Why Matt Flynn Would be an Awesome Seahawk QB

People on this site have a mistaken impression of my opinion regarding Seahawks QB. They believe I want Russell Wilson to be the starter – no matter what.

It’s not the point of this fan post to refute that opinion, or to support what I think about Russell Wilson. Instead, it’s to point out something very exciting.

Some time ago, stufr wrote a fan post making an argument that Seahawk fans should root for Matt Flynn to be the starting QB. As a counter-point, I argued that what we really should want is the best player to play the position (any position, in fact, on the team). More recently, I have reconsidered.

Consider the following. Let’s assume that as Seahawk fans, we would rather see the team win rather than lose. Let’s also assume that the probability of winning any particular game will increase if the team fields better players. Let’s say that right now, PC is serious about the QB competition currently under way, and that he (and his coaches) have a way to evaluate the individual players. Finally, let’s assume that PC will select as the starter whichever player gets rated the highest. In other words, he will start the best player at the position of QB.

If you think I want Russell Wilson to win the competition, you’d be mistaken. I want whoever wins PC’s competition to start.

Think of it like this. Three teams enter the finals of a tournament, and they are favored like this (taken from the linked poll):

Jackson team: 9%

Flynn team: 62%

Wilson team: 29%

That’s before the games begin. Now that they have (the competition going at full speed) what matters is how well each team plays. Any one of the three can win. That’s why they play the game. It doesn’t matter before-hand who is favored going in. What matters is who actually takes home the trophy.

As is well known, I think Wilson will win the competition because I think he is the better QB. This opinion is based on watching a lot of his games and reading various assessments. So I know quite a bit about him as a player.

I also know Jackson really well. That makes Matt Flynn the real wild-card in all this. I have liked Matt Flynn since he became a Seahawk, but I don't know that much about him, or how well he has progressed. This is how I characterized him some time ago:

Advantages: Made it through the most crucial period of an NFL QB: the first couple of years. Mastered Green Bay’s offense and executed it to near-perfection last year against Detroit. Smart, accurate, poised, good decision maker. In my opinion, he has demonstrated the most important attributes of a winning NFL QB: his on-field demeanor and decision making. Hasn’t reached his potential, one that I would rate in the same class as Matt Hasselbeck.

It's true that I expect Wilson to win the QB competition and start the 2012 season as the Seahawk QB.

I really can't imagine Tarvaris Jackson winning the job, but it's possible. If he does, I will think about it then.

But (and this is the important point of this post), if Matt Flynn wins the starting QB job, something that many of you expect, that means he had to beat Russell Wilson, and that means he has to be really really good. And that would be awesome.

Let me repeat: I will be totally stoked if Matt Flynn starts the 2012 season as Seattle’s QB, because that means (barring injury) he beat out the incumbent in Tarvaris Jackson, and a great college QB [edited from 'one of the best college QBs in history']. That would be very exciting to see.

In other words, I’m all in for Flynn.

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