Seahawks Pop, Lock, or Drop: DE Greg Scruggs

RENTON, WA - MAY 11: Defensive end Greg Scruggs #98 of the Seattle Seahawks looks on during minicamp at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center on May 11, 2012 in Renton, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Webster's defines "Scruggs" as:

"Did you mean 'scrags'?"

Then you hit "Okay" and look at the definition of 'scrags' and find: 'scrag', noun, verb, scragged, scragging. 1. a lean or scrawny person or animal. 2. the lean end of a neck of veal or mutton. 3. Slang. The neck of a human being.

Greg Scruggs is a 6'4", 285 pound defensive lineman from the University of Louisville that the Seahawks drafted in the seventh round of the draft. That's not a lean or scrawny person. I guess that's why they don't call him Greg Scrags! (ba dum cha! Waits for laughter or applause. Silence. Tear.) Scruggs is competing for a backup spot on the defensive line with a few other lineman of similar caliber. What kind of a chance does he have? Pop, lock, and drop it:

The locks are Alan Branch, Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, Bruce Irvin, Jason Jones, and Brandon Mebane. So Scruggs is probably either going to get dropped, or popped. I say "Popped" in terms of "Makes the end of the roster or the practice squad" because it's the thing that's not 'lock' or 'drop.'

His competition for poppin' it: Pierre Allen, Dexter Davis, Jaye Howard, Cordarro Law, Pep Levingston, and Clint McDonald. Seattle would likely keep between nine and ten defensive lineman and Scruggs could fit in to the "versatile" tag as a guy that can play inside or out. I put Howard on this for no particular reason, as he's very likely to make the team. Same with McDonald.

That already makes eight defensive lineman, leaving open perhaps one or two spots for the rest of the potential defensive linemen to fight for. Scruggs' pedigree fits right in line with Allen (2011 undrafted, practice squad), Davis (2010 7th round, 2011 IR), Law (2012 undrafted), and Levingston (2011 7th round). There's not much of a difference between a seventh round pick and an undrafted free agent, in general, so it's a matter of the new guy coming in and beating out players that have simply been around for a year or two longer, which is basically what a guy like Davis or Levingston had done. However, it's not likely that any of these guys will have major impacts in 2012. Not likely, but not impossible. For one or two of them, it's going to be a life-changing decision when Pete Carroll cuts his roster down to 53 and announces the practice squad players.

Is a Scruggs a guy that can get no love from Pete? Will he be hanging outside of the passenger ride, trying to holler at John Schneider? Only time will tell.

(I know what you're saying. Geez, all you're trying to do is get more site hits by writing about Greg Scruggs, the most popular player on the roster and talked about in the NFL. What can I say, I'm a sucker for SEO.)

After the jump, a little bit of video on Scruggs. Here's what Danny wrote about Scruggs when he was drafted.

(Scruggs is not the white guy and not the guy with the rad hi-top fade).

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