Seahawks Sunday Scrimmage Open/Analysis Thread

Well, I'm not sure how this will fly exactly, but for what it's worth, I'm posting this 'open thread' for the upcoming scrimmage. It'll last for a maximum of up to an hour, so says Ventrella. Here's a link to the live stream, where they will be showing it:

Live Stream

1:40 PM: Hasn't started yet, but Schneider is on live right now. I'll put up a notification when the stream for the scrimmage goes up.

1:46 PM: Handoff drills

It's started. I'll try and post up plays as they happen. Might be AFK for bits.

2:40 PM

Well, that was interesting. My take on it - the QB competition seems to have remained fairly open in that I didn't learn anything new about any of the players vying for the spot. There were several players not playing, mainly on the defense (Jones, Branch, Baldwin, McCoy (white one), and probably others). I didn't get to see the last series - it featured Wilson, don't know if it yielded any points.

Flynn struck first on a pretty balanced series - he opened with a nice long pass to Durham, who got banged up a bit on the landing. Boy, did he get vertical. Following that, we had several runs, a slant pass to Charly Martin that went for a nice long gain, and then a few more runs to the TD. For the 2-pt conversion, Flynn got swamped, and threw an INT in the end zone.

Jackson's drives largely consisted of very few completed passes and several big runs. Lynch busted a few open, then Jackson himself ran one in. In other words, T-Jack is T-Jack.

Wilson showed flashes of good decision making (again, I didn't see what happened on the last series). He had several good throws. He and Flynn seemed to be relatively on-par with the plays they made.

Flynn made several great decisions early on, including the slant to Martin and the long pass to Durham. With an expanded playbook and more time to develop a good rapport with his WRs, I think he can improve on what he showed today. Preseason game-time will be invaluable, I think.

Also to note: apparently high school referees were overseeing this scrimmage. I don't know if that's common - probably is.

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