Ask A Cowboys Fan


First of all, I come in peace.

Week 1 is in the books. Despite the fact that you guys lost to the Cardinals I still saw enough from the Seahawks that should have you guys excited.

Being a huge Tarheel fan I'm very familiar with Russell Wilson. I watched him kick the crap out of my Tarheels for way too long. I must admit I did doubt how well he would translate to the next level. But after watching him yesterday I don't have those doubts anymore. Even though the Seahawks didn't get in the end zone at the end of the game I was still very impressed with the way he led his team down the field.

More after the jump.

I'll leave it to you guys to let me know what improvements the Seahawks have made from last year. When we played you guys last year I remember thinking "those guys just need a good qb." So it looks like you have that part figured out.

I know Red Bryant is still a freaking monster.

How has Bruce Irvin looked? He had a lot of support from Cowboys Nation leading up to the draft.

How is the beast's back? Is that going to linger through out the year?

Anyway, that's just a few questions to give us a good jump start on this week.

Now a little about us. As you might guess, we have been flying high after walking into New Meadowlands Stadium and completely ruining their little Super Bowl party. We were all jacked up beyond belief for several days. And to be honest with you I will probably be jacked up about that win all year long no matter what happens from this point foward.

For those of you that are thinking we might suffer a hangover from such a huge win, you might have a point, but I don't think it happens. It was reported on Thursday that several Cowboys players were actually watching film on the Seahawks on the flight back from New York. So that's a very good sign for us.

Jason Garrett has really done a nice job of changing the culture around Valley Ranch. Having a Star on your helmet does not mean you are entitled to a win. I can not tell you how nice it is to have that kind of attitude around here.

I could go on for ours about the team itself but instead of doing that I will let you guys fire away with any questions that you might have. Just from looking at the roster from afar it might look like the same old Cowboys but I can assure you that is not.

So here's to a good week. And let it begin.

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