking, but hear me out. The Hawks dealt a third and swapped seconds for the right to miss out on an overpriced and injury prone, average at best, starting quarterback.

It is not a certainty but it's not hard to imagine the Hawks swinging the Kolb trade if they hadn't just invested capitol in another quarterback the previous offseason. An entire string of occurrences followed and have now put us in a position where we have three quarterbacks with promise on our roster, and one guy named Tarvarius Jackson. I really don't mind that, I mean, it sure beats watching Kevin Kolb roll in money while he fumbles the ball on the sideline right?

I wrote this post for my personal sports blog, but would love to hear the opinions of what I feel is a pretty informed group of Seahawks fans. I'm just getting into writing so the more input the better. Thanks in advance! Thanks again to for letting me play spin doctor on their work!

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