Seahawks Draft Thoughts A-Z: "L" is for Jeremy Lane

RENTON, WA - MAY 11: Cornerback Jeremy Lane #1 of the Seattle Seahawks defends against Cooper Helfet #46 during minicamp at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center on May 11, 2012 in Renton, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

The Seahawks had shown interest in Jeremy Lane prior to the draft, along with a handful of other defensive backs that were projected to go in the later rounds, so it wasn't super surprising that they chose him when he was still there in the sixth round. Lane attended Northwestern State college in Louisiana.

Right after the draft I received a killer scouting report on Lane from Alex Brown (@ABXXV25), who writes for Eric Galko and Optimum Scouting. Let me pick out a few highlights from his very detailed scouting report --

Best Fit Scheme: Press Man
Final Grade: 6.5 (Solid NFL Skill)
Measurables: 6000, 190, 4.48, 12 bench, 42" vert, 10' 10" broad
Best Comparison: Ike Taylor, Pittsburgh Steelers
Projected Draft Position: 5th Round (Seattle took him early in the 6th round)

Alex graded Lane in 30 categories! I will just read the highest grades. Under Athleticism: Balance - 8.5 and COD (Change of Direction) 8.5 -- (8.5 is defined as outstanding NFL skill by the way). He also scored high in closing speed and body control (8.0 in both) as well as hip fluidity (8.5). The rest of the report was filled with a lot of 6.5, 7.0 and 7.5 grades.

I like Lane as a future nickel corner who may also wind up playing outside. He is 6 feet tall, so he is tall enough and has long arms, but not in the giant category of Brandon Browner or Richard Sherman. I think that is a good thing to add another type of player to the defensive backfield. I am more excited about Lane than the 2011 6th Round corner, Byron Maxwell. That is more a function of Lane than any detraction from Maxwell, who I am very happy to have on the squad as well.

Here are a few more comments from the scouting report:

"Thin, lean, but long armed corner that flips open easily in man coverage and has some pop underneath his pads as a run supporter. Flips his hips open fluidly, is an explosive athlete, and has the burst teams vie for. At his best in physical press coverage where he can utilize his length, aggression, and explosive hands."

"Lane will play physical on the line with just about anyone, presses effectively, and has the frame to stack on more weight... Long armed, lean bodied, explosive athlete that can jam with success against any type of receiver, turns and runs off the jam with sticky man coverage, and aggressively attacks the ball in air."

I could go on with Alex's report, but I think you get the picture - a physical press corner who can flip his hips and run in man as well as compete for the football. Jeremy Lane. Watch for him!

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