What Jason La Canfora Says About What Sources Say About Seahawks

This isn't a story, really. Not worth writing one anyway. But in case you haven't read the Seahawks camp report on CBS today, I found a few notes that La Canfora reports to be interesting:

On the O-line

And, as one team source said, "my biggest concern is the offensive line."

On Owens

According to team sources he has been humble, contrite and worked after practice with other receivers. He didn't even provide pushback when asked to lose the garish tights he usually practices in under his shorts. "He’s been a model citizen, but we’re keeping a close eye on everything," one source said. "We know that can change in a hurry.

On the QBs

Flynn is most likely going to start the opener, but they believe rookie Russell Wilson could start pretty much ASAP, if need be, and he will start the third preseason game with that in mind. However, with Flynn there they expect to err on the side of caution, team sources said. The Seahawks have kept Tarvaris Jackson off the field in games with the hope of dealing him (preferably for a fifth-round pick that could become a fourth-rounder), league sources said, and trade talks should intensify soon.

Regardless, they aren’t likely to carry three quarterbacks

On Irvin

But he was also the best natural pass rusher in the draft, according to many GMs I’ve talked to.

The Seahawks believe Irvin can be a third-down factor right away by limiting his assignments and putting him position to let his natural ability flourish.

On the receivers

The Seahawks figure they'll keep six receivers -- given all of the depth there. But might they also keep four tight ends, as they like some options there, too?

Rice, Golden Tate, slot guy Doug Baldwin, and Ben Obomanu (a key on special teams) are in... The front office believes Tate is ready to make a real push for a starting spot, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see Edwards opposite Rice come Week 1.

On Jason Jones

coaches are enamored with Jones’ ability to burst into the backfield and create interior penetration, and that has already flashed through two preseason games.

On Okung

Players and coaches told me he has become more vocal, more fiery. He is persevering through the remnants of the torn pectoral muscle that ended last season. He had ankle injuries the season before that. He seems stronger for it, the Seahawks say, and they expect him to begin playing at a Pro Bowl level. "He’s becoming more of a leader," general manager John Schneider said of the third-year player.

On Prancer, On Dancer, On Donner and the other reindeer or whatever....

That's my way of saying "In conclusion"

I wouldn't post any of this if it wasn't for La Canfora using "sources" even if they are unnamed and still to be taken with a grain of salt. I just wanted to highlight the interesting things that he says he has inside knowledge of. Waiting for a conditional fourth for Jackson? Obo is in? Flynn still expected to start because they will err on the side of caution?

Note that I am only bringing this up at all because La Canfora does not say it like it's his opinion, but that it's what he's been told by people with the team, but when you don't name all your sources, then there is no guarantee that any of this shit is real. But it is worth bringing up still because we usually talk about the Seahawks here.

What do you think? Other people probably have a stronger opinion of La Canfora than I do. Because I don't really have one.

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