Seahawks Training Camp Day One: Mapping The QB battle in 35 Consecutive Plays


I started this post hoping to provide some additional in-depth coverage and observations from the Seahawks first day of camp, hopefully shed some extra light on our team, especially for all of you 12ers out there who couldn't attend. This is actually my third time writing this, the first being a nice long article written with excitement and love, the next slightly shorter and less caring, and now this one, where I just cut out 90% of everything and just give you a rundown of the main meat of this post. Apparently the "save draft" function isn't working for me tonight as it has failed me.

Below I will be giving you all 35 consecutive plays (excluding the six or seven run plays that were thrown in) during our eleven-on-eleven quarterback competition.

Before I start I would like to point out that all four quarterbacks (including Josh Portis) looked exactly the same during individual drills. They all delivered nice balls, all were on point, and no one did anything wrong. Nothing stood out positive or negative. The other part, to brace you for what is to come, is that the defense is light-years ahead of the offense at this point in time.

Now on to the better stuff, starting with Jackson who got the first snap.


Play 1: Jackson does a three step drop that turns into an ugly display of happy feet as the defense is closing in and applying pressure in every direction but behind him. He cannot find anyone to get rid of the ball to and the play is blown dead. SACK

Play 2: Jackson does a five step drop and slings the ball to his flanker (missed the player) who runs a 10 yard Out. Earl Thomas is covering top and breaks on the ball extremely quickly, closing from about eight yards away and drops the sure interception. INCOMPLETE (9/10 would be an interception)

Play 3: Jackson does a three step drop and throw a short 5 yard out to the slot (missed the player) but it is an ugly throw, low on the back shin of the WR and it is dropped. INCOMPLETE


Play 4: Flynn drops back five and touches a 15 yard pass to Deon Butler operating out of the slot. Butler is running a shallow corner and Flynn beautifully lays the ball in between three different defenders, one underneath, one outside, and the other over the top, only to have Butler drop the ball. DROPPED, INCOMPLETE

Play 5: Flynn drop three and the ball is tipped at the line. TIPPED, INCOMPLETE

Play 6: Flynn drops five and launches a 35 yard pass to Phil Bates running a GO and operating out of the Split-End. He has a defender on his left hip along the sideline. The ball is nicely placed but just in front of Bates by inches. It appeard as though Bates actually slowed up a bit and I would chalk it up to his fault. UNFINISHED ROUTE, INCOMPLETE

Play 7: Flynn drops five and is sacked by a DE or ROLB coming off the right edge and around the LT. Unable to catch the number as I was writing. SACK


Play 8: Play Action and Wilson rolls out to his right. While on the move he rifles a 10 yard strike to his Flanker, Rocket, running an Out. The ball is slightly low and to the outside causing Ricardo to have to lay out to catch the ball. COMPLETE

Play 9: Play Action and it's immediate blown up. SACK


Play 10: Drops three and quickly fires off a 2 yard strike to Lynch running an Out to the right out of the backfield. He's immediately stopped. COMPLETE

Play 11: Drops three and quickly fires off a 3 yard strike to Winslow running an out to the left and would be stopped with minimum gain. COMPLETE

Play 12: Jackson drops three and attempts to rifle a 10 yard pass to his Flanker who's running a GO. Sherman easily slams on the breaks and closes in on the ball. He cuts off the route, intercepts it and takes it to the house. INTERCEPTION

Play 13: Jackson drops five and tosses an easy 8 yard gain to Washington who ran a curl out of the backfield. He's able to turn up field for a would-be first down. COMPLETE

note: Jackson looked timid on the first couple throws, quickly folding and dumping it to his outlets rather than looking at some developing routes which had potential. Not sure if they were the called passes or not, but I doubt Pete and Bevell want to see 2 and 3 yard dumps.


Play 14: Flynn drops five and tosses it up the left side. Ball drops in between his Split-End running a GO and his Slot running a Corner. Not sure if it was a bad throw or incorrect route, but it did not look correct. INCOMPLETE

Play 15: Flynn drops three, steps up as the LDE is getting pressure, steps out the side door and rolls out to his right. While on the run he hits Butler running an Out , good for 5 yards with room for him to turn up field. COMPLETE

Play 16: Flynn drops three, which turns into five, as two defensive linemen blow up the interior of the line and sack him. SACK

Play 17: Flynn drops three and takes a 10 yard shot at Winslow running a Comeback up the left side. The ball is just a yard out of his reach. INCOMPLETE


Play 18: Drops three, looks for an open receiver and then rifles a shot to Bates out of the right slot and who's running a 10 yard curl. The throw is crisp and hit Bates square in the chest and the ball then pops up into the air. It is caught by Mr. Cordarro Law. DROPPED PASS, INTERCEPTION

Play 19: Wilson drops five and throws an easy pass to his Split-End, Kenny Cameron who runs a solid 10 yard Slant with Curl. COMPLETE

Play 20: Wilson drops three, there's pressure from the LDE, he steps up and slips the sack. After his escape he attempts a little hop while pump-faking and the ball forcefully squirts of our his hand, fumbling the fake. FUMBLE

Play 21: Wilson drops five and attempts to his Durham out of the slot. It's a 10 yard curl but there are two defenders on both of his hips. Ball is contested and it hits the ground. Durham had no legitimate shot at it. INCOMPLETE


Play 22: Flynn drops three and easily connects with Lockette running an 8 yard Comeback as his Split-End. COMPLETE

Play 23: Flynn drops five and fires a 15 yard shot at Miller running a GO. Ball is slightly too high and it sails past him and hits the grass. INCOMPLETE


Play 24: Play Action Sack. Pep Levingston tears through the center of the line and gets Jackson instantly. SACK

Play 25: Jackson drop five and hits his Split-End Tate who runs a GO up the left side. Pass is good for 25 and with a defender on his inside hip. Ball is placed well and Tate comfortably grabs it over his shoulder. COMPLETE

Play 26: Play Action, Jackson rolls out to his left. On the run he his McCoy running a 8 yard out. No room for additional yards. COMPLETE

Play 27: Takes the snap and instantly rifles it to his Flanker, Lockette running a quick slant. Goes for 4 yards with the defender about to blow-up Ricardo. COMPLETE

Play 28: Play Action Sack, instantly blown up by Jason Jones and McDonald. SACK


Play 29: Play Action Flynn hits Butler running a 13 yard out from the left slot. Possibly could have been a sack. COMPLETE

Play 30: Play Action, Cordarro Law slices through the line and closes in on Flynn. Flynn rolls out to his right with Law close behind (close enough to dive for his ankles). He gets rid of the ball and hits Winslow for 5 yards along the sideline after running an out. COMPLETE

Play 31: Flynn drops five and launches a 30 yard bomb to Miller running a GO, ball is barely high and just misses Zach's outstretched arms. INCOMPLETE


Play 32: Wilson drops three and Cordarro Law bends around the LT, he flushes Flynn out to his right who has to throw on the run, who hits his Flanker for 10 on the right sideline. COMPLETE

Play 33: Play Action that gets blown up by Mebane , Wilson side steps and hits Miller running an Out to the left sideline for 25 yards. COMPLETE (sack?)

Play 34: Play Action and Wilson fires to his slot running a GO. Pass is about 25 yards to Charly Martin who has to jump up and completely stretch out for the ball, still is about 4 inches too high. INCOMPLETE

Play 35: Three step drop ending with an easy 5 yard strike to Lynch running a Curl out of the backfield. COMPLETE


Well there you go guys, there is our competition day one. Overall, it was pretty underwhelming. If I had to choose, I'd say that Flynn looked closer to starting than the others. His only real downfall was that his misses were him just slightly leading the receivers too far. Every pass had nice placement overall, just slightly too far out of reach. I think that could easily be a chemistry issue and sorted out after some more reps. Jackson was...well... Jackson. During individual drills he looked perfectly fine. When he went to full drills he started to look lost. And then during the 2 minute drill, he looked overwhelmed. Wilson looked like a rookie, but did not look lost per-say like Teel and Greene looked of years past.

Some random observations:

* Law stood out the most among all the linebackers

* I didn't get to see much from Irvin which was disappointing, but when I did see him he looked quick and he hustled well. Even on 1v1 drills he would continue to fight, spin, fight, and follow through on the drills. I liked seeing that.

* Jaye Howard had some good get-off and sliced through the lines well.

* Lockette was by far the most impressive receiver out there. He made four amazing catches today. While he may be green when it comes to running routes and knowing the game, the guy has a knack for making plays. You can all see the highlight on your nightly news, but in an early drill he caught a deep 30 yard pass from Flynn where he fought off a defender who was draped and falling off of him. He was being bumped and contested but still turned, tracked the ball and caught it cleanly. Just like he showed in his brief glimpses last season. Also caught a low ball while running an out that he had to lay out for and snatch off the grass. The guy is exciting me more and more.

* The defense was rewarded by getting to end practice on time and then go and meet & sign with the crowd. The offense had to run sprints. They deserved it.

* ADDED OBSERVATION ! : I forgot to mention that we had a new player returning punts. None other than Ringworm himself, Richard Sherman. The other two were Washington and Tate.

Sadly this looks like my last training camp for this year, I have tickets to more but due to a bunch of plans changing I'm probably not going to be able to keep this going. Glad I could get one out there for you all, hope it hit the spot. Even though this 3rd draft is by far the weakest and most rushed.

Just keep in mind all, this is the first practice, no doom n glooming!

GO HAWKS! - Daniel

p.s. EDIT: I think I was able to finally fix the editing errors - new computer with Firefox instead of Explorer - thank goodness.

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