Might Flynn be Traded? (or, Is Matt Flynn a Lock to Make the Team?)


The current QB competition in Seattle raises several questions:

1 – Why did PC include Russell Wilson? Was that really necessary? He could easily have set the rookie aside and let Flynn battle TJack for the starting role, but he didn’t.

2 – Why is TJack still in the competition? If PC felt it necessary to upgrade the position by signing a high-profile FA and drafting a high-upside rookie, why not let TJack go? What is the point of continuing to give first-team reps to a guy with seemingly little chance to win the job?

Conducting a 3-way QB competition seems like a high-cost effort that has looked unreasonable from several prominent perspectives. Many have questioned the purpose and the sincerity of it. What does PC hope to accomplish?

Then I collected a few other considerations/assumptions:

1 – PC really likes Portis. "He has a future with this team," PC recently stated. It appears to me that Portis is the near-perfect 3rd string QB: young, athletic, huge upside, requires further development.

2 – Bevell recently emphasized the importance of the down-field passing attack in this offence:

That's what we want to do, it's what we want to be. It gives us opportunities to throw it, not just the little, you know, West-Coast Offense style where you're going five or six yards, we want to be able to get big chunks. If you're going to drive the length of the field, you're going to have to do that, and I think that's something that we're still working on.

Most of us interpret his words, and PC’s desire, to be able to throw the deep ball on occasion. To do that effectively, the ball has to arrive down field before the safety gets there. To do that, the QB has to have a strong arm.

PC has shown on several occasions his willingness to trade or let walk in FA serviceable young players that don’t fit his ideal for the position: Josh Wilson -> Richard Sherman; Daryl Tapp -> Chris Clemons; Justin Forsett -> Robert Turbin. Matt Hasselbeck -> Tarvaris Jackson.

Every QB that PC has brought onto the team – with one exception – fit the basic prototype for the position: highly mobile with a strong arm. Charlie Whitehurst, Josh Portis, Tarvaris Jackson, Russell Wilson. Matt Flynn is that exception.

If we assume that the Seahawks will only carry three QBs on the 53-man roster (and if you disagree with any of these assumptions, that would be a different discussion, for the sake of this one) assume that Portis has the number 3 spot locked up, and that Wilson makes the team (in some capacity), that means that either Flynn or Jackson has to go.

Up until now, I have been fairly confident that Tjack was the guy on the outside looking in, and most likely to get cut. But what if PC wants to see all three guys together in order to decide between Flynn and Jackson?

Jackson fits what PC wants at the position, at least physically. As many of you point out, Jackson represents a definable floor in performance at the position, and PC knows he can win games with him.

If you add all this up, what if PC is seriously considering keeping Portis/Wilson/Jackson and trading Flynn?

Flynn signed a very trade-friendly contract. Seattle has already paid the bulk of the guaranteed money. If PC gets comfortable with the aforementioned trio of QBs that all fit his physical prototype, would he consider offering Flynn up for trade?

Who would want him, you ask? Well, probably nobody as a starter. But Green Bay still needs a back up QB, and they probably value Flynn more than anyone. What if they were willing to toss Seattle a 3rd round pick for him? Heck, maybe it would be worth a 5th or 6th.

If this was a genuine consideration, then the 3-QB competition makes more sense. Without it, you wonder why some decisions haven’t already been made concerning the position. Cutting Tjack or naming Flynn the starter, for example, might make more sense, than dragging out the 3-way.

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