There's more to Russell Wilson and Bruce Irvin

I think by far, the consensus vote for most popular draft picks of 2012 are Bruce Irvin and Russel Wilson among Seattle fanatics. If your anything like me, you understand why and accept why the Seahawks chose the guys they wanted in this years draft. Too many people think about the "Best Player Available" aspect in todays draft, where if you go for a certain position that you "should" choose the best consensus player at that position. The truth is, the NFL is a game of schemes and no team grades prospects on the same grading scale as each other. Some prefer speed, some prefer size/athleticism, football IQ, experience, versatility, and much more factors. But in the sense of every team's scheme being everywhere from slightly different to abstract from one another, no one can truly say that is the wrong pick, at that position. Especially when the people who know the most about their team, is the team itself. That may not be the case for some organizations, but I have bought into PC/JS and have strong feelings they have their own reasons and know what they need.

The point of this post is that you cannot listen to historic trends(in Russell Wilson's case) or even consensus idea of what is most valuable(in Bruce Irvin's case). Because frankly, I'm tired of listening to Mel Kiper tell us how bad we did in this draft. Especially sense two years ago, he was praising us for our 2010 draft, and all of a sudden, we lost our edge and don't know what were doing anymore.


Take a step back. We draft our situationall pass rusher for this year and maybe the next, but more importantly we drafted the guy that will continue to allow our defense to be dominant when he takes over for Clemons at the LEO position in the future. Consensus would say that 15 was a huge reach for Irvin. Consensus also said there was no way a 7-9 team that limped their way into the playoffs could ever beat the defending Super Bowl champs. And I strongly believe that someone was going to "reach" for Irvin shortly after our pick at 15. I don't know about anyone else, but there wasn't really a player in this draft that I really bought into, that i felt confident about at 12. But I also didn't know much at all about Bruce Irvin. A lot of teams had a high grade on him.

The fact is this guy may not be the best available right now, but the front office drafted him at the best chance of him having the best future. He fills a need now, and he fills a need later. This guy is special. And if you do your research, there's a lot more to his "off-field issues" than media persists. I love this pick. The more research I do, the more sense it makes. I think you can read into a players personality very much during a press conference or interview just by paying attention to their charisma and attitude. With Bruce, I see a humble person, who knows he made mistakes.I believe he is trying to turn his life around, and turn heads in the process. His story is unique, thats what I love.

Russell Wilson

As we all know, this organization takes risks, but they are justified and thoroughly thought out. Russell Wilson is by far my favorite quarterback to come out of college ever. Considering I haven't been doing this for twenty years, and more like in depth for the past 7 years, its not a huge background, but we've seen a hundred quaterbacks drafted in the last 7 or 8 years. This guy has everything. I spent the last 2 hours just getting to know more about this guy in minor clips from his freshman and sophomore year at NC State. And even before this guys father died from diabetes he was a strong, tough, hard working individual.

I personally lost my mother when I was 13 from cancer. I have to say thats something that follows you for the rest of your life. Its not something you forget about for a second. I have a lot of respect for Russell Wilson in that aspect. He has everything you want from an NFL Quarterback. Size, speed, athleticism, good decision making, good work ethic, good vision, pocket presence, great arm, accuracy, football IQ, and most importantly, a chip on his shoulder. He has everything you want from a quarterback other than being 2-3 inches shorter than "prototypical" size.

I think thats a joke. This guys release is perfect. Couple that with his timing and decisiveness and this guy is already better than T-Jack. If this guy walks into camp, picks up the playbook, and tears it up, hes going to start. Carroll loves playing young players to see what they can do. If Carroll sees him as our future he will not hesitate to put the experience under his belt and continue to make him better.

To get to know him a little better here's a clip


I believe in this front office. I see what they're doing. I trust them a lot. Even more than Mike Holmgren after the Super Bowl run. This thing is special and I hope all of my fellow fans see it. Those two guys are going to change this organization. Bruce Irvin is going to be the fear of the defense along side Earl Thomas, And Russell Wilson is going to be the face of this franchise.

NOTE: Mel Kiper loses his job for being a terrible analyst. And for judging teams for not taking who he likes the most.

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