Top 3 Seahawks (Per Position) of All-Time

I have read many articles on this site over the past year or so and I love them all. I was hoping I could return the favor. The plan here is to provide some solid reading material, while also encouraging some intellectual discourse.

This article, as the title clearly indicates, is for me to put forth whom I believe are the top three players at every position in Seahawks history. I had specific criteria I used when creating these lists, they are as follows:

1) The player had to have been on Seattle for more than one season

2) The player had to have had good seasons on the Seahawks and not with another team (sorry Jerry Rice)

The list is after the jump.......


3) Jon Kitna

2) Matt Hasselbeck

1) Dave Krieg

Honorable Mention: Jim Zorn


3) Chris Warren

2) Curt Warner

1) Shaun Alexander

Honorable Mention: John L. Williams


3) Joey Galloway

2) Darrell Jackson

1) Steve Largent

Honorable Mention: Brian Blades


3) Itula Mili

2) Jerramy Stevens

1) John Carlson

Honorable Mention: Christian Fauria


3) Chris Clemons

2) Michael Sinclair

1) Jacob Green

Honorable Mention: Patrick Kerney


3) Rocky Bernard

2) Joe Nash

1) Cortez Kennedy

Honorable Mention: John Randle


3) Anthony Simmons

2) Terry Wooden

1) Chad Brown

Honorable Mention: Lofa Tatupu


3) Shawn Springs

2) Marcus Trufant

1) Dave Brown

Honorable Mention: Willie Williams


3) John Harris

2) Eugene Robinson

1) Kenny Easley

Honorable Mention: Darryl Williams

So as you can see I left off offensive linemen and special teams players because I feel that on one hand it's hard to choose offensive linemen over time periods (though it's obvious that Jones and Hutch would be top of their respective positions) and with special teamers I feel it's silly to say that so and so was a better punter than so and so. Unless you have a Ray Guy does it really matter?

So there you have it folks, my opinion (most of which was based on my recollection of their talent) on how things seem to be in the annals of Hawk's history. Feel free to tell me where I went wrong (especially you older fans) as I would love to learn something new from this.

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