Seahawks Training Camp Day Eight: Mapping The QB battle in 48 Consecutive Plays *UPDATED with Drive Summaries*


This is my second edition of my "Mapping" of our current quarterback situation. I think all three QBs have been covered fairly well over the course of this entire camp, basically coming down to one simple description: none of the QB have done anything to separate themselves from the others. From day one, all the way through seven, we've heard the same reports. Defense looking great, offense looking lost, or at least, if not lost, then utterly beat up by our great looking defense. I heard all the reports, but still I had held onto the hopes that I would waltz onto the grassy hill Sunday and see a quarterback take charge, then rightfully, and finally earn the number one spot. Below may or may not confirm my, and all of our hopes.

There's been some awesome coverage from everyone in the Field Gulls community and Sunday was no exception. Shout out to Ben, Luke, Corax, Pqlqi (more to come on him) and everyone else for providing some awesome service to all of the hungry 12ers out there. With my post I'm hoping I can not just piggyback their observations and muddy the waters, but hopefully add some supplemental coverage and give an actual play-by-play and paint that lovely picture that is our quarterback controversy.

Before I start, I would like to give a huge shout out to Pqlqi. I originally had prior obligations down in Portland so I was unable to make it to practices this weekend. Those plans dropped and I ecstatically raced to buy tickets to Saturday and Sunday's practices. They were sold out. I sadly dropped a comment in my previous post about being unable to attend and apologies for not being able to further contribute to all of our addiction. And just like that Pql came through in the clutch and was able to hook me up with a couple extra tickets he had. So if it weren't for him, I would have missed my beloved Hawks, and missed being able to help out our community here, and even worse, missed 'dancing with Sherm'. So a huge thank you to Pql from both myself and my girlfriend who was able to attend as well. If I can ever pay it forward to another FieldGuller out there - I absolutely will.

And With that... Here We Go: (no Bud Light affiliation intended)

Below you will find 49 consecutive pass plays during the team's 11-on-11 drills. I have excluded run plays as well as penalties such as false starts or off sides. Jackson was the first man up.


Play 1 : Jackson takes a three-step-drop and fires a deep 30 yard pass to Butler, who was operating as his flanker. Butler had two defenders on the inside of him, not too tight of coverage, plenty of room to operate. He is tracking the ball over his shoulder and as it arrives he slows down a bit to adjust. The ball ends up tipping off his fingers and drops incomplete beyond his reach. To me it looked like a quite nice throw with a bad misread by Butler. I'd chalk this one up to Butler's mistake. DROP - INCOMPLETE

Play 2 : Jackson is operating out of shotgun. Takes the snap and drops three. He has a bit of pressure up the middle and to his right so he craftily steps up into the pocket and then slides out to his right behind the incoming pressure off the edge. Butler is currently in the short flat to his right where Jackson is rolling out towards. He motions to Butler to head up field, which he does. TJack fires over to Butler who's now eight yards downfield and along the right sideline. Butler drops the catch. DROP-INCOMPLETE

  • DRIVE SUMMARY: Run, Incomplete, False Start, Incomplete. Drive Over.


Play 3 : Flynn takes a five-step-drop and launches a 35 yard bomb to Durham who is running a go-route from the flanker spot. The ball is a bit high, Durham tracks it and as the ball arrives he turns and jumps into the air making a nice grab over a defender who is tight on his hip and also jumping for the ball. It is a great catch. COMPLETE

*Note: As Ben noted, this is play where Durham got hurt. As he was in the air making the catch, he got tangled with the defender a bit, causing him to land hard on his right hip. He was down for a few minutes before hobbling off the field.

Play 4 : After play-action, Flynn takes a shot at Leon Washington who's running a standard 5-yard out. The ball is quite high for Leon's less-than-Sidney stature and he's unable to reach the ball. INCOMPLETE

Play 5 : Three-step-drop and Flynn hits Winslow who's running a curl and operating off the right side of the line. Good crisp exchange that picks them up eight yards. COMPLETE

Play 6 : Flynn hikes the ball and immediately rifles a five yard strike to his split-end (I believe it was Charly Martin) who's running a quick slant. There is no one covering and he takes off, running up the seam for a solid pick up of 20 before it's whistled dead. COMPLETE

Play 7 : Flynn takes a short drop and goes back to Leon who's running another five yard out. This time the ball is on target and they pick up the five for the first down. COMPLETE

Play 8 : Flynn takes the snap and hangs in the pocket waiting for a WR to get open, he tries to buy some time by rolling out to his right, he continues to roll until he has no more room or time to hold onto the ball, then throws it away. I didn't see a single open target. Smart, safe play. THROWN AWAY - INCOMPLETE

Play 9 : They're on the goal line and Flynn takes a shot at a corner fade. He lobs it towards Sean McGrath who's heading towards the back left corner of the endzone. The ball is underthrown, letting the DB box Sean McGrath out and come up with the interception. INTERCEPTION

  • DRIVE SUMMARY: Deep Completion, Incomplete, Completion, False Start, Deep Completion (with YAC), Run, Run, Completion, Throw Away, Run, Run for a TD. 2pt Conversion Failed w/ INT.


Play 10 : Play-Action to the right and then Wilson rolls back to his left. While on the run he takes a shot at Cooper Helfelt running an out towards the left sideline. The toss is on target and they pick up ten yards. COMPLETE

Play 11: Play-Action that is immediately blown up by Cordarro Law who sliced through the middle of the line. SACK

Play 12 : Play-Action which Clinton McDonald is disrupting up the middle. Wilson feels the pressure and quickly dumps it out to Turbin running and out to the right for a pickup of three yards. COMPLETE

  • DRIVE SUMMARY: Run, Completion for First Down, Sack, Completion, Short Scramble. Drive Over.


Play 13 : Takes the snap and after a short drop he flings a quick shot over to Obomanu, his Flanker who's running an out. Good for six yards. COMPLETE

Play 14 : Jackson drops and hits Winslow for a gain of five. Winslow was motioned out to the Split-End position and ran a short dig route. The pass was thrown into fairly tight coverage with three defenders ready to smash him if it were a real game. COMPLETE

Play 15 : Jackson takes the snap and takes a long drop. This allows time for Heath Farwell to work past the RT and easily sack Jackson, who dropped right into Farwell's path. SACK

Play 16 : They're in the Red Zone and Jackson is given a chance to take a shot at the endzone. The read was a corner route to Obomanu in the back left of the endzone. Sherman easily out jumps Obomanu and knocks the ball away. INCOMPLETE

  • DRIVE SUMMARY: Short Completion, 60yd Run, Short Completion, Sack, Incomplete. Field Goal.


Play 17 : Play-Action, Flynn drops and then fires a 25 yard shot at Lockette running down the left sideline. The ball is placed nicely as there was tight coverage on the play. The ball was placed slightly behind Lockette and to his outside shoulder, making him stop and turn for the ball, with only him able to make a play, not the defender at all. The fairly routine catch then bounces off his hands, which the ball then bounces off his chest, and falls incomplete. Chalk this one up to Lockette's inconsistency. DROP - INCOMPLETE

  • DRIVE SUMMARY: Incomplete, Run, Scramble. Drive Over.


Play 18 : Wilson drops five and takes a shot at Turbin running an out. The ball is thrown well behind him where Turbin had zero chance to even make a play. INCOMPLETE

  • DRIVE SUMMARY: Run, Run, Incomplete. Drive Over.


Play 19 : Out of the Shotgun Jackson hits Tate for 10 yards. Tate was his Flanker and ran a nice 10-yard comeback. COMPLETE

Play 20 : Jackson drops back five and as he gets pressure he attempts to once again step up and slide out towards his right as he successfully did earlier. Greg Scruggs is pushing back the RT, the pressure which causes TJack to move, as he steps up and starts to slide, Scruggs dips back inside the RT and meets TJack head on. SACK

Play 21 : Jackson hikes the ball and quickly hit's Butler for a quick Swing-Pass to the right. The play is only good for three as Butler didn't have much real estate to work with. COMPLETE

  • DRIVE SUMMARY: Completion for First Down, Run, Def PI, Sack, Short Completion, Scramble for TD.


Play 22 : Flynn drops and throws it to Robert Turbin running a quick four-yard out. Turbin makes the catch, takes a step and Malcom Smith pounces on him knocking the ball loose. The play is ruled incomplete, not a fumble. Was a great job by Smith as it first appeared Turbin would make the catch, but Smith did a fine job not only hitting but ripping at Robert to make him drop the ball. Should have been a catch. KNOCKED LOOSE - INCOMPLETE

Play 23 : Flynn drops back and is instantly sacked as the center of the Oline is completely destroyed and pushed back into Flynn. SACK

Play 24 : Flynn drops back, there are no targets open, he gets pressured by Greg Scruggs coming off the left side so Flynn rolls to his right. While on the run he hits Winslow who's running a drag from the left side of the field. Scruggs is close to the sack but Flynn gets the ball away in time. Pass is good for five yards. COMPLETE

  • DRIVE SUMMARY: Incomplete, Sack, Short Completion. Drive Over.


Play 25 : Russell drops and easily hits Turbin who's running a curl right up the gut. Is good for eight yards. COMPLETE

Play 26 : Wilson unleashes a looping 40 yard bomb to his Flanker running a Go up the right sideline. Lavasier Tuinei is working the sideline and has a defender right on his hip and a safety closing in on the ball. Tuinei tracks the ball and hits the breaks and jumps for the ball. The defender follows suit and is right in Tuinei's pocket fighting for the ball. Lavasier easily out-reaches the defender and plucks the ball out of the air and they crash to the ground. It was a good throw, not great, but even better job by Tuinei to work the defender and high-point the ball for a beautiful reception. COMPLETE

Play 27 : Wilson hits Bates on a quick 3 yard dig. COMPLETE

  • DRIVE SUMMARY: Completion, Run, Deep Completion, Short completion, Spike. Field Goal.


Play 28 : Play-Action, Jackson rolls to his right and hits Kellen Winslow for a nice 13 yard pickup. Winslow ran a deep out from the right side of the line. COMPLETE

Play 29 : Jackson drops back ... way back... as he drops way way back Bruce Irvin flashes off the right side, this causes Jackson to go even further back. This then makes Jackson go back and then roll out to his left, and through all of the coaches monitoring the play. As the staff scrambled for their lives, and TJack as well, the ball is thrown away. If this were a real game Irvin would have sacked Jackson 4 times over on this play. SACK

Play 30 : Play-Action, Jackson rolls out to his right once again and takes a shot at Tate running a 10 yard out. The ball is a bit high and Sherman has tight coverage. Ball is tipped away and Tate is engulfed by Sherman from behind. INCOMPLETE

* Note: Sherman had real right coverage on Tate. As Golden attempted to go up for the ball Sherman was right there and didn't let that happen. This resulted in Tate being rode into the ground. As they get up it looks like Sherman and Tate are both talking to each other, and whatever is said results in Tate stiff-arming Sherman and pushing him away. Sherman just shrugs it off, using the push to spin him back towards his huddle. Nodding in satisfaction the whole time.

Play 31 : Jackson drops five. Kyle Knox comes off the right edge and meets Turbin head on who attempts to block him. Knox drops his hips and explodes into Turbin which results in both Turbin and Knox hitting Jackson right in the chest and with a crisp smack of the helmets. Really nice job by Knox to obliterate the play. Not so good by Turbin. SACK

Play 32 : Jackson drops three and fires a pass that hits the ground with no receiver in sight. I believe this was a tipped pass. TIPPED - INCOMPLETE

  • DRIVE SUMMARY: Completion for First Down, Incomplete, Run, Run, Sack, Sack, Incomplete. Drive Over.


Play 33 : Flynn drops and takes a shot at Charly Martin running a 20 yard shallow comeback. The ball is slightly low and to the outside causing Martin to get low and lay-out a bit to make the catch. The ball bounces off his hands. Could have been a better pass, but it was catchable and should have been. DROPPED - INCOMPLETE

Play 34 : Flynn takes the snap out of the Shotgun and hits Charly Martin on an eight yard out. COMPLETE

Play 35 : Play Action pass hitting Braylon Edwards on an eight yard out. COMPLETE

Play 36 : Out of the Shotgun Flynn dumps a short pass up the middle which is brickwalled by Korey Toomer. INCOMPLETE

Play 37 : Out of the Shotgun Flynn takes a 15 yard shot at Charly Martin running an Out. Philip Adams is on the play and undercuts the route, laying out and deflecting the pass. DEFLECTED - INCOMPLETE

  • DRIVE SUMMARY: Incomplete, Completion, Completion for 1st Down, Short Completion, Sack, Incomplete. Drive Over.


Play 38 : Play Action to the left. At the PA, Cordarro Law is right there which causes Russell to immediately cut back and roll to the right. Law is chasing him across the field and Wilson has to throw the ball away. Law was close and in a real game he might have had the shoe-string sack. THROWN AWAY - INCOMPLETE

Play 39 : Wilson drops back, Cordarro Law once again gets pressure on Russell off the right edge. Wilson reacts by chucking the ball down to the left. There's no receiver in the area and is thrown away, most likely intentional grounding unless there was a receiver nearby that I didn't catch. THROWN AWAY - INCOMPLETE

*Note: After this play I noticed Dexter Davis laying on the ground behind the sideline getting his leg worked on. After a few moments he stood up but very gingerly hobbled back to the sideline.

  • DRIVE SUMMARY: Throw Away, Holding, Throw Away. Drive Over.


Play 40 : Jackson drops and hurls a deep deep bomb to Deon Butler running a GO down the right sideline. DeShawn Shead and Byron Maxwell are both chasing Butler. The ball is delivered right on Butler's route line which causes a three-way competition for the ball. Butler is completely squished in between Shead and Maxwell, fights hard for the ball but he has no chance. They all tumble to the ground. This is a badly placed ball by Jackson as Butler had a solid cushion on the sideline and had a lane where the ball should have been placed. The spot thrown could have easily resulted in an interception if either Shead or Maxwell decided to actually attempt to play the ball.DEFLECTED - INCOMPLETE

  • DRIVE SUMMARY: Incomplete, Run, Run, Run, Run. Drive Over.


Play 41 : Play Action with pressure from Coye Francis un-blocked off the right edge resulting in a sack. Flynn actually stepped up and got the ball out of his hands but Coye was already standing there letting Flynn do so. SACK

Play 42 : Flynn drops and quickly hit Phil Bates on a WR Screen to the left. Bates has Edwards and McGrath in front blocking for him and scurries for ten yards. COMPLETE

Play 43 : Play Action that is quickly blown up by Kyle Knox who slashes through the middle of the line between the Center and the Left Guard. SACK

Play 44 : Flynn takes a five step drop and then fires at shot at Braylon Edwards who's running a 15 yard comeback. Edwards turns towards the ball and has a defender tightly on him. The ball is high and Braylon and the defender go up to get it. At this point Edwards is completely mobbed resulting in flags being thrown. Still though, Braylon reaches high with his left hand and stops the ball's flight, then as he and the defender fall to the ground and spinning to his left, he somehow corrals the ball and makes the catch. I'm not sure if he was in bounds or not as I was frantically writing what happened. Either way it was defensive pass interference with the possibility of an amazing play by Edwards. COMPLETE ( DefPI?)

Play 45 : Play Action pass where Pierre Allen gets solid pressure off the left edge. Flynn remains calm and easily hits Sean McGrath for 25 yards on a deep Dig. COMPLETE

Play 46 : Flynn drops and fires a 15 yard strike to Sean McGrath running an out. There's a defender on the route but Flynn nicely places the ball out a head of McGrath far enough to where the defender lays out for the deflection and the ball sails right past. Sean plucks the ball out of the air and turns up the field. He runs up the left sideline and meets a defender at the goal line. He squirts in the for the TD. COMPLETE - TOUCHDOWN

  • DRIVE SUMMARY: Sack, Completion for 1st Down, Scramble for 1st Down, Sack, Deep Completion, Run, Run, Deep Completion, Deep Completion for TD (With YAC).


Play 47 : Wilson drops and hits Bates running a GO from the Split End position. Bates turns and jumps, blocking out the defender and hauls it in, good for 20 yards. COMPLETE

Play 48 : Wilson in Shotgun, the snap is low causing Wilson to snatch the ball just off the tips of the grass. He resets and then fires a ten yard strike to Bates once again on dig route from the Split End position. COMPLETE

  • DRIVE SUMMARY: Deep Completion, Run, Completion for 1st Down, Run, Run. Field Goal.



  • After the initial warm-up, a few drills took place. Defense on punt blocking, offense doing something that I wasn't paying attention to. What I was paying attention to was the fact that while all of the WR's were with the rest of the offense, Sidney Rice and Braylon Edwards were back with all of the quarterbacks running routes and getting additional reps with each other. This was also pointed out by Pqlqi. I too agree that this absolutely means something and wouldn't be surprised is Edwards is locked in and expected to play a big role. Why else would it be him and Rice, and not someone like Tate for instance?
  • During this time Winslow was actually off by himself running some half-speed cuts and working out his knees.
  • During WR route drills Tate stood out among the receivers and looked nice, crisp and in control.
  • Durham looked quite nice on his cuts, especially some curls I saw, but with his length it sure does take him some time to get back up to speed. Just see him churning trying to accelerate back up.
  • I saw this question asked many times before : Who is Bruce Irvin practicing with, LB's or Dline? Well he was with the Dline and looked real explosive in drills as always. There were a few times where I wasn't paying attention to him specifically but notice something that catches my eye. Three or four times it was him standing out amongst the rest (who all looked mostly good/great in their own right)
  • With that last part said, Gregg Scruggs looked a little muddy in drills, not really showing the best foot or hand work. However there are more than a few instances where he showed up during the scrimmage and flashed.
  • When the offense went to work on their run plays and the QB's were still doing generic route throws, Wilson was the QB who was chosen to take the snaps during the run drills. All of the plays were in their jumbo packages, with Rice being the only WR out there. They ran about 12-15 or so plays with Wilson handing the ball off. At that point Wilson was excused and re-joined Flynn and Jackson on the QB drills. Portis then took over and capped off the drills.
  • During the QB drills everyone looked the same as usual however Flynn did have the best ball placement on the short and intermediate throws. Don't read too much into that as it wasn't a huge disparity between the three, just noticed Flynn's overall nice placement more.
  • There's a lot of talk about Phil Bates but from my time watching I think Charly Martin is making a case for himself. Good, solid competition between the two in my eyes.
  • Jaye Howard is disruptive. Ben also made this comment, and I'm here to back it up. I wasn't completely thrilled when we picked Howard as I felt we could have worked on a different position, however after watching him flash all of day one and then again today, he's shoved that notion far out of my head. I'm now looking forward to seeing him grow with this team. He should be making some opposing offenses real uncomfortable pretty soon.
  • And to cap this all off - Do not be surprised when Cordarro Law makes the team. This kid flashes all the time. I honestly don't see him make too many plays behind the line of scrimmage other than a tipped-pass interception on day one. But he is constantly in the backfield and creating pressure, making stops in the run game or straight up getting to the quarterback. I never really see how he does it as I'm trying to absorb everything going on, but once he's making that pressure and cutting through the line, my eyes instantly catch him and I watch him go to work. I just wish I could notice him slightly earlier so I could see what moves he's using to do so. Speed, bull, rips, dips, whatever it is! He's looking good for sure.

Well there it is guys... I hope you like edition number two!

And as always... GO HAWKS!


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