Week One Depth Chart (projected) V1.1

So with the Seahawks so generously (not) giving us a depth chart to look, think, and argue incessantly about, I thought I would let you guys mull over what I have been thinking will end up being our week one roster/depth chart. Honestly, I don't feel very sure about much of this, but the real problem areas for me were wide receivers, quarter backs, defensive backs, and the fourth tight end postition.

First up is the offense:

Wide Receivers: The main issue was experience over potential or perceived potential or vice versa. As we haven't even seen a single snap yet, and that is obviously for all of the positions, I went mostly with experience for receiver. To be fair, I did indeed see this on a post by FW Brodie but it really appealed to what I had been thinking originally.

X: Owens, Lockette Y: Baldwin, Tate Z: Rice, Edwards

Offensive Line: One thing that I find is sometimes overlooked about Cable's effectiveness is his emphasis on players having versatility, i.e. the ability to play multiple positions. This being said, I believe we will go into this season with 9 active lineman, (James Carpenter being on the P.U.P) with McQuistan sliding back over to backup Okung and Alex Barron losing his spot once Carpenter gets off injury.

LT: Okung, Barron* LG: McQuistan, (Carpenter after return from PUP) C: Unger, Jeanpierre RG: Moffit, Lutui RT: Giacomini, Omiyale

Tight Ends: I think the majority of the people on this sight agree on the first two spots, if not the top three. McCoy is widely considered the best blocker outside of Zach Miller, and supposedly has shown improvement in his catching abilities. The main issue for me as I stated earlier was the 4th tight end spot. Both Morrah and McGrath have been having a decent camp, so I just broke this decision down to versatility. Even if McGrath doesn't show enough capabilities at this moment to be our LS, the fact that he can back up two positions makes him the winner of this battle in my opinion. In a perfect world, he will amaze everyone and take that job and save a roster spot. (This is now a perfect world)

TE: Miller, Winslow, McCoy, McGrath

Quarterbacks: Everyones talked about this enough.

QB: Flynn, Jackson, Wilson

Running backs: This was one of the more straight forward position groups with me questiong only one spot. Leon Washington has a pretty hefty salary for a 3rd string running back w/ return duties. I'm not discounting his talent, but with the new rules, and Lumpkins' ability to fill in at FB in a pinch, I decided to give that lost spot to Lumpkin.

RB: Lynch, Turbin, Lumpkin. FB: Robinson, Lumpkin. Defense:

Defensive Line: The hard part for me on this was getting Red's back up, I know he is usually only a two down guy, but we've seen what losing him for those two downs does to our defense. My completely uneducated and wild guess is that with the amount of 3-techs we seem to be aquiring (and the increased usage of the nickle formation), Alan Branch will assume the 5-tech if Red goes down. Now with how much our line switches around and players move positions, I'm just going to list the DTs and DEs, with the first two players being the starters. I decided to keep Cordarro Law instead of Pep Livingston as my extra player freed up by McGrath filling the LS position, due to the philosophy that you can never have too many pass rushers. Plus the fact that I keep hearing his damned name.

DT: Mebane, Branch, Jones, McDonald, Howard. DE: Bryant, Clemons, Irvin, Law

Linebackers: A group I'm really intrigued about watching this year, but it's also the weak link of this defense in my opinion. I'm not sure about Wagner as of yet, but I like the addition of Ruud as a safety net or starter if Wagner isn't ready this year.

SLB: Wright, Farwell. MLB: Wagner, Ruud. WLB: Hill, Toomer.

Defensive Backs: CB depth and the backup FS are the only two points of interest in this depth chart in my opinion. Being that Earl Thomas is the only listed FS on the Seahawks roster of now, I'm just going to go with the incumbent Chris Maragos. As for the CB depth, I mostly went with ST contributors. I understand that they have to be able to cover as well, but at this point I don't know who has really seperated themselves in that category, just who I've heard tidbits of in camp.

CB1: Sherman, Parker. SS: Chancellor, Guy. FS: Thomas III, Maragos. NICKEL: Trufant, Lewis* (replaced by Thurmond after return from PUP). CB2: Browner, Maxwell

Last up is special teams. Not much explanation needed but this is probably the most rosterbatory of my position groups due to McGrath winning the LS job. Also with Tate not starting at X, I'm projecting him as our returner.

K: Hauschka. P: Ryan. LS: McGrath. KR/PR: Tate.

Thank you for taking the time to look through this. Feedback is welcomed as I'm just trying to generate some wheel spinning, but please don't crush my nuts too hard. This is my first depth chart or lengthy post on this site, and I would appreciate it if you could keep that in mind.

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