Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Sunday

GAINESVILLE, FL - SEPTEMBER 17: Quarterback Tyler Bray #8 of the Tennessee Volunteers attempts a pass during a game against the Florida Gators at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on September 17, 2011 in Gainesville, Florida. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)


Russ Lande considers Tyler Bray a 'solid third round prospect' - Mocking The Draft
Russ Lande is not sold on Tyler Bray, calling him a third round prospect. But what do you think? Does Bray have what it takes to be a first rounder?

What division is the best at drafting since 2009? - Mocking The Draft
Mark Sanchez was just one of many good players selected by the AFC East, but what division do you think has had the best draft over the past 4 years. Go back to 2009 and look at the Draft History, What division do you think has done the best? Vote here and comment on what team you think has done the best.

St. Louis Rams: Trumaine Johnson is Going Make Doubters Eat Their Words - Turf Show Times
Editors Note: The article you are about to read will introduce you to Trumaine Johnson. It will also introduce you to a talented young Journalism Major, currently attending the University of Montana. Deven Pfister is a Rams fan - and fellow TSTer - who I badgered into writing a few articles for us. I hope you enjoy his article! - DouglasM

Three Years of Passing Under Pressure |
If a quarterback has all day to throw thanks to their offensive line doing a great job, chances are he should be able to find an open receiver. It’s when the defense is in position to bring the quarterback to the turf that we get a good idea of what the quarterback is made of. That’s why we continue our three-year Signature Stats series by looking at how quarterbacks have done under pressure in recent seasons.

Playbook: defending Gruden's 'Yankee' route | National Football Post
Drawing up the play action route scheme vs. Cover 2.

5 Big East players to watch in 2012 | National Football Post
These players will be on the spot this fall.

Chris Clemons reportedly expected at Seahawks camp -
The Seattle Seahawks believe Chris Clemons, who's upset with his current contract, will show up for training camp, according to a report. Clemons has already skipped the team's mandatory minicamp.

Jake Locker belongs on the field for Tennessee Titans -
Matt Hasselbeck has the inside track to start the season for the Titans, but at this point there is only one teacher for second-year QB Jake Locker: the field -- and he needs to see it soon.

Philbin, Fisher or Pagano: Who ranks higher? -
The upcoming NFL season will see seven coaches in new places, including the likes of Joe Philbin, Chuck Pagano and Jeff Fisher. See who ATL's Marc Sessler thinks is the best of the bunch.

Dave Krieg's Strike Beard: Is Anti-South Alaska Bias Keeping Ricky Watters Out of Canton?
Last night I went to a Columbus Clippers game (They're Cleveland's AAA affiliate), and I showed off my new Nike Marshawn Lynch Seahawks jersey. Everyone who reacted to it seemed to share two attributes: A) They were young and B) They LOVED it. Multiple times dudes yelled "BEAST MODE!" at me, and one guy simply said "fucking SWEET" as I walked by. You are correct, random bro: It IS fucking sweet. I'm convinced that if the Seahawks are any good this year, those new Nike jerseys are going to FLY off the shelves... but that's not why I'm blogging today. I saw an amazing sight at the game- Another Seahawks fan, in a loved-to-death Ricky Watters jersey (Hell, it could have been MY jersey. I sold my Watters on eBay a decade ago). Here we are...

Montee Ball (RB, Wisconsin) vs Ohio State " Seahawks Draft Blog

Keenan Allen (WR, California) vs Stanford " Seahawks Draft Blog

Roller coasters, QB rumors and WR debate - NFC West Blog - ESPN
A few NFC West notes on the final day in June:

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