Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Friday

ORLANDO FL - DECEMBER 28: Russell Wilson #16 of the North Carolina State Wolfpack runs back to the huddle during the Champs Sports Bowl against the West Virginia Mountineers at Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium on December 28 2010 in Orlando Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)


Tony Softli: Wilson will eventually be Seahawks' starter - Blog -
"I think he is the future, there's no question," Softli said. "Flynn, Jackson, they better not open the door because this guy will slam it shut."

Cosell Talks: The Top 5 Wide Receivers : NFL Films Blog
If one thing has become clear in this age of social media, it’s this: everybody likes lists and rankings. For those who have followed me on Twitter or read my columns on TCIPF, you know that my personal inclination is to take lists for what they really are: a functional means by which to collate detailed and comprehensive material, and present it in an overly simplistic manner. You can’t argue that they are fun, and there’s no question they generate vigorous and energetic debate. In that spirit, I have relented. I will rank my top five wide receivers entering the 2012 season. Again, and I know it’s become my mantra, please read my reasoning, and the substance behind my choices. As always, this is more a discussion of the players than a strict list.

Free agency rewind | National Football Post
Looking back at all the key developments that took place during the NFL offseason.

Browns jumped way too high to take Gordon -
It's OK if the Cleveland Browns spent a third-day draft pick on Josh Gordon, but a second-rounder? Ouch! The Browns may have one of the highest picks in next year's draft, which means they just took one heckuva leap -- and almost surely suffer the consequences.

NFL Strength of Schedule 2012: A new way to define which teams have the toughest roads | Beyond The Bets
For years, the traditional way of calculating NFL strength of schedule for an upcoming season has been annoying. For any given team, you just add up the 2011 records of all 16 opponents and—voila!—you have your 2012 strength of schedule ratings. At best, it’s just lazy. At worst, it gives you no real indication of who will have the toughest schedule because it bases everything off last season.

Wilson: I'm going to be ready when my name is called -
Russell Wilson said that he is 'fired up' for an opportunity to compete sor a starting job in Seattle.

1980′s Forgotten 1st Rounders: QB’s " Pick 256
The 1980′s produced a number of good QB’s, many of which were found in the opening round of the draft. The 10 drafts from 1980-1989 produced 2 of the best QB’s in the history of the game – Dan Marino (27th overall, 1983, Miami Dolphins) and John Elway (1st overall, 1983, Baltimore Colts), as well as two guys who have strong arguments for being in the top 10-15 all time: Jim Kelly (14th overall, 1983, Buffalo Bills) and Troy Aikman (1st overall, 1989, Dallas Cowboys). These 4 combined for a record of 490-305-1, with 29 Pro Bowl Appearances and 13 trips to the Super Bowl. The other 14 QB’s drafted in the 1980′s weren’t nearly as successful, though Ken O’Brien (24th overall, 1983, New York Jets), Vinny Testaverde (1st overall, 1987, Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and Jim Everett (3rd overall, 1986, Houston Oilers) had their share of success over careers of varying length.

Mock Auction Recap: Part II - Football Daily Dose -
Today, we’re concluding a two-part recap of a recent mock auction.

Offensive Tackles: Three Years of Pass Blocking Efficiency |
After some fine work by Nathan Jahnke breaking down which receivers have picked up the most Yards Per Route Run over the past three years, I’ll be spending the rest of the week discussing three years’ worth of Signature Stats when it comes to pass protecting. Today I’ll be looking at offensive tackles and tomorrow I’ll move onto guards, before finishing with centers, tight ends, and running backs in the days that follow.

St. Louis Rams' Sam Bradford: Glad I stayed in school - NFL -
NORMAN, Okla. (AP) -- Three years removed from his decision to stay in school at Oklahoma after winning the Heisman Trophy, St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford still believes he made the right move.

Cleveland Browns take Baylor WR Josh Gordon in 2nd round - CBSSports
The Browns buy into the hype, gambling on the upside of Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon in the second round of Thursday's supplemental draft. Gordon was the only one of the eight eligible players selected.

Three (more) mistakes NFL players make with their money | National Football Post
An observation from 25 years of being an NFL agent.

Playbook: Defending the goal line fade route | National Football Post
Using video of Bowe's TD vs. the Colts to talk technique.

Passing league: Explaining the NFL's aerial evolution -
The NFL is called a passing league for a reason. Steve Wyche spoke with several offensive and defensive coordinators to uncover how the NFL went from ground and pound to airing it out.

Brandon Jacobs: Randy Moss has chip on his shoulder -
Randy Moss took the 2011 season off, but since he decided to return to the NFL he reportedly looks like his old self. If that's not enough, Brandon Jacobs says Moss has a chip on his shoulder.

David Amerson, Tyrann Mathieu among top college cornerbacks -
With the aerial evolution of the NFL game, cornerbacks come at a premium these days. Chad Reuter identifies the top 11 college CBs entering the 2012 campaign, including LSU's "Honey Badger."

Brandon Lloyd and Josh McDaniels together again
Brandon Lloyd and Josh McDaniels have teamed up for three different teams.

Seattle badly needs a sports superstar again | Jerry Brewer | The Seattle Times
Thanks to Ken Griffey Jr., Gary Payton, Randy Johnson and many others in the 1990s, Seattle is a more expectant sports city now. The bar is so high that you look down and easily notice the void.

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