Field Gulls Fantasy Football: More Sign Ups

All -- we've still got a couple of leagues to fill up so if you missed out on the previous signups, here's your chance! Please rec this so it stays at the top and so everyone gets into a league.

Also, if there's enough demand, if you're nice enough to volunteer to create a league, please let me know.


For your perusing pleasure, here are the rules, regulations, roster positions and so forth that we've landed on. For the most part, we've stuck close to the Yahoo! standard default settings, but made a few adjustments.

There will be six playoff teams (Week 14, 15, 16) per each 12-team league. It's a Head-to-Head weekly format, and the trade deadline will be Nov 16th, 2012. Waivers will be based on a continual rolling list, starting at Game Time and going through Tuesday. Teams that miss out on the playoffs will be locked once playoffs are set. (Here are the settings as they're shown in Yahoo!).

As we did last year (h/t to Greetings From Lord Humongous), we'll be tracking the top scores each week and the overall points leaders throughout the season, which will give you a good idea how you're doing Field Gulls wide. Roster positions, scoring, and leagues after the jump.

Roster Positions: 14 total - 1QB, 6SKILL, 1K, 1DEF, 5BN

QB - 1
WR - 2
RB - 2
TE - 1
K - 1
DEF - 1
BN - 5


Passing Scoring | Rushing Scoring | Receiving Scoring | Kick and Punt | Misc | BONUS | DEFENSE |Kickers | Scoring Options

HERE ARE THE LEAGUES: To be honest, I'm not sure which ones are full - but the top two are definitely not. Sign up!

Commish: seahawkone
Name: Field Gulls One
League ID: 584771
Password: The Twelves

Commissioner: Aztecs
League Name: Midwest Seahawks
League number: 658570
Password: ricericebaby

Commish: Danny Kelly
Field Gulls FFLeague
League ID: 359321

Password: seahawks

Commish: Nick Andron
Field Gulls Domination

League ID: 359138

Password: FGpassword321

Commish: Nate Dogg
Field Gulls Gulls Field

League ID: 339324
Password: natedogg

Commish: Lucas Cervi
Field Gulls- Shermanators 
ID: 341683

password: gohawks

Commish: Matt Erikson
League ID: 355907
Password: 49erssuck

Commish: Ryan McQueen
Field Gulls 3

League ID: 360095
Password: bambam

Commish: Greetings From Lord Humongous
Greetings From Field Gulls
League ID: 364497
Password: Field Gulls

Commish: Matt Olson
Name: Field Gulls FLYNNSANITY
League ID: 370968
Password: winwithflynn

Commish: Sam Good
League Name: Field Gulls Amateur Hour
League ID: 422936
League Password: Front!

Commish: Sam Good
League Name: Field Gulls Pirate League
League ID: 422954
League Password: Arrrr

Commish: Jeff Kruger
Field Gulls 12
Id: 505419
Pw: seahawks

Commish: Joel Bergsma
Field Gulls 2
League ID: 374391
Password: seahawks

Commish: Mike Chan
Name: Not The Great Googly
ID: 583615
Password: einstein

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